Whatever You Behold, Beholds You

Whatever you look upon, you become. Dwell upon death, disease, war, poverty, loneliness, loss, lack and emotional and physical dis-ease will chase you down. Worry about your tomorrows and tomorrow will bring you what you sought. Why not look upon joy, laughter, lightness of being? Why not deliberately go out of your way to find a funny movie, to search far and wide for that which raises your joy. Walk outside amongst the people and most of the time they will give you plenty to laugh about. Look upon wellness, create peace of mind, meditate, pray, dance, bake, draw, paint or sculpt. Take a piece of soap or wood and craft a lovely image. Write out your dreams, your hearts desires then watch them all unfold. Look upon that which raises your light and diminishes the darkness, heals the shadows and restores the soul~JOY IS ALWAYS THERE IF YOU OPEN YOUR EYES & HEART ♥ Ariaa Jaeger ~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ©2013 ALL RIGHT RESERVED Http://Ariaa.com/Image

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