Whatever You Investigate You Attract


With so much technology at your fingers it is easy to google anything. That being said America is becoming a nation of hypochondriacs and neurotics. So many of you live to post your tests, your results and your diseases in social media never realizing you are feeding people’s fears. STOP IT. If you crave attention that much your issues are not physical, they are emotional and it would be wise to get counseling. Whatever you investigate you not only invite into your consciousness where it begins to fester and embed but you actually attract it to you and you infect others with your weakness and fear. If you think you have something and you think about it long enough, you will get it. This applies to pets and people. Begin looking upon and investigating what you dream of having and what you wish to create instead of what you fear. Think about contributing something helpful and inspiring instead; add to life, don’t fill the world with ignorance and nothingness. Heal your fears, ignore those small aches and pains which come with age and gravity. Use common sense, if it persists then seek some help. But by all means stop investigating things you don’t want. Knowledge is power but fret, fear and worry are dangerous to your well-being. I would far prefer you post your successes, your contributions to life, people and animals and your joys. Let’s celebrate that instead. ~Ariaa Jaeger

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What’s Eating You?

I will never grasp the concept of celebrating disease. People pat each other on the back for “surviving” cancer and taunt it like dangling a live bomb in front of those who never even considered it could become their reality. In my spiritual evolution, I was taught by some of the greatest sages of all time that to look upon anything will actually imprint it to your consciousness. Additionally I learned that “fighting” cancer, a cold, the flu or any other sickness will only cause it to stick around longer. I learned in my own death experience that to end a dis-ease you have to address the emotional cause, the reason the body has manifested it to begin with. Most of the time FEAR and HARBORING are the culprits to cancer. Cancer is an eating away of the self. Louise Hay, author of “You Can Heal Your Life” has healed herself of cancer not once but several times by addressing and healing her emotions. Other notable minds like Dr. Masuro Emoto, author of “Hidden Messages In Water” have proven the concept that your inner and outer dialogue contribute to altering your bio-chemistry which in turns lowers your vibration or electromagnetic field thus allowing disease to creep in. Spiritual teachers have known for ages that the human body is programmable by thoughts, language and words. Scientists have recently proved that you can reprogram your DNA with positive words and frequencies. http://www.zengardner.com/scientist-prove-dna-can-be-reprogrammed-by-words-and-frequencies/
Yet more than 70% of the world’s population, most of them intelligent and educated, still cater to the notion that they are victims to their diseases AND they relish in posting pictures in social media of their treatments, their scars, their sores and all the other sorted details of their excruciating journey into learning and their souls growth. WHY? Why would they attract and create disease? Often the very attention they are now getting is precisely what they needed to begin with. Many times it is simply fear that they have allowed to eat away at them and sometimes it is just to prove to themselves that they are far more resilient than they knew before their diagnoses. Recently someone on Facebook posted about their sickness “journey” and one person actually commented, “Thank you for taking us to Chemo with you!” I often wonder why those who have been given a grave prognosis even bother to indulge in radiation and chemotherapy which ravages and rapes the body and robs the patient of quality of life and buries the family in horrific debt when all they get from it is a few more months of incapacitation they call life. In what are severely obvious terminal cases why would you waste one day in a hospital when you could be using that time to create videos for every important day your children or family will have in years to come. Why not travel while you still can and see the world, make great memories with those you love and LIVE instead of filling your body with nuclear waste and being sickened more so from it.
Now I am not trying to offend anyone or sound like a hard ass but folks you have the power to overcome ANYTHING the body can manifest and if you are really attuned to your soul, you can address what is emotionally ailing you long before it turns into an actual disease. I do have great compassion for those who would choose such a difficult path and I praise God that I overcame my own trial when I clinically died in Austria in 1993 only to return to the living with an entire new way of thinking. You can choose to stay stuck in a limited, victim mentality or you can choose to EVOLVE. Why would you want to wallow in sickness and celebrate disease unless of course it is serving you.


It’s Just What Is

It’s not something but it’s not nothing either…it’s just what is. It’s not good nor is it bad…it’s just what is. It’s not about you nor is it about me….it’s just what is. It’s not pain or sickness nor is it health and wellness…it’s just what is. It’s neither a mistake nor an accomplishment…it’s just what is.

That is the mindset of the observer where all judgment ends and enlightenment begins. The notion that anything is bad or good is judgment and though many walk through their daily lives judging everything, the foundation of life is purer than that. In its purest comprehensible form, life is love and love is life and the universe and earth are learning stations. Everything is divinely designed to evolve you, or in this free will zone called earth, you can wallow in the occurrences and manifestations of your life, never owning your participation in their creation. When you judge anything or anyone you limit your own ability to manifest at a higher level. It is often said that if you don’t like your life, then change it yet the emotional images embedded in each cell of your brain’s memory hold you to exactly that, your own perceptions.

The key to life and living it as Jesus and other great sages have done is to dream beyond three dimensional realities. Remove yourself from the emotional attachments which prevent you from exploring the infinite possibilities awaiting you. We stay inside the constraints of our childhood and past life conditioning instead of forging new worlds. Our brain chemistry continues to replay images of hurts, betrayals, losses and hardships we have faced in our lifetimes and the older you get the more emotional pictures you have to contend with. In my work with clients I emphasize the necessitation of healing the emotional body in order to ascertain a higher way of thinking and living. Cellular memory both from the present and the past are the images which are formed in the brain connectors with every emotional high and low we experience. Every time we re-experience an emotional scenario such as having your heart broken or getting fired from a job, peptides are released throughout the body searing new emotional pictures into every cell. The more this happens the more limited you become in your scope and spectrum. Minimize your emotional reaction to every hardship and change your perception about all things there to teach you. You attracted it, you drew it into your world so why on earth would you label it as negative or bad. Everything you perceive as “bad” is nothing more than your higher self at work to produce your highest good. ~Ariaa Jaeger, “Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul” Ariaa.com Amazon.com


Whatever You Behold, Beholds You

Whatever you look upon, you become. Dwell upon death, disease, war, poverty, loneliness, loss, lack and emotional and physical dis-ease will chase you down. Worry about your tomorrows and tomorrow will bring you what you sought. Why not look upon joy, laughter, lightness of being? Why not deliberately go out of your way to find a funny movie, to search far and wide for that which raises your joy. Walk outside amongst the people and most of the time they will give you plenty to laugh about. Look upon wellness, create peace of mind, meditate, pray, dance, bake, draw, paint or sculpt. Take a piece of soap or wood and craft a lovely image. Write out your dreams, your hearts desires then watch them all unfold. Look upon that which raises your light and diminishes the darkness, heals the shadows and restores the soul~JOY IS ALWAYS THERE IF YOU OPEN YOUR EYES & HEART ♥ Ariaa Jaeger ~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ©2013 ALL RIGHT RESERVED Http://Ariaa.com/Image