Triggers to the Tenth Power

You rise every morning benign to the powerful light within you. You go about your morning routine and arrive at your destination. Then it begins. You trigger something in someone, not necessarily with words or even a look but simply by your presence. Your energy causes a chain reaction to someone of a lower or higher frequency. There you are, completely oblivious to your kinetic energy and how it has affected those around you. You react or over-react taking it personally instead of seeing that you may have just been the catalyst Spirit has employed to change a life, to raise an aspect of dysfunction or internal emotional discord within the person you have affected. The reverse is also the same, many times perfect strangers trigger something in you. Their light or energy, whether it feels good, bad or indifferent causes a reaction in you and you go into battle mode and get defensive. Many times it is not about YOU, it is about the path your higher self is on and what your soul is seeking in order to evolve.

“YOU are the lightning, YOU the rod, YOU are the mirror, YOU are the magnet, YOU are the ultimate conduit for all energy.”

~Ariaa Jaeger,  Ariaaisms ~ Spiritual Food for the Soul,


A Hungry World

As I was praying with my main prayer partner this morning my heart and soul were focused on my vision for ensuring that no one in this nation or world ever goes to bed hungry. Recently, I was gently reminded of how painful going to bed on an empty stomach is and though addressing world hunger has always been a cause I am passionate about I am now more committed than ever to feed the masses. My intention is to erect green houses all over the world growing corn, rice, broccoli, legumes, wheat and other vegetables then train the locals in every region to care for and grow enough food annually to feed every hungry man, woman, child and pet.  I believe it is not only doable but I believe with all my heart that every human no matter what race or region of origin deserves to go to bed on a full stomach and to sleep without the pains of hunger keeping them awake. Hunger does not just occur abroad. 1 in 6 Americans go to bed hungry every single night and with the economy so challenged many more elderly and middle class Americans are surviving on one meal a day or less. There is no shame in poverty as more are struggling today than in previous years and they are folks just like you who have always held good jobs and have lived relatively well in the past. Hunger can strike families when medical emergencies or the loss of a job occur or simply when other emergencies drain the monthly budget. It is abhorrent  that society pays more attention to the frivolous and fame whores yet are becoming more hardened to foundational issues like hunger, housing and taking care of our own.
Hunger may not peak your interest but surely there are many other good causes and ways to help in this world.
What is your vision? How can you impact the world? What can you invent, create or participate in, perhaps even in an established charity like UNICEF or the American Red Cross? Surely we can all dream….dream big, dream massively, dream with passion and see what you can do to change a life. From the smallest to the masses, you can touch one or many with your ingenuity and passion. Live with a purpose then get busy and see how your good intentions make all the difference in the
world ….literally.

It’s Just What Is

It’s not something but it’s not nothing either…it’s just what is. It’s not good nor is it bad…it’s just what is. It’s not about you nor is it about me….it’s just what is. It’s not pain or sickness nor is it health and wellness…it’s just what is. It’s neither a mistake nor an accomplishment…it’s just what is.

That is the mindset of the observer where all judgment ends and enlightenment begins. The notion that anything is bad or good is judgment and though many walk through their daily lives judging everything, the foundation of life is purer than that. In its purest comprehensible form, life is love and love is life and the universe and earth are learning stations. Everything is divinely designed to evolve you, or in this free will zone called earth, you can wallow in the occurrences and manifestations of your life, never owning your participation in their creation. When you judge anything or anyone you limit your own ability to manifest at a higher level. It is often said that if you don’t like your life, then change it yet the emotional images embedded in each cell of your brain’s memory hold you to exactly that, your own perceptions.

The key to life and living it as Jesus and other great sages have done is to dream beyond three dimensional realities. Remove yourself from the emotional attachments which prevent you from exploring the infinite possibilities awaiting you. We stay inside the constraints of our childhood and past life conditioning instead of forging new worlds. Our brain chemistry continues to replay images of hurts, betrayals, losses and hardships we have faced in our lifetimes and the older you get the more emotional pictures you have to contend with. In my work with clients I emphasize the necessitation of healing the emotional body in order to ascertain a higher way of thinking and living. Cellular memory both from the present and the past are the images which are formed in the brain connectors with every emotional high and low we experience. Every time we re-experience an emotional scenario such as having your heart broken or getting fired from a job, peptides are released throughout the body searing new emotional pictures into every cell. The more this happens the more limited you become in your scope and spectrum. Minimize your emotional reaction to every hardship and change your perception about all things there to teach you. You attracted it, you drew it into your world so why on earth would you label it as negative or bad. Everything you perceive as “bad” is nothing more than your higher self at work to produce your highest good. ~Ariaa Jaeger, “Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul”


Happy New Year Blessings

Another year to begin anew, raise your vibration and make a difference in the world! As we begin on this first day of 2014 make a list of everything you want to create in this new year and hold it up to the universe, give praise it’s already done then fold the paper and put it in a book, in the Bible or any other place you call sacred. Next year at this time take a look and see how well you have done at creating your dreams.
This year every single day do just one thing new. Try a new food, visit a new neighbor, paint a picture, write a poem, cook a new food, visit a new land, climb a new mountain, hike a new terrain. Each day do something that expands your world. Also try a new spiritual technique each week …for example visualize the license plate 888 then look for it that same day….you WILL see one! Think about someone you care about which you have not heard from in a while and think on them with love….watch how quickly they get in touch with you. There are so many ways to polish up your intuitive gifts and so many ways you can move mountains in 2014. Pray for the world, for those who have less, pray for the animals and their protection, pray for strangers you pass by on the street. Think thoughts of love every time you feel anything less than love. Intentionally offset any negative thoughts by reversing them immediately. Change the way you look at things, the way you perceive others. Don’t judge people, soften your heart and recognize that they are just human beings have human experiences …some handle life with ease, others with struggle. Raise your light by seeing all as divine and be compassionate to those who have chosen difficult paths…don’t judge them, just love them. That love will encircle back to you and your year will be one filled with loving overflow. Wishing all of you a bountiful, beautiful New Year. Whatever you do, wherever you go, don’t forget to use your heart and soul to LOVE OUTLOUD!
With beams of Love, Light & Laughter,
Ariaa Jaeger
Author “Ariaaisms ~ Spiritual Food for the Soul”
“The Book of Ariaa ~ Quotes for a Luminous Life”
Our gracious heavenly Father,
We give thanks for life and the abundance of blessings on the way to us all now. We embrace the magic and miracles of the universe and all change benefits our souls and adds to our lives. Bless each soul here that all may know their relevance and importance in this universe. Inspire them to live with deliberate loving intention and fill their hearts and lives with all they need to accomplish greatly in this world. May the light of all creation shine brightly on all of these that they may know they are loved. In the name of LOVE, we pray and all is given.