On Love


Love is a gift not an entitlement. Do you take for granted the love you receive from others? Do you do for them as much as they do for you or do you make excuses why you aren’t as giving? Remember that love is a gift and those who fail to cherish its magnificent magnitude often find themselves without love. Love is timeless….in other words it takes seconds to make a phone call, to write a note, to lend a helping hand or just to let someone know you are thinking of them…it takes NO time at all to love. Of all the human range of emotions, love is the easiest to extend, it is your composition, it is your core so it is natural to love. Anything less is unnatural to the soul. Even the smallest creatures are able to love effortlessly. Love is also the easiest virtue to master and only those with hearts of stone fail to navigate the illuminated journey to loves door. The road is always alive with color and light, the entire universe vibrates to love, even the heart is created to beat to loves perfect rhythms. There are scientific studies which demonstrate that those who love with abandon, those to make a consorted effort to ‪#‎LoveOutloud‬ live longer and are healthier than those who withhold or regulate the love they give. Today, tomorrow and always, just love. My love is always with you. ~Ariaa Jaeger

Ariaa Jaeger is a Spiritual Life Strategist, Intuitive counselor and Best-Selling Author. If you would like to make an appointment with Ariaa or wish to set up a free consultation or reading, visit her website, Ariaa.com

PB With a Side of F Words

PB With a Side of F Words

AriaaJaegerOcto2015 (2)The dawning of a new year always brings out the philosopher in everyone and I am no different. As an actual philosopher I am always compelled to inspire others with little nuggets of wisdom or simple antidotes to navigate the many roads in the game of life.
As a consummate meditater, one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is to listen to my inner guidance which is speaking all the time if you simply get still enough to hear. I encourage others to learn a basic chakra meditation and every morning take fifteen minutes to sit, breathe and allow your mind, body and spirit to align and attune to peace, light and calm clarity. Though there are innumerable styles and types of meditations, a chakra meditation is designed to reach the seven basic energy centers of the body where human emotions tend to coagulate. By moving through each chakra you improve the flow of your emotions which thus improves the functionality of your organs, optimizing your health and well-being. Additionally, a chakra meditation has spiritual benefits which can be profound for those seeking a higher way of doing things, one which is effortless.
As a spiritual teacher, I incorporate basic psychology with science/quantum physics, combined with the spiritual wisdom which initially came in my death experience in the Alps over 22 year ago and has evolved over the years. There are basic principles you can incorporate into your daily routine like meditation, eating right and exercising which will add to your overall well-being. There are also a few things you can do when dealing with any situation which will help you alleviate drama. Keeping it simple is a real gift as you age and one you will want to consider.
1. Pause: Don’t react to anything until you have allowed your mind to assess what is going on. Most people jump to conclusions before having all the facts which then leads to misperception and drama. Take a pause, a long one if necessary, not only gives the mind a chance to calm down but it stops the flow of the stress chemicals you are producing. Then from a place of calm clarity decide what you can do to add anything of value to the situation. If you have nothing to add which will produce positive or concrete results, might want to sit this one out. Remember that not every circus holds your monkeys. Pause.
2. Breathe: Most people allow their emotions to escalate causing the heart to race, the tears to flow and the drama becomes unleashed. Taking a deep breath allows the body to offset or reduce whatever adrenaline has begun to excessively pump. When you oxygenate the body a clearer perception free from emoting is engaged. Science has proven that deep breathing not only clears the brain but it calms the central nervous system. Breathe.
3. Focus: When you allow your emotions to overcome your rational thinking you are unable to focus on the actual problem or issue. Assessing the issue then focusing on the solution is far more productive if you focus solely on one thing at a time rather than adding in your own issues, judgements or reacting to emotional triggers. When you focus and break the matter down into solvable parts you bring resolve far quicker. Focus.
4. Facts: With the onslaught of information, misinformation and propaganda we see every day it is easy to lose sight of actual, verified facts. Social media has given most knee-jerk-itis and many instantly respond without first checking the truthfulness of the story. Common sense should compel you to check the facts before responding in any situation. Most people hear only a tenth of what someone is saying and most don’t truly listen with an open heart, they listen through the gauge of their own dysfunction. When you break it down to the basic facts of any situation you will discover that the solution nine times out of ten is a lot simpler than you first recognized. Simplify. Get the facts.
5. Flow: There is a rhythm to anything which is ultimately meant to be or that which stems from your own inner higher guidance and path. If it is meant to be it flows and every door opens; conversely if it is not the best choice for what you came to accomplish, every door will close or there will be too many hurdles to overcome to make it worthwhile. The flow is often negated by the willful or by controlling type personalities who are used to getting their way. Getting out of the flow incurs greater consequences that those which come from choosing a higher path. Each path can be compared to a parallel universe; the farther away you go from the sun, the more light you lose and the more challenging it becomes. The higher choice may still be accompanied with consequences but they pale in comparison. When it is meant to be it is practically effortless. Go with the flow.

Ariaa Jaeger is a Spiritual Life Strategist, Intuitive counselor and Best-Selling Author. If you would like to make an appointment with Ariaa or wish to set up a free consultation or reading, visit her website, Ariaa.com



Are you appalled? Are you shocked? Are you mortified? Are you disgusted? Are you revolted? It must be exhausting. With modern day conveniences and so much at your fingertips, society in general has had to invent things to be pissed off at.

I had a very rich friend in my life not that long ago and she was so “disgusted” when a man who was clearly dying got onto a small plane and had the nerve to sit by her in his condition. She was so rich she invented something to bitch about and remarked, “God I hope he does not get his drool on my fur coat!” THEN I WAS APPALLED and suffice to say within weeks distanced myself from this fur wearing, ice cold human being, simply because I didn’t want to be appalled anymore.

Now clearly not all wealthy people act that way and having excess money does not make you a bad person. But our society often acts like a rich, spoiled bitch with a sense of entitlement as if the world owes us all something. The world owes YOU nothing, yet we see people in horror everyday acting out when there is a slow customer service representative on the other end of the phone or more when you can’t understand what they are saying. We get angry in traffic because driving 50 MPH is just not acceptable in a 45 MPH zone. We are disgusted when we see people living in filth or hoarding so much stuff you cannot enter their home without knocking something over. We are shocked when a mother whips out her breast to feed her hungry child and some poor ignorant, backwoods folks are revolted when a transgender person walks into a public restroom, one woman on the news proclaiming, “I have a right to pee without having to deal with that!” WOW! That disgusts me….get my point?

Let’s lower the drama rate in this country and maybe the world will follow suite. Let’s stop inventing things to be angry at, let’s stop the combustible emotions and start focusing on the real issues which demand our attention.

Be impassioned when police brutality is caught on tape, be impassioned when animals are being abused or driven to extinction. Be angry and use that anger when children are neglected or left in a hot car to bake to death. Be embolden when you see something YOU KNOW you can change then set about to change it. Stop fretting and freaking out over the little insignificant inconveniences which go with daily living and make sure you are using your energy on the issues which are worthy of those passionate emotions.

Ariaa Jaeger


Energetic Wings

Prayer is the great communicator, it is the definitive way to propel the thoughts from your purest self into a universe where angels and energy await to assist them in accomplishing. Pour yourself into praying for the events in the world which you see on the news everyday. Pour yourself into praying for strangers and those in need whom you will never meet. Pray for all world leaders and those who set policy. Pray for those you loathe and those who do nothing but add hate and darkness to this beautiful world. Pray for those on the side of the road begging for a buck. Pray for all the animals and the ignorant men and women who so cavalierly slay them. Pray for those who are hungry, homeless, mean, ignorant or who are sick and dying. Pray just pray and pray incessantly. The days are growing darker and your prayers are the candle which lights the way for others trying to navigate the shadows.

“Prayer is your direct line to the invisible to create the visible.”

Pray whenever you’re in need and find within that hour,
The awe- inspiring manifold that comes from prayer power.

Pray for those you’ll never meet, search for souls to raise
Pray for anything you want then seal it with your praise.
Pray for others every day, your soul is covered too
For everything you wish for them, comes right back to you.

Pray for all world leaders and those who won’t make peace
Pray for those you’re fond of and those called enemies.
Pray for all the elderly and those who are alone
Prayer is communiqué into the worlds unknown.

Pray when you have heartaches, for the “Comforter” appears
Pray when you need someone and God will dry your tears.
Pray when you are hungry and manna fills you full
Pray when you need nothing…an unknown golden rule.

Pray with great intensity and answers will come forth
Pray with little effort and that is all it’s worth.
Pray for all the animals who wander in the road
Pray that they’re protected and our God will make it so.

Pray for all the angels for they need prayers too
Lift your voice and thank them for always helping you.
Pray for God to lead you and guide you through your day
Pray for God to send you someone wise to light the way.

Please pray softly, pray aloud, make time to let God know
Pray with others or alone, for what you reap, you sow.
Pray for what is visible and what you cannot see,
I am praying for you right now, I hope you’ll pray for me.

Today may you experience the ultimate communion that comes from praying.

Ariaa Jaeger, Ariaaisms Spiritual Food for the Soul, Ariaa.com – Amazon.com

Copyright 2014 All rights reserved


Who Are You

Historically there are so many lessons woven into the Easter story. Sadly more than 2000 years later, society has not improved much. We are bombarded daily with the ignorance of the hateful, the hardness of the indifferent and the drama of fame whores. Reality shows are filled with women beating each other up and becoming famous by feeding their victim mentalities and men are showing us how ignorant and cruel they can be with every slaughter of dolphins, whales, harp seals, elephants and rhinos not to mention all of the other things they kill including the human spirit. I know one very wealthy woman who was on an airplane when a dying man who clearly had only a few hours of life left, boarded the plane to take his seat next to her. He was drooling and had horrific tumors on both arms, his hair thin from treatments. She was more concerned about him drooling on her fur coat than she was about this suffering and dying man. In that moment I was mortified and of course stepped up to help him. Twitter and Facebook has given voice to the fools who think their rude and hateful comments are of value. Bullies, haters and bottom feeders are winning the battle between the light and the darkness and sadly those who are not particularly intelligent fall into their cesspool of evil often joining them by staying silent. Society has become loud, opinionated and arrogant and has forgotten the basic element of compassion and being soft. Softness and deliberateness in the use of your thoughts and words not only adds to the energy of love but it feeds the light and raises the vibration within the world. Kindness, compassion and taking the attitude, “there but for the grace of God go I” is the path of wisdom and sending love to those who are so tormented within that they have lost all self respect and personal dignity is the way of the peaceful and profound. I hope all of you will take the Easter weekend beginning with Good Friday to reflect on what you are adding to the world and how you are viewed by the world in your actions. While caring what others think of you is not the goal, ask yourself if you would want to be your friend? Would you want to hang around someone who is hateful, negative, ignorant or mean? Would you want to align yourself to those who feed the light or those who feed the darkness? Choose wisely and eliminate anything that drags you down and keeps you stuck on stupid or feeds the fire of dis-compassion, not just because it is the right thing to do but because your karma will return to you and probably when you have the greatest need. ~Ariaa Jaeger~ Ariaaisms Spiritual Food for the Soul ~ copyright 2014Image