The Emery

Sunday, I was on my way to a friend’s graduation when I broke a fingernail. Now that wasn’t a big deal since I keep my nails very short not by choice but simply because they break so easily. What bothered me was it was jagged and was snagging my clothing. I asked my friend who was traveling with me if she had an emery board or nail file and of course she didn’t. I continued to dig one handed through my purse to blindly try and find one to no avail.

We got to the location of the function and I shuffled off to the restroom and proceeded to chew the offending jagged nail off.
None of this would matter if not for what followed.

The day before the drive I had spent my Saturday thoroughly cleaning house. The kitchen counter top was cleaned off and nothing was on it but the telephone. It is always so nice to have a spotless home so when my girlfriend came over on Sunday to attend the Denver event with me, she remarked at how my house always looked so clean and good.
We had a wonderful time at the event and the broken nail was easily forgotten. When I got home I put my purse on the cleaned off kitchen counter top and went upstairs for the evening.

Monday morning I woke up early in the morning and proceeded to let my doggies out for a run and make a hot cup of coffee when something unimaginable caught my eye. There to my surprise was a full length emery board right beside my purse on the bare counter top. Most would say, “IMPOSSIBLE” or “You had to have forgotten you put it there!” But the truth was far more wonderful. I did not even know I had a full length emery board because again I keep very short nails so I rarely need one. I do have a small one upstairs but this was a large, long one.

In my world many wonderful, mystical things occur but this was simply so blatant. I took it as a clear message that after 22 years of honing my spiritual gifts, they have finally reached a visible peak. For years I have taught LOA (Laws of Attraction) and mind over matter principles but this was a clear indication that even the smallest energy expelled will have an immediate result now. Ironically, the brand of the emery board is, “KISS.”

You can read all the spiritual books and watch all the videos of sages and gurus but there is no greater joy than having reached this level of manifestation all by simply going within and keeping all thoughts attuned to love and serving. Sure you will fall down many times and will have moments where your thoughts and maybe even actions are less than loving. But with practice, perseverance and pruning, the results are so worth the effort.

It is not about focusing on stuff. I have never cared about having stuff. I have always cared about growing, evolving and learning how to overcome obstacles and limitations. It seems I have arrived at my destination with new horizons to explore. Nothing humbles the soul more and I am grateful.

Ariaa Jaeger,