What You Leave Behind

After my clinical death in the Alps of Austria in 1993 I saw the world in an entirely different light. I remember seeing people who had just crossed over, particularly the ones that died at their own hand from suicide and I was astounded at the numbers who killed themselves over a paltry sum of money. But to a person who has babies to feed, a mortgage to pay and health issues I am sure $3,000.00 seemed like an insurmountable amount yet when you think about it really is a small price for a life. I also remember seeing some elderly folks who died crossing over and was amazed at how few had planned for their demise. So many left all the details of their funerals, celebrations of life, the decisions of what to do with their homes and stuff, everything had been left to whomever was willing to deal with it and folks having been there, that is a lot of stress to leave to someone you love. The souls that had prepared and left instructions behind for their families and friends seem to be at the greatest level of peace as they transitioned. As I watched souls arrive no matter how rich or how poor, how old or not so old, no matter how successful or unsuccessful, the majority had one thing in common which completely dumbfounded me. None of those I saw arriving were the least bit concerned about the legacy they had left behind. Not one.

Leaving a legacy is as important as life itself; for what will your life have amounted to if you leave nothing useful behind? We share the planet with 7 billion people and approximately one fourth actually leave something useful behind when they leave this earth which is a useful tool for others. Whether is it an invention, product, literature, movies, poetry, art, music, dance, philosophy, or something else, you have to wonder what the world would be today if everything every soul did while on the earth vanished with them when they died.

For whatever reason, leaving something useful behind is very important to me. I want to know when I die that my quotes and poetry which have inspired millions to date, will continue to inspire generations to come. I want to know that the music I’ve recorded will still sing in the hearts of those who resonated with my voice and perhaps they will even be able to “feel” me and my love in the moment they play it. I want to know that the animal rights I have fought for, has made a difference for animals of the future, that the oceans and mountaintops I have fought to keep clean will be a pleasing place for those who navigate their terrain and waters years from now. I want to believe that harp seals will never have to endure being brutally bludgeoned by men too cruel to think upon, that white Bengal tigers, elephants and Rhinoceros will roam freely in multitudes safe and protected. It is my sincere hope that the countless years and hours I have spent elevating the consciousness of groups and individuals and their offspring, will bear fruit and that those who embraced the teachings and principles I have taught, will live and thrive in harmony with all creation for ions to come. It is my ardent belief that by holding the light, by beaming love, light and joyous laughter to all humanity every single day for more than 25 years, that it will continue to multiply and manifest as unconditional love, respect for life, great compassion for all and eternal wisdom will be birthed in the hearts of every living soul; that one day not too far in the future the combination of these will seed the tree of peace for all humankind.

Are you living with intention or are you simply taking up space on the planet? Are you creating anything which will be useful to those you love or perfect strangers when your body no longer draws breath? Do you have some unique gift that you are withholding because you lack vision, motivation or the time to bring it to fruition? There is no time like the present to generate and share all the gifts you hold inside. Imagine what the world would be if EVERYONE without exception, left a meaningful legacy behind. ~Ariaa Jaeger ~ Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food For the Soul~ Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved


The Buddha Belly Rock

The Buddha Belly Rock

We move through life often oblivious to the enormous change we will encounter as we navigate the rivers of life. In youth we take our taunt skin and naïve persona for granted. We have few expectations save our basic needs of food, clothes and housing.  We run amuck with eager anticipation and childlike wonder knowing we have our entire lives before us fearless and unencumbered, untainted from the new trails we are blazing. As the hand of time accelerates, we marry, have children and circumnavigate the worlds of balancing career, parenthood and home life always cognizant of our ever changing physical form as the stresses of living begin to leave an imprint. As we move into our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s it is nothing less than shocking, you begin to feel like you are on a bad reality show as jowls form, skin begins to sag, your thighs turn to cottage cheese and your bum and boobs head south for the winter, summer, spring and fall. Where I once caught a reflection of myself in a mirror and thought, “Wow, not bad” I now walk past a mirror and in blood curdling fashion scream, “What is that and WHO are you?” It comes as no surprise that many people feel betrayed by their bodies and while it is true that this generation is more youthful and healthier than ever before it is still daunting at best. What many fail to realize, what has never really been defined in our society or educationally are the reasons for our ever increasing changing form which goes hand in hand with our emotional transformation and evolution.

The human body is divinely designed to accommodate the multiple chapters of your life. In your youth you have a body built to attract a mate and create life; by middle age you have a body made to hold your children with enough girth to carry all your interests and activities. In your golden years you have a form which is more fragile so that others will not focus on your form but will focus on the great wisdom you have amassed and lend an ear to the infinite well of experience you have garnered. No matter what shape your body takes in between, your beauty is not predicated on your physical shell. Some of the most beautiful people in the world did not have model good looks. Conversely some of the most physically beautiful people today often were considered ugly ducklings in childhood including this writer. The greatest beauty emulates from those at peace with themselves. The beauty that surpasses and supersedes all physical traits is the inner light existent in all, though many have dulled their glow. The more you strip away the hurts, slights, resentments, beliefs and limitations, the greater the light shines through. The greater the light, the more youthful you look, the less wrinkled you become and the more beautiful you are. Beauty is in every form of creation no matter what you look like, no matter what size your body, it’s the size of your heart which defines your beauty.

In spiritual circles we are vividly aware that as you build the light around you, as you address, integrate and heal your emotional body, you often begin to amass light and energy internally and most of it pockets in that ever pervading, ever daunting Buddha belly. I have made jokes over the years about mine since I never had a weight issue until my death experience in Austria in 1993. When I died I weighed 92 lbs and wore size 12 children’s to size 1 teen clothes. I was the opposite of most women; I struggled with keeping weight on. I even tried 3 Chocolate malts a day laced with Brewer’s yeast to gain weight. My mom had always been a tiny creature and when she died suddenly at age 38, she weighed only 94 lbs. Suffice to say I never thought in my wildest dreams fat would become my nemesis but I began to see the beauty as I spiritually evolved. It became apparent that the more light you amass the greater your spiritual gifts and the greater your ability to help others. It became crystal clear that when I reduced my weight I incrementally diminished my light and spiritual gifts thus becoming more vulnerable to earth changes and the energy of others I encountered in grocery stores and while traveling. I soon discovered the beauty of da belly, the wonder of the thunder…thighs, there was power in the wiggly wobbly bits and though I don’t advocate letting yourself go, I do encourage women to see and embrace the spiritual magnificence laced and intertwined in their new found shape. The more you meditate, especially Chakra meditation the more you are bringing light from the heavens straight into your crown and all the way down into your root chakra. The womb is where we pocket much of that light and though there are many reasons why women amass energy particularly in that region, filling the body with light is the definitive bi-product of meditation.

Society as a whole has to return to the days of old where the measure of a woman was the size of her heart not the size of her belly or bum. Let us not forget that the ancients perceived curvy women as fertile, lets us remember a time when Rubenesque was not only desired but was highly coveted. Let us rejoice and dance in the wisdom of the times we are living in when spiritual evolution is noble and the pursuit of the light should be reveled in! Our form is a reflection of just how enlightened we have become and I am delighted to stand up and proclaim it loud and proud, I AM A DIVINE REFLECTION OF THE LIGHT WHICH FLOWS WITHIN ME! Wiggle and jiggle with pride and remember wobbly bits are an enormous source of cheap entertainment! Cherish your light by embracing your Buddha belly, cherish your heart by making sure it is as large as your ever growing bum. Cherish you for to not is to defy the universe. ~Ariaa Jaeger ~ Ariaaisms ~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved


Own Your Reality

Do you take personal responsibility and see how your thoughts are creating your reality? Your attitude is paramount to shifting circumstance and every thought you think generates a response. This is not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination but society as a whole is awakening to this truth more and more every day. Quoting ~ Gary Zukav- from “Seat Of The Soul”

~By choosing your thoughts,
and by selecting which emotional currents you will release
and which you will reinforce,
you determine the quality of your Light.
You determine the effects that you will have upon others,
and the nature of the
experiences of your life.

~ Bettie Eadie (from ‘Embraced By the Light’) ~

If we understood the power of our thoughts,
we would guard them more closely.
If we understood the awesome power of our words,
we would prefer silence to almost anything negative.
In our thoughts and words we create
our own weaknesses and our own strengths.
Our limitations and joys begin in our hearts.
We can always replace negative with positive.

Napolean Hill Author of Think and Grow Rich states,

 “It has been said that man can create anything which he can imagine.”

We create in many ways some conscious others subconscious and some from a spiritual level of consciousness. Often we are not in sync with what we came to this earth to sow, to learn from or to contribute to. But there is a divine cord which keeps us near the path we as souls first set our SIGHTS upon and while many times we may get off that higher plan, it is rare we don’t find our way back to it.  How do you know if you are off the path, simple, CONSEQUENCES. Those are the events good bad or indifferent which take place when you have chosen a lower path. That is not to say it is punishment as the universe was created from LOVE and the EARTH was created with FREE WILL. You are free to experience whatever you need to learn however you will best achieve whatever your intended life lessons are. Every soul functions at a different level of consciousness therefore we all learn differently. However the laws of attraction are clear. Whatever you resist persists. I wrote a quote years ago that sums it up nicely;

“ What you LOVE you MAGNIFY

What you HATE you DRAW

What you FEAR you AMPLIFY


Over the past several decades society as a whole has evolved both intellectually and spiritually and millions are keenly aware that thoughts are things. The great Norman Vincent Peale penned a top bestseller “The Power of Positive Thinking” in the early 50’s and it was considered revolutionary then. Today “the Secret” and other similar books have once again raised the issue that we are magnets walking this planet attracting what we are thinking and it is true.

Each day own your thoughts, own your truth, own the reality you are creating with every unhealed fear, with every positive affirmation, with every unattended thought. ~Ariaa Jaeger ~

Speak it and by the conviction of your own words will it be done.

Listen and I’ll tell you, for there is no greater truth

If you say to the mountain go, then the mountain shall be moved.

 Your words are moving energy, propelled by your intent

What you say will multiply whether or not you consent.

 Whether you intended it, makes no difference here

The law of the invisible is written and it’s clear.

The words you speak may have no power but your intentions do

If it springs forth from your lips, it’s already done to you.

 When words are used maliciously or for verbal attack

Those words will multiply in form and boomerang right back.

 Each word you utter can create, at high levels if you trust

With faith and love dreams can come true but knowing is a must.

When words are used to send out love without intent to gain

What you do for others will be done to you in same.      

 However much you poured your heart into what you say

Will determine what comes back to you, times ten times ten today.

 Today be aware of how you are using language and engage in a dialogue which uplifts.

Ariaa Jaeger~ Ariaaisms~Spiritual Food for the Soul~ Copyright ©2013 all rights reserved Http://Ariaa.com