The Potent Inner Voice

Raise your inner dialogue then you can raise the world. Seek to use words which uplift, motivate and inspire yourself and others. Seek to raise your own inner dialogue… be kind and gentle with yourself but take yourself to task and heal the unnecessary emotional baggage. Rid yourself of anger, forgive with ease, stop nursing old hurts and limited beliefs which tie you to misery and bind you in darkness. Seek to LOVE softly, silently, loudly with passion, to LOVE yourself and others with kindness, tenderness, compassion but with the force of a thousand angels enveloping the earth. Seek to become the vessel that light shines through, the instrument that LOVE overflows from. Be born anew with the realization, the recognition that you have more power inside of you than you know. You can heal yourself, you can be filled with so much love the excess pours out on all creation. ~Ariaa Jaeger ~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ©Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved ~Http://


The Wisdom of the Body

The human body is divinely designed to accommodate the multiple chapters of your life. In your youth you have a body built to attract a mate and create life, by middle age you have a body made to hold your children with enough girth to carry all your interests and activities. In your golden years you have a form which is more fragile so that others will not focus on your form but will focus on the great wisdom you have amassed and lend an ear to the infinite well of experience you have garnered. No matter what shape your body takes in between, your beauty is not predicated on your physical shell. Some of the most beautiful people in the world did not have model good looks. Conversely some of the most physically beautiful people today often were considered ugly ducklings in childhood including this writer. “The greatest beauty emanates from those at peace with themselves.” The beauty that surpasses and supersedes all physical traits is the inner light existent in all, though many have dulled their glow. The more you strip away the hurts, slights, resentments, beliefs and limitations, the greater the light shines through. The greater the light, the more youthful you look, the less wrinkled you become and the more beautiful you are. Beauty is in every form of creation no matter what you look like, no matter what size your body, its the size of your heart which defines your beauty and the depth of your soul which magnifies it. ~Ariaa Jaeger ~ Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ©2013 copyright All rights reserved ~ Http://

Image: Marquita Pring

The Disposable Generation

There was a time when men and women shared the same values. They worked toward the same goal, they valued honesty, loyalty and relied upon each other, they built the dream together. There was a time when what was important was worth making an effort for, when you would go out of your way to ensure success in that which mattered. When the goal led to cooperation and a spirit of understanding that in the end they would be better for having shared the dream. Today’s society is disposable, everything and everyone disposable, replaceable and while that may work with things and stuff, it is not the way humankind was created and it is not the way humankind will thrive. People need people to learn from, to teach, to share, to grow, to inspire, to be a shoulder in times of pain, to be a tower of strength in times of travail. To be there in the end when the days of youth leave your face and the clouds grow grayer from the passage of time…whether it is a friend, a spouse, a husband, a wife, a lover, a sister, a brother or a kind neighbor, the bottom line is that no one wants to die alone, to be forgotten to be disposed of. YOU are an original, you are NOT replaceable in any area of LIFE or LOVE, Value YOU and the rest of the world will too. Plan a life that includes each other for you will be the richer for it in the end and so will those who choose to take that walk with you. No one is disposable, all are a gift to life ~Ariaa Jaeger ~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ~ ©2013 copyright All rights reserved ~ Http://


The Voice of Dysfunction

Are you listening to the voice of dysfunction? You know those messages and labels from childhood others cast upon you which have never truly faded? Are you hearing the clamor of ignorance from those who were raised at a time when humans were not the most psychologically evolved and did not have a clue how their actions and words could sear scars in the hearts of innocence? We have all had folks from our past say unkind things even if well intentioned and those tape recorded messages seared into the soul repeat themselves when you least expect it. But you are an adult now, capable of defining yourself and you can choose to hear the rhetoric of the past or you can choose to embrace yourself and define your own truth. Just because a parent or sibling said it of you does not necessarily make it so. No one defines you but you! When you go to bed at night and you assess what you did today, how you might have done it differently to achieve a different outcome, when you are honest with yourself, when you give your best each day, most will claim the inner peace that comes with knowing you did your best. Actions, words and deeds define you, not the opinions of others, not the opinions of those you love. You and only you can create or destroy self worth, self love and self confidence. Stop blaming your parents, your siblings, the bullies of your youth and make a conscious decision to define yourself! ~ Ariaa Jaeger ~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ©2013 All Rights Reserved Http://
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Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Body

If you are emotionally healthy, if you are at peace with your life and all circumstances, if you do not get caught up in mass hysteria or the histrionics of the media, you will not get the flu or even a common cold. I cannot emphasize enough how sickness is directly correlated to your consciousness and common sense or lack of it. If you go around fearing sickness or dis-ease of course you will attract it. If you go around putting your hands in your mouth after touching money, a shopping cart or any other germ infested item, then of course your chances of ingesting flu-like bacteria increases. Use your head, dress warm, wash your hands regularly, and get plenty of rest and vitamin C. But more raise your consciousness and stop feeding the hysteria and fear. Stop fretting that you are going to “catch” someone elses weakness or drama. When you meditate, preferably chakra meditation which aligns all your core energy centers, you fill your body with light, peace, tranquility and love. Meditation gives you a chance to release stress, lower your blood pressure and lowers your heart and pulse rates giving your body time to reclaimate. Every 20 minute meditation is equivalent to a 2 hour nap and extends your life by years, scientific statistic. When you address your emotions and control them instead of letting them control you you also add years to your life. I strongly recommend you learn to meditate and if you would like to know how, give me a call, I have been teaching it for 20 years. ~ Ariaa Jaeger ~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ~©2013 all rights reserved Http://