A Ferrari or a Dodge

Your appearance is not about vanity or arrogance or even fashion and style. How you adorn your body is not about money either. You can be poor as dirt and still look lovely and present well. Your appearance is a direct reflection of what lives and breathes in you. How you feel about yourself, how you feel about others, how you judge the world, how you handle your conflicts and how you deal with your emotional baggage all show in your face and in how you dress. I look around every day and see people so un-groomed and wearing pajamas and house shoes to the market. I see people who it’s obvious they don’t know how to comb their hair. Your outer reflection speaks volumes about you. In The Book of Ariaa I wrote, “There is nothing quite as beautiful as an emotionally healthy human being.” Each time you take yourself out into the world you can either be a Ferrari or you can be Dodge. Again it has nothing to do with money…I know because I have never been a financially wealthy woman, in fact many of you will be surprised to hear that it is quite the contrary yet what lives in me shines without.I want to be the example of what inner peace and a healthy emotional body look like. I want the light of God to shine through me in the most beautiful way. I consider it a personal obligation to present my light in the best package I can muster no matter how little I have or how old I get. I pray you see the wisdom in doing the same. ~ Ariaa Jaeger Ariaa.comAriaaJaegerOuterBeauty

The Colors of Transformation

The season of transformation is upon us, happy Autumn! As we enter a season filled with color and vibrancy, symbolic in the metamorphosis of foliage and trees, it mirrors the transition so many people are making. My colleagues and I have been undergoing changes which if spoken out loud to those who are spiritually sleeping, would have the men in white coats stalking us. Many of us are dropping off in 3 hour states which when we wake have us feeling as though we are not fully present. Many are dreaming of challenging, radical events soon to come and many are complaining of dizziness, heaviness, leaky eyes (spontaneous crying) and aches and pains too general to label. Many are seeing angels in the room as if they are waiting to take us away, ha ha and many are simply having trouble being around large crowds of people or have become hypersensitive to noise. These are all symptoms of evolution and gaining more insight, more spiritual gifts and developing a higher frequency through detachment and a more non emotional state. Spiritually evolved souls do not pine over what might have been or regret what comes. We simply acknowledge that though at times it may be emotionally draining and upsetting, we recognize the divinity in the chaos and we see the perfection in the imperfect. We honor that even though we may not understand it, everything really is unfolding exactly the way it should to evolve humankind and to cause greater LOVE to flow into the most indifferent of men. Be at peace with things you do not understand and try to surrender to the flow of changes you are undergoing. Meditate, take long walks in nature as this beautiful season offers you beauty in depths which feed the soul and do just that FEED YOUR SOUL not your mind during spiritual changes. You will evolve to be more than you can imagine, more than you can dream. Wishing you an AUTUMN full of LOVE and TRANSFORMATION ~ Ariaa Jaeger Ariaaisms Spiritual Food for the Soul – Ariaa.comDSCN0876 (9)

The Road Beyond 9 11

As we enter hallowed ground and the anniversary of a day which forever changed our lives on a global scale, let’s review the obvious, explore a new avenue and employ a revolutionary idea.
The world was changed profoundly 13 years ago and yet little has really changed. NO government can protect its citizens no matter how much effort is made. There are simply too many variables in a world filled with those who are hell-bent on death and destruction. Time after time we have seen the choices of those “in charge” in America and we have certainly seen how cavalierly an entire body of men and women also known as “the policy makers” can throw a tantrum and simply shut down the government for days. We have all been party to the choices they have made entering us into useless, wasted wars and feeding money to the very people who then become our worst enemies such as Bin Laden. Many don’t know that our government fed him weapons and money and helped build his regime in the late 80’s. In other words we created the very monster that would later kill more than 3,000 Americans on US soil. The USA has continued to make decisions that no reasonable or intelligent human being would ever make unless they were trying to get elected or re-elected. This has nothing to do with political parties as it has become abundantly clear there is no difference, they are all a part of the problem but I digress.
Embrace the fact that no one is going to save you or protect you from terrorists or the like. You are your own savior. You also need to be keenly aware that when it’s your time to go nothing will prevent it. Look at how many got out of the buildings on 911 and how many had their gut instincts speaking loud and clear to help them avoid catastrophe. Let’s talk about what you can do as a human being to effect change and to protect yourself.
Stop looking for someone to save you or protect you. Grasp the fact that if you live in America you have a target on your back by factions such as Isis and Al-Qaeda who hate any and all Americans. The only way you can protect yourself is to learn to listen to your internal guidance, your god within, your higher self, your gut.
On the National Geographic television special “9/10 The Final Hours” they chronicled the story of a man who made an appointment to meet a colleague at 8:00 am at Windows of the World, floor 107, on the morning of the attack. With his colleague arriving late, at 8:40 am he suddenly announced he had to leave and would have to reschedule. He said he would normally have gone down to his office floor, floor 78 to say goodbye but that particular morning he was so embarrassed about having to reschedule that he took the elevator all the way down to the lobby to say goodbye. Seconds after the elevator doors opened the first plane hit that building on the 78th floor. That was the last elevator to ever descend at the World Trade Center.
There are countless other stories of those who were spared and those whose destiny was sealed which should give you some sense of knowing that remaining calm is one way to ensure your own safety.
1. Raise your conscious awareness. Evolve spiritually. Activate your inner dialogue with the indwelling Spirit within you and develop a symbiotic relationship. In other words, check in every day, meditate every morning. When you align yourself to your higher light and inner guidance and with your angels and guides you will find that by your intentions, the answers will be very clear. I never go on a vacation without checking in and taking a few days to get clear before I book any tickets. Recently I was planning to return to Austria and found a great price on an airline ticket but I did what I always do. I gave the universe an opportunity to let me know if it was safe for me to travel by praying right before bed for an answer to be shown me in my dreams. Sure enough I had horrific dreams that night and awoke knowing I should not go. I wrote my friend an email and told her I was not coming to which she replied, “Ariaa, I did not want to tell you that I had a dream two nights ago that you came to Austria and horrible things happened to you.” Enough said.
2. Use common sense. We know that large venues such as theme parks, malls, airports, and the like are targets. You cannot live in fear and avoid going to a college campus or university or taking the subway but you can be sensible about the places you choose to frequent. During heightened times such as July the Fourth, New Years, Christmas, Memorial Day, September eleventh, and Easter be at least cognizant of where you choose to travel or consider if it is best to have your celebrations closer to home. Fear should never play a role in your choices but common sense should. If you don’t want to be in a hurricane you chose to live where there are no hurricanes and though none can actually predict if or when another attack on this country is going to happen the threat is ever present so use your head and think before booking that flight to Disneyland.
3. Use mind over matter. Affirmations are prayer sound bites. Create sentences sending love into the hearts of the hateful. Now I know this sounds corny but it really works. You can neutralize more hate energy with the energy of compacted, concentrated love than you can with battle or fear; in fact those two things actually attract it. Surround yourself in light and protection, call upon your angels to shield you. Then call upon the angels to tend to those who practice evil and hate. Send them God’s highest light and most compounded love, it actually scatters the darkness and creates confusion in the hateful. It also helps to dissipate the negative energy growing around the planning of such vial thinking. You can do more by raising light in evil souls than you can even imagine. Make your mind a machine constantly sending love to everyone but especially the hateful.
4. Trust your gut! So many override their gut feeling and intellectualize what they are feeling. You can NEVER go wrong listening and adhering to your gut instinct. Even if it causes you inconvenience like having to rebook a flight or change your plans, I urge you to pay attention to your dreams, your gut feeling and most important your first thought about anything. Rarely are these wrong.