I scroll my news feed on Facebook and other social media sites and see so many bad selfies that I am compelled to teach you how to take a good picture of yourself. Its simple, natural lighting is best as in outdoors (unless you are trying to hide something, like age) and find a place in the shade as direct sunlight washes out your face. Then hold the camera as far away from your face as you can and up a little, DO NOT SHOOT FROM BELOW unless you are really fond of that triple chin. Comb your hair and wear bright colors preferably jewel tones as they bring out your personality and for petes sake stop looking like you are trying to be sexy, no one cares…stop with the blowing kisses, pouty lips and wide eyed glazed over look that makes you look like you are smoking crack or drunk. And please put your boobs away! I don’t want to see YOUR CLEAVAGE IN EVERY SINGLE PICTURE…too needy, too desperate, for the sake of self respect cover those aging balls of fat. We assume if you are a woman you have breasts, no need to whip em out for our entertainment. Just be natural and smile, your smile is your best asset and no 2 smiles are alike so use yours like gold, flash it! Now lets improve the news feed here with your inner beauty shining through your selfies You’re welcome! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
— feeling amused.

Energetic Wings

Prayer is the great communicator, it is the definitive way to propel the thoughts from your purest self into a universe where angels and energy await to assist them in accomplishing. Pour yourself into praying for the events in the world which you see on the news everyday. Pour yourself into praying for strangers and those in need whom you will never meet. Pray for all world leaders and those who set policy. Pray for those you loathe and those who do nothing but add hate and darkness to this beautiful world. Pray for those on the side of the road begging for a buck. Pray for all the animals and the ignorant men and women who so cavalierly slay them. Pray for those who are hungry, homeless, mean, ignorant or who are sick and dying. Pray just pray and pray incessantly. The days are growing darker and your prayers are the candle which lights the way for others trying to navigate the shadows.

“Prayer is your direct line to the invisible to create the visible.”

Pray whenever you’re in need and find within that hour,
The awe- inspiring manifold that comes from prayer power.

Pray for those you’ll never meet, search for souls to raise
Pray for anything you want then seal it with your praise.
Pray for others every day, your soul is covered too
For everything you wish for them, comes right back to you.

Pray for all world leaders and those who won’t make peace
Pray for those you’re fond of and those called enemies.
Pray for all the elderly and those who are alone
Prayer is communiqué into the worlds unknown.

Pray when you have heartaches, for the “Comforter” appears
Pray when you need someone and God will dry your tears.
Pray when you are hungry and manna fills you full
Pray when you need nothing…an unknown golden rule.

Pray with great intensity and answers will come forth
Pray with little effort and that is all it’s worth.
Pray for all the animals who wander in the road
Pray that they’re protected and our God will make it so.

Pray for all the angels for they need prayers too
Lift your voice and thank them for always helping you.
Pray for God to lead you and guide you through your day
Pray for God to send you someone wise to light the way.

Please pray softly, pray aloud, make time to let God know
Pray with others or alone, for what you reap, you sow.
Pray for what is visible and what you cannot see,
I am praying for you right now, I hope you’ll pray for me.

Today may you experience the ultimate communion that comes from praying.

Ariaa Jaeger, Ariaaisms Spiritual Food for the Soul, –

Copyright 2014 All rights reserved


The Gray Zone

We are in a transitional time on earth when prophecy is not only being fulfilled but is touching the lives of even the unsuspecting. Those of us who are spiritually awake are keenly aware that there is a division occurring. There are those who stand for what is good and right and true and then there are those who dance in the world of hate and darkness, often without realizing they are doing it. Many times it is those weak-willed souls who participate unintentionally through avoidance. I have recently noticed how many are suddenly dropping dead from heart attacks, car accidents or have found themselves with terminal disease like cancer and I have noticed a pattern in many of these, not all, but many. These are the souls who refuse to take a stand when they see injustice, those who stay in what they think is the safe gray zone. They are the souls that when they see someone they know being hated on, they do not distance themselves from the haters, they simply stay neutral and attempt to be friends with both sides. Their argument being, “Well I didn’t want to take sides or get involved.” But they are involved by their neglect to do what is right. The sad truth is that in the gray zone they have actually taken a side by their non-action. They have aligned themselves to hate, bullying and other malfeasance all the while thinking they are just trying to get along with everyone. This kind of thinking is deemed a lack of character and in many people’s eyes an act of a spineless human being. It is not that one should jump into a fight or even that they have to be vocal about such matters. It is more about the personal choice they make to do nothing which in turn is associative with darkness. When you participate or align yourself to hate, evil, wrong-doing, bullying, bashing, judging, condemning, falsely accusing and harming, even if only emotionally, another human being, you are just as guilty as if you threw the first stone. And beware that if you are participating by avoiding taking a stand for the light, your karma is assured. We are at a time when many who are like this are leaving the earth, not because they are being punished or any such thing but because their soul chose to stay in the light this time around and by staying neutral they have indirectly supported the dark. Remember, the light will always win the battle between the two so if you are one of those meager people who shy away from decisively distancing yourself from hate or darkness, then your days are numbered. Do the right thing and DO NOT PARTICIPATE with acts of hate. Do not be caught judging or condemning anyone. Align yourself to love, to kindness, to compassion, to understanding, to uplifting and pray for that which you do not understand. Search your soul to see with clarity and if you cannot then walk away from anything that remotely causes you to feel uncomfortable. If you see others hating on politicians or immigrants or other nations and their people, if you see someone in social media hating on something or someone, walk away. It is best to turn your back on such or fall into the trap of participating and energetically supporting the lower worlds of evil. ~Ariaa Jaeger, AriaaJaegerStandfall


AriaaJaegerIntentionsOne of the great messages conveyed to me by ancients in my death experience was these simple words, “YOU ARE KNOWN BY YOUR INTENTION.” Intention is the composition of your all you hold in your heart. Whether your intentions are of pure content or are of something less, the angels and guides know you by the energy those thoughts emit. The higher the frequency the greater you are surrounded and encased by angels and sages who assist those intentions in accomplishing. The lower the frequency, the more the angels VACATE you. Yes angels do turn away from lower frequencies and cigarette smoke, cursing, hatefulness, metal rock music (scatters energy and dematerializes crystalline structure) and anger. Keep your thoughts pure and your dreams will take flight, keep your thoughts pining and whining, complaining and condemning others including politicians and no angel will come near you. Ariaa Jaeger ~ Ariaaisms Spiritual Food for the Soul ~

They Come and Go

They Come and Go

AriaaJaegerFriendsgoYour life will always be filled with the exact people who on any level will add to your spiritual growth. You came to earth as a spiritual being but in the quantum fields of transition forgot all you knew before you arrived. Yours is to awaken the remembrance that you are god an extension of the greater sum of Divine Mind. The people you attract into your life are there to spark that remembrance, to help awaken the old soul where all wisdom sleeps and an implosion of light awaits to be magnified. When friends leave your life be aware that typically their role in your life is through at least for the time being and a void has been created for another to come to add more to your life. “Let go and trust the flow” Ariaa Jaeger – – Ariaaisms Spiritual Food for the Soul