In the Year 2525 – Physics-ology

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There is a modality so foreign to human beings that it is rarely written about or discussed and yet it is the definitive technology of the future. It does not need lithium batteries, it does not require remote control, you do not have to eat, drink or take it in pill form and it does not have a caloric value. It is not the stuff of fantasy but is rooted in science.

The future will be created with this technology and every new invention that furthers the progress of humanity will be born from it. It will not be contained, owned or controlled by greed mongers, politicians or burglars and it is not a commodity which will be traded for profit. There will be a host of studies on those who wield it with expertise and the greatest minds in the world will not be able to contain its rapid growth nor will they be able to control it. Eventually science will validate its authenticity and accuracy. This remarkable thing is not a toy or something to take lightly, on the contrary. It is not a gimmick and it cannot be activated by those who live the illusion of power, money, greed, ego and control.

It is a way of life and one must commit completely and fully to living in a way that most will scoff at for lack of understanding. Sages throughout time have utilized it successfully but it does require honing several other skills first; mindfulness, meditation, taking personal responsibility, selflessness, ridding yourself of ego and the lower emotions which limit you or would have you bend the laws of intention, these are just a few of the elements which must be employed in order to access this timeless tool. What hastens and ignites this phenomenon is thought, intention and imagination.

What I speak of is known by many names; mind over matter, transcending human frailty, Christ consciousness, divine mind, cosmic consciousness, the enlightened mind, living without limitation or willpower. In essence it is simply transcending the laws of the physical and material worlds and as you delve deeper into quantum mechanics, you understand the relationship between consciousness and manifestation.

Atoms have no physical structure thus we have no physical structure. Atoms are not made out of tangible matter but are made of invisible energy. Everything in the universe is energy. Like a fingerprint is unique to a physical body this vortex of spinning and vibrating energy comes complete with its own unique energy signature. In essence, our consciousness, which is partially comprised of our beliefs, perceptions and attitudes, create the world you experience every day. The energy of love without an agenda, transfers light which then becomes matter and produces frequency and subsequently becomes wave. We can convert energy into matter and matter into energy but without the element of love, science is missing the complete formula. Now of course scientists do not factor in what they perceive is a human emotion; however love is energy and how it is wielded, even in thought, produces a wave of energy which emanates from your physical body. You’ve heard “change your thoughts to change your life,” there has never been a truer statement.

Consciousness has another key ingredient and that is the memory of every impactive event ever lived throughout every lifetime. Does that mean on a conscious or even subatomic level you remember everything you have ever done in every lifetime? Yes and no. The more aware and awake you are spiritually, the more aware you become of memories from the roles you have lived and the events which shaped your beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and personality. All of it factors into the reality you are creating today. If you do not meditate or practice some form or pro-active mindfulness, you are unaware of some of the very elements which bind you in limitation today. Past or present life fears, judgements and beliefs have to be addressed and healed in order to move beyond the physical realm or else they continue to draw you backwards.

Has there been anyone in the history of mankind who has ever reached and lived this level of consciousness? Yes there has been. Jesus, Buddha, Yogananda, Sai Baba  and many unknown or unnamed students of quantum physics have lived it in part, parcel or fully. It is apparent that these tools would be so effective in a multitude of areas, offering solutions that are other-worldly, so why haven’t more employed this sage wisdom?

The reasons are obvious: discipline or a lack of it; implementing knowing or certainty, which supersedes confidence and ego; a lack of focus, which seems to be a modern day anomaly, compounded by technology, social media and sound bites, which have shortened attention span. Additionally, 21st century humankind has become accustomed to “instant gratification” and in some cases laziness is the preferred path over challenging the mind and extending beyond three dimensional realities. Often, people are more concerned about looking like a fool or being perceived as crazy, more than they are with pioneering new ways of existing and coexisting peacefully.

Sustaining a limitless consciousness and implementing this powerful wisdom, is initially very challenging but like anything, with practice, it becomes first nature. With so much being destroyed by governments, politics and greed mongers, now more than ever is the time to raise the bar, use your mind, awaken your spiritual gifts, fend for yourself and overcome all of it.








On Love


Love is a gift not an entitlement. Do you take for granted the love you receive from others? Do you do for them as much as they do for you or do you make excuses why you aren’t as giving? Remember that love is a gift and those who fail to cherish its magnificent magnitude often find themselves without love. Love is timeless….in other words it takes seconds to make a phone call, to write a note, to lend a helping hand or just to let someone know you are thinking of them…it takes NO time at all to love. Of all the human range of emotions, love is the easiest to extend, it is your composition, it is your core so it is natural to love. Anything less is unnatural to the soul. Even the smallest creatures are able to love effortlessly. Love is also the easiest virtue to master and only those with hearts of stone fail to navigate the illuminated journey to loves door. The road is always alive with color and light, the entire universe vibrates to love, even the heart is created to beat to loves perfect rhythms. There are scientific studies which demonstrate that those who love with abandon, those to make a consorted effort to ‪#‎LoveOutloud‬ live longer and are healthier than those who withhold or regulate the love they give. Today, tomorrow and always, just love. My love is always with you. ~Ariaa Jaeger

Ariaa Jaeger is a Spiritual Life Strategist, Intuitive counselor and Best-Selling Author. If you would like to make an appointment with Ariaa or wish to set up a free consultation or reading, visit her website,

Whatever You Investigate You Attract


With so much technology at your fingers it is easy to google anything. That being said America is becoming a nation of hypochondriacs and neurotics. So many of you live to post your tests, your results and your diseases in social media never realizing you are feeding people’s fears. STOP IT. If you crave attention that much your issues are not physical, they are emotional and it would be wise to get counseling. Whatever you investigate you not only invite into your consciousness where it begins to fester and embed but you actually attract it to you and you infect others with your weakness and fear. If you think you have something and you think about it long enough, you will get it. This applies to pets and people. Begin looking upon and investigating what you dream of having and what you wish to create instead of what you fear. Think about contributing something helpful and inspiring instead; add to life, don’t fill the world with ignorance and nothingness. Heal your fears, ignore those small aches and pains which come with age and gravity. Use common sense, if it persists then seek some help. But by all means stop investigating things you don’t want. Knowledge is power but fret, fear and worry are dangerous to your well-being. I would far prefer you post your successes, your contributions to life, people and animals and your joys. Let’s celebrate that instead. ~Ariaa Jaeger

Ariaa Jaeger is a Spiritual Life Strategist, Intuitive counselor and Best-Selling Author. If you would like to make an appointment with Ariaa or wish to set up a free consultation or reading, visit her website,

Stuffing for the Soul – Tips for a Stress-free Holiday

Holidays are stressful for everyone. Between food shopping, cleaning the house, setting the table and cooking a lavish meal, most are already up to their eyeballs in grasshoppers. Add in the typical family dynamics, house guests and cleaning up after everyone and most reach their threshold before the holiday is over.
As a leading authority on balancing the emotional body to prevent sickness and disease, I wish to offer you a few simple tips for eliminating stress so you can truly enjoy your holidays. These are strictly offered as a suggestion but it is up to you to implement them and really be proactive in your own well-being. If you don’t take time out for yourself, you are missing the key ingredient for bringing harmony to your dinner table and to your other festivities.ThanksgivingdinnerAriaaJaeger2009

1. Get plenty of sleep including taking a 15-30 minute nap everyday right after lunch. Not only do you give your body a chance to digest your food properly but you reset your body’s rhythms.

2. Listen to some classical music. Playing calming music has a positive effect on your brain and lowers your blood pressure, reduces cortisol, the hormone linked to stress and it calms the central nervous system. If you are not a fan of classical music then listen to some nature or ocean sounds.

3. Call a friend. Many times taking a break to just sit and chat with a friend will have the same effect as chatting with a therapist. The idea is to get your mind off of the holidays and instead just spend time laughing and enjoying a lighthearted conversation. Gaining perspective is everything to shifting stress. Talking to yourself is another way to gain perspective, don’t be shy, no one is going to judge you.

4. Eat a balanced diet. A healthy diet with a balance of proteins, fruits and vegetables is just common sense but also aids in reducing stress. Fruits and vegetables are always good, and fish with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to reduce the symptoms of stress. A tuna sandwich really is brain food.
5. Don’t take anything personal! The holidays are often fodder for family disagreements and arguments. Make a rule to not solve any family issues during the holidays and change the subject if anyone goes down that path. Life is too short, make some wonderful memories instead of holding court.
6. Laugh! Laughter releases endorphin’s that improve mood and decrease levels of the stress-causing hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Rent or go see a funny movie, watch some funny You Tube videos. Go to a comedy club or just watch some sitcoms. Laughter is the ultimate medicine for anything from sickness to mood swings.
7. Exercise in moderation. That does not mean kill yourself at the gym. You can engage in water exercise, yoga, Pilates, walking, running, bicycling, Tai Chi or Isometrics. Walking in particular is a great stress reducer and even a quarter mile walk has essential benefits for relieving stress and shifting perception.
8. Cherish each other. Remember that at any time someone you know or love might leave the earth unexpectedly so make the most of the memories you can create. Be cognizant that if it were you last day, would you be pleased with how you lived your final hours? Avoid criticizing and trying to fix things.
9. Meditate often especially prior to holidays or stress-filled events. Meditation is simply sitting still for 15 or 20 minutes, longer if you have time and emptying out your thoughts and breathing deeply to oxygenate the body. When you do that, you alter your brain chemistry. Meditation in this day and age is not only a spiritual modality but is viewed far and wide as an effective tool for well-being. It is used in post op and pre-op patients to accelerate healing and even the American Medical Association now attributes some form of meditation practice to living healthier lives.
10. Enjoy yourself! Many times we are so busy trying to make everything wonderful for everyone else that we forget to enjoy ourselves! These are your holidays too! Make the most out of the true meaning of this time of year. Immerse yourself in tradition and celebration and enjoy the rewards of all your hard work.

11. Be sensible! Most people are cheerful givers but the problem is as a society we OVERSPEND every year then stress over the debt we have amassed. This year consider making gifts or baking for those in your life. A handmade gift is far more cherished than store bought junk. Additionally be reasonable with your spending. Statistics show that the average amount a person spends on a friend or family member is between $50 and $65 dollars. Most would be happy with a gift costing half of that because it truly is the thought that counts.

12. Remember the reason for the season. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other holidays celebrated at this time of year are sacred holidays and material stuff is simply a gesture not the foundation of the holidays. The foundation is of course what you personally believe in and it is a time to celebrate gratitude with and for family and friends. Don’t forget the meaning behind all the holidays because a grateful heart is the center of joy.



Are you appalled? Are you shocked? Are you mortified? Are you disgusted? Are you revolted? It must be exhausting. With modern day conveniences and so much at your fingertips, society in general has had to invent things to be pissed off at.

I had a very rich friend in my life not that long ago and she was so “disgusted” when a man who was clearly dying got onto a small plane and had the nerve to sit by her in his condition. She was so rich she invented something to bitch about and remarked, “God I hope he does not get his drool on my fur coat!” THEN I WAS APPALLED and suffice to say within weeks distanced myself from this fur wearing, ice cold human being, simply because I didn’t want to be appalled anymore.

Now clearly not all wealthy people act that way and having excess money does not make you a bad person. But our society often acts like a rich, spoiled bitch with a sense of entitlement as if the world owes us all something. The world owes YOU nothing, yet we see people in horror everyday acting out when there is a slow customer service representative on the other end of the phone or more when you can’t understand what they are saying. We get angry in traffic because driving 50 MPH is just not acceptable in a 45 MPH zone. We are disgusted when we see people living in filth or hoarding so much stuff you cannot enter their home without knocking something over. We are shocked when a mother whips out her breast to feed her hungry child and some poor ignorant, backwoods folks are revolted when a transgender person walks into a public restroom, one woman on the news proclaiming, “I have a right to pee without having to deal with that!” WOW! That disgusts me….get my point?

Let’s lower the drama rate in this country and maybe the world will follow suite. Let’s stop inventing things to be angry at, let’s stop the combustible emotions and start focusing on the real issues which demand our attention.

Be impassioned when police brutality is caught on tape, be impassioned when animals are being abused or driven to extinction. Be angry and use that anger when children are neglected or left in a hot car to bake to death. Be embolden when you see something YOU KNOW you can change then set about to change it. Stop fretting and freaking out over the little insignificant inconveniences which go with daily living and make sure you are using your energy on the issues which are worthy of those passionate emotions.

Ariaa Jaeger