The Boomerang Effect

I was having dinner with a new friend the other night and she was practically giddy over the fact she had lied about her age on several dating sites. She then continued by telling me how angry she was at everything and everyone; she launched into a rant about women our age and how many of us who were married for a long time and owned homes of our own have had to start over at this late age in life and how unfair it is. I have maintained a great relationship with my ex-husband and he remains by closest friend but she has not fared so well. She brashly stated that she was “tired of getting screwed” and she was lashing out at everyone and then complained in the same breath that everyone was treating her like crap. She continued to tell me how she was still on her ex-husband’s airline account and she went to the site and removed him from his seat assignment leaving him without a seat then found out later that his mom was dying of cancer…she sheepishly added that she felt badly. After I picked my jaw up off the floor I said, “You don’t you get it, do you? “Everything you think you are doing to another you are actually doing to yourself”, MULTIPLIED! (Ariaa Quotes) I was flabbergasted that she couldn’t grasp that simple concept. Karma is not only a tangible extremely real thing but there are many variables which will increase it. When you get riled up emotionally, when you stew or ruminate on anything you amass energy; your “intent” to accomplish is what causes some karma to magnify faster than with other more “unawakened” souls. Conversely you can reduce negative karma but offsetting it with positive karma, doing good deeds, volunteering, going the extra mile to help a friend or stranger in need and by not producing negative karma to begin with! Good karma is the easiest thing in the world to generate, it begins with your thoughts and as we all know thoughts are things. A James Allen quote reminds us, “You are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you”. “With your mind you can increase your actions before you have ever acted.” Ariaa Jaeger  Why then would you not offset your judgments, your anger, your lower conscious thoughts with higher ones, unless you truly enjoy being done unto. Karma’s boomerang effect will always find the target, those who make an ugly noise unto the world. ~Ariaa Jaeger ~ Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ Copyright ©2013 all rights reserved Image