The Boomerang Effect

I was having dinner with a new friend the other night and she was practically giddy over the fact she had lied about her age on several dating sites. She then continued by telling me how angry she was at everything and everyone; she launched into a rant about women our age and how many of us who were married for a long time and owned homes of our own have had to start over at this late age in life and how unfair it is. I have maintained a great relationship with my ex-husband and he remains by closest friend but she has not fared so well. She brashly stated that she was “tired of getting screwed” and she was lashing out at everyone and then complained in the same breath that everyone was treating her like crap. She continued to tell me how she was still on her ex-husband’s airline account and she went to the site and removed him from his seat assignment leaving him without a seat then found out later that his mom was dying of cancer…she sheepishly added that she felt badly. After I picked my jaw up off the floor I said, “You don’t you get it, do you? “Everything you think you are doing to another you are actually doing to yourself”, MULTIPLIED! (Ariaa Quotes) I was flabbergasted that she couldn’t grasp that simple concept. Karma is not only a tangible extremely real thing but there are many variables which will increase it. When you get riled up emotionally, when you stew or ruminate on anything you amass energy; your “intent” to accomplish is what causes some karma to magnify faster than with other more “unawakened” souls. Conversely you can reduce negative karma but offsetting it with positive karma, doing good deeds, volunteering, going the extra mile to help a friend or stranger in need and by not producing negative karma to begin with! Good karma is the easiest thing in the world to generate, it begins with your thoughts and as we all know thoughts are things. A James Allen quote reminds us, “You are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you”. “With your mind you can increase your actions before you have ever acted.” Ariaa Jaeger  Why then would you not offset your judgments, your anger, your lower conscious thoughts with higher ones, unless you truly enjoy being done unto. Karma’s boomerang effect will always find the target, those who make an ugly noise unto the world. ~Ariaa Jaeger ~ Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ Copyright ©2013 all rights reserved Image

4 thoughts on “The Boomerang Effect

  1. There are some circumstances, in which karma, good as bad, is indeed not shared with the one who supposedly purported it.. there are possibilities out there that will allow others to experience “your” good karma instead of you.. and you can get “their” bad karma and experience the effects of this. In the end, of course, things can’t really ever completely be removed from the purporter of things good or bad, because the purporter usually continues to create good or bad as he created it before. But there are ways around that.. emotional / energetic drivebys, as one possible ways some people do that, oftentimes completely unconsciously. Nothing of this really offsets any of the truth of what you wrote, Ariaa.. but it is something to take into account. This world is as good or fucked up as it can be, and it can be one simple decision you once made that made it so completely good or fucked up from that point forward that it can take time to “undo”, or more aptly put: re-decide your decision with something more useful to you. And even then, nothing of the good or bad karma, that “others” experienced instead of you, will be bound to you.. it is gone forever. It is always there, of course, but you aren’t the centerpoint of it all. The universe, after all, is a soulless machine, be it in the physical or the energetic. That which created the universe, on the other hand, is not. 😉

    • Hey thanks so much for your feedback and perceptions of karma and in some ways I agree with you. However there are many variables to karmic return, a few of which you have mentioned here and yet beyond this lifetime far more reaching when one delves into their own past lives. Often by intent alone the karma may not return for many many lifetimes depending on the magnitude of the intent. You can be blind to its return, be walking down the street and suddenly be the “victim” to parts of a plane falling from the sky and never grasp why. Many times ppl feel victim to the circumstances of their life when in fact it is simple karma returning to them. Thanks so much for expounding on what it is a topic we could banter for ages to come ~ 🙂

  2. Ariaa, your encouraging words on The Boomerang Effect help me in so many ways…I’ve recently become been very mindful of Karma. Thank you for your beautiful words, always.

    We just recently celebrated my Grandma’s 95th birthday. It’s a joyous time…as it should be, anyway. Grandma’s caregiver is her youngest daughter, which she lives with. Many times her grown children (my aunt, uncle’s, & dad) do not see eye to eye on life. This is their business, but it can become very stressful. The negative energy is present & felt.

    My husband & I were very grateful to have visited with Grandma the day before she turned 95. We had a lovely visit & she mentioned that she’d be coming to her hometown (which is the same as ours) the following day for her celebration with her birthday club. This birthday club is a joyous group of ladies who range from 85-95 yrs. of age. My sister & I have hosted many previous parties in our homes, delightfully waiting on these beautiful ladies hand & foot. Before we departed from the visit, I asked Grandma to call me if this was taking place on her birthday & we would join them at the restaurant. She would do just that.

    As you can imagine…at the age of 95 you become quite forgetful, plus it was her birthday ~ an exciting time of celebration. I decided to call my aunt. Yes, I could join them…”might as well, your parents, & uncle are coming too.” I could feel the tension already. All of a sudden this wasn’t about Grandma’s special day.

    I’m mindful of the karma that surrounds our family. Although much of the negative energy was present, I was not going to let anything spoil my day, or Grandma’s. I soon began chatting with the birthday club, discussing the absence of one of the members due to her health condition. I immediately gave the ladies an update of this person & told them that if they ever wanted a ride to the nursing home, I would take them. Ahhhhhh….some positive energy! They were enlightened. Next, I got my camera ready to take some pics of the people who were there for Grandma. I asked my dad & uncle to please go down by Grandma, asking my aunt to join in the pic. Unfortunately, she refused to get in the pic. Now, even though this was uncomfortable, I decided to buy their dinners. I thanked my aunt for traveling 40 miles with Grandma & bought the most beautiful 95 yr. old lady dinner, my aunt, my uncle & parents meal too. Did they deserve it? Karma’s boomerang effect.

    Grandma deserved a “Happy Birthday,” a hug, & “I love you.” I felt so good giving off my positive energy having left the party. I believe that I magnified my Karma.

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