Bless the Water, Bless the Moon

Bless the water, bless the moon and bless the rising sun,
Bless the life you’re living now before the day is done.
Bless those who persecute you and those whom you call friends,
Bless all the animals on earth and to them let’s attend.

Bless the rain before the storm for it causes you to think,
Bless the grapes that turn to wine before you take a drink.
Bless the rhythms of the sea as they roll into the breakers,
Bless the souls upon this earth who are God’s peacemakers.

Bless the old man on the streets there begging for a meal
Bless the old frau who is sick and pray that she is healed.
Bless the child who has no one to hold and coddle it,
Bless the mother who gave birth with nothing left to give.

Bless the preacher, who espouses truths that aren’t your own,
Bless the soul who knows not God and goes through life alone.
Bless the dying and the poor and give them all your light.
Bless the prayers you whisper as you go to bed tonight.

Bless this poet who sends out love to you every day,
Bless the souls who hold the faith when you have gone astray.
Bless the earth and all the land that we must appreciate,
Bless the angry souls who try to fill it up with hate.

Bless the prophets be advised that many of them hear,
Bless the God of Abraham who whispers in their ear.
Bless yourself on this grand day for the blessings you’ve been given
Bless yourself and those you love for the life that you are living.

Whenever you bless anyone or anything, it multiplies the love and encircles back to you.

Bless the Sun, Bless the Moon

Ariaaisms ~ Spiritual Food for the Soul ~ Sunday 1.13.13

~Ariaa Ariaa Jaeger~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ©2013 all rights reserved Http://

One thought on “Bless the Water, Bless the Moon

  1. And Bless you dear Ariaa for blessing us with your beautiful words and spreading such unconditional love, far and beyond.
    Lots of love and respect
    Thank you beautiful Nadine, always a joy to hear from you. Much love to you and your family!

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