Fear and Vulnerability

Have you become hardened or jaded by life? Do you hide your essential self for fear of being too vulnerable and taken advantage of? Do you express opinions that are jaded from the road of hardship?

Have you become desensitized from watching reality shows where others hurt each other, beat each other up or throw verbal assaults? Then now is the time to soften your sinews, to evaluate what you are saying and to adjust your thinking. We often craft our opinions from our pain and hurts and slights and the sweetness and innocence within often becomes buried under the siege of life’s mortar.

Often when we least expect it the inner child arises when someone we cherish brings out the tenderness still lurking within, then we blush or giggle and are suddenly transformed backwards to our days of youth when life was kinder and more gentle. Today awaken the child within you, raise the sweetness, the tenderness, the innocence of youth again. Hug an animal, a child, an elderly.

Plant some flowers along the path of life and tend to your inner dialogue. Soften your sinews, awaken the sweet, heal the hardened soul and be born anew in LOVE.

hardened by life - words of wisdom from Ariaa

Ariaa Jaeger ~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ~©2013 all rights reserved


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