Past Lives-Present Loves – The Heart Cord Connection


As a lifelong intuitive/psychic I have helped people access who they have been in other lifetimes which affect their current relationships. Karma, (the law of cause and return); dharma, (the soul’s purpose this lifetime) and lessons are a few of the many reasons we continue to link up with souls we have known and loved before.

I recently had a client who at 32 years of age was afraid to marry the man she was in love with. They had been together for years and they loved each other so much but she was paralyzed with fear when it came to considering marriage.

One of my many gifts is “seeing” who my client is integrating at the time they are feeling the fear or other strong emotion. In her case, I saw 4 people she had been which were now predominantly in her energy field.  Most people integrate between 3-5 personalities at a time and if they meditate daily, they receive information on who and what they have been and done which is on the table to be looked at today.

You see at any time in your life you begin to merge certain personalities from previous incarnations which does several things. First, it is to heal whatever happened to you either emotionally or physically in that life/those lifetimes and secondly you integrate the strengths and gifts from previous incarnations causing you to be MORE of what you are. I have known clients who suddenly began painting or suddenly composed classical music or took up fashion design when they came into their awakenings. Getting in touch with who you have been additionally helps you attract previous lovers and soulmates back into your life so you can either continue or heal and repair the past.

In my client’s case, her fear was based on their last lifetime together. They were on a large ship and when it capsized he drowned but she and her child survived. The love between them was so strong, the pain of loss so deep, the heart cord so connected that she died a few short years later and was afraid he would die without her again. In fact I uncovered that they were soulmates and had a “death pact” to always die at the same or close to the same time and they had in every single lifetime…they will in this one too. Many times she was the one who died last so her fear was valid today. We had so many validating signs from Spirit and the angels, even finding pictures of them in the 1800’s in that lifetime and they look almost the same in this one. The work I have done with both, the psychic predictions and accurate information which came through, has helped both immensely be at peace with their lives today.

Both are in new relationships yet their love for each other continued to impact and infect the new relationships. Getting back together was not in their present but it is in their future…most likely in the last 20 years of their present day life, which has brought great comfort to both of them. This time around, on some soul level they decided to experience more than just each other so they are doing just that now. Their heart cord is so connected that even if they moved to different countries and lost track of each other, they would find each other in the end again.

There was a recent story on Good Morning America about twins who were adopted by different families at now at 9 years old they found each other and have been reunited. When the heart cord is connected it is impossible to not connect…you will, it’s inevitable.

That should bring many of you comfort when searching for your soulmate or twin soul. You don’t have to push or strive to find them. If the heart cord is connected they will reappear when you least expect it and when you are NOT looking.

It is impossible for you to escape connecting with your soulmates, twinsouls, those you have karma with, those you will learn from and those who were important figures to you in other lifetimes.

If you would like to learn more on past lives and your soulmate (s) get in touch with me, I’m here to help.

brings wisdom beyond her years and profound energy to the personal development arena. Her insights into human behavior, emotional well being and intuitive cellular memory facilitate healing and personal transformation and her coaching abilities have attracted people around the world for 24 years. Ariaa is known as a leading authority in the areas of human behavior, spiritual psychology, psychic phenomenon, mind over matter principles, guided meditations and as an intuitive counselor. Her clientele includes Academy award winning actors, Fortune 500 CEO’s and people from all walks of life and all beliefs. Her original quotes have inspired millions in social media for more than 6 years even being featured on CNN and in Huffington Post’s “16 People on Twitter Who Inspire the World”. Her name is consistently linked with Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, The Dalai Lama, Eckart Tolle, Donald Walsch, Doreen Virtue and Adayashanti. Her prayers are widely known in the spiritual community and it is said that anything she prays for another, inevitably always comes true. Her energy has been instrumental in generating the reversal of sickness and diseases and her custom meditations are widely sought after for their profound effects in targeted areas such as healing, sleep, financial issues and a host of other topics.
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I sought love but love eluded me, I sought peace and wars broke out, I sought loyalty and friends betrayed me, I sought refuge and my home was taken away. I sought to add wisdom but they would not listen, I sought to heal the world but the world became undone, I sought to soothe the masses but the cries of the mad were deafening. I sought to raise the consciousness and only raised my own. Then I saw a realm paradisiacal and beheld the ultimate epiphany. I sought love and found I was its instrument, it lives and breathes in me, I sought peace and found I was its beacon, it emanated from my own inner peace. I sought loyalty and discovered that the purest loyalty is being true to myself, I sought refuge and found that nature and heaven were my home, I sought to add wisdom and discovered it thrives in all living creation but they must be willing to hear. I sought to heal the world and found it was perfect in all its self-destruction that at the core of all the chaos lives all that is divine. I sought to soothe the masses yet found it is in the cries of the maddening crowd that the darkness is exposed and transformed by the greater light of God. I sought to raise the consciousness and found that in raising my own, my eyes beheld the ONE. ♥ ~Ariaa Jaeger ~ Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved Http://


The Potent Inner Voice

Raise your inner dialogue then you can raise the world. Seek to use words which uplift, motivate and inspire yourself and others. Seek to raise your own inner dialogue… be kind and gentle with yourself but take yourself to task and heal the unnecessary emotional baggage. Rid yourself of anger, forgive with ease, stop nursing old hurts and limited beliefs which tie you to misery and bind you in darkness. Seek to LOVE softly, silently, loudly with passion, to LOVE yourself and others with kindness, tenderness, compassion but with the force of a thousand angels enveloping the earth. Seek to become the vessel that light shines through, the instrument that LOVE overflows from. Be born anew with the realization, the recognition that you have more power inside of you than you know. You can heal yourself, you can be filled with so much love the excess pours out on all creation. ~Ariaa Jaeger ~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ©Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved ~Http://


Bless the Water, Bless the Moon

Bless the Water, Bless the Moon

Bless the water, bless the moon and bless the rising sun,
Bless the life you’re living now before the day is done.
Bless those who persecute you and those whom you call friends,
Bless all the animals on earth and to them let’s attend.

Bless the rain before the storm for it causes you to think,
Bless the grapes that turn to wine before you take a drink.
Bless the rhythms of the sea as they roll into the breakers,
Bless the souls upon this earth who are God’s peacemakers.

Bless the old man on the streets there begging for a meal
Bless the old frau who is sick and pray that she is healed.
Bless the child who has no one to hold and coddle it,
Bless the mother who gave birth with nothing left to give.

Bless the preacher, who espouses truths that aren’t your own,
Bless the soul who knows not God and goes through life alone.
Bless the dying and the poor and give them all your light.
Bless the prayers you whisper as you go to bed tonight.

Bless this poet who sends out love to you every day,
Bless the souls who hold the faith when you have gone astray.
Bless the earth and all the land that we must appreciate,
Bless the angry souls who try to fill it up with hate.

Bless the prophets be advised that many of them hear,
Bless the God of Abraham who whispers in their ear.
Bless yourself on this grand day for the blessings you’ve been given
Bless yourself and those you love for the life that you are living.

Whenever you bless anyone or anything, it multiplies the love and encircles back to you.

Bless the Sun, Bless the Moon

Ariaaisms ~ Spiritual Food for the Soul ~ Sunday 1.13.13

~Ariaa Ariaa Jaeger~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ©2013 all rights reserved Http://

Fear is a Dam

“Fear is a dam which paralyzes Divine flow. When you elevate your frequency to the perfect rhythms of love nothing will harm you.  Consider S. Africa’s the lion whisperer Kevin Richardson who plays, sleeps and lives with wild lions, hyenas and other “predators”. Consider Jane Goodall, British primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist, and UN Messenger of Peace who is considered to be the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees, whom many consider very dangerous.

Consider the monks of Tibet who live amongst wild tigers in India and Nepal. In my own life, I have hand fed a pack of wild boar on a regular basis while living in Sedona. I have hand fed marmots, chipmunks, lamas, goats, racoons, squirrels and other creatures who most think will bite you and they will if your heart is not in the right place and your frequency is not attuned to love. Now imagine that kind of love translating to humans.

When you make yourself a pure vessel of LOVE, when you heal the ravages of old hurts, slights, betrayals and heartaches, the pure essence of you is revealed and you omit a frequency so loving others are transformed by your light, by your very presence.

In the days of the Essenes in ancient Judea, the Holy land, there was such a perfect harmony in the culture that one could think a thought and another in the community would act upon it. An Essene woman could be out in the field harvesting the crops and think, ” I need to breastfeed my child” and instantly that loving thought would travel telepathically to one of the other mothers in the community who would simply pick up the baby and feed it.

Today we are returning to this kind of oneness, this kind of a spirit of co-operation and harmony. Your participation in escalating and elevating the LOVE within you is not only welcomed but highly appreciated by those of us who LOVE OUTLOUD”



Ariaa Jaeger~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ©2012 Copyright All rights reserved