Sunsets, The Gateway to the Stars


Aging in the twenty-first century is an interesting prospect. With so many available surgical procedures, Botox and fillers and non-invasive procedures like lasers, facials and other skin stimulating treatments, it is a wonder anyone over 50 has even a small wrinkle.
There are two sides in the aging debate; one, pull it, pluck it, tuck it, suck it, pin it, thin it, fill it, dye it and cut it. Then there are those who for financial reasons, commonsensical reasons or just plain self-contentment reasons subscribe to the notion that fighting gravity is futile and aging with grace is the road to ultimate fulfillment. I am of that mindset.
There was a time I thought that I might venture down the non-invasive path when the signs of aging had finally overtaken my face but now that I am there, on the cusp of what was once considered old, I am completely at peace with the process. I refuse to bend to society and its narcissistic need to make everyone look perfect. I refuse to look in the mirror and dislike or condemn myself. I refuse to let what society thinks turn me into a paranoid old lady wondering how people perceive me or worse, an insignificant wallflower ignored by society. I refuse to be like everyone else who thinks that by fixing their chin or eyes that no one will have a clue how old they are. I refuse to be relegated to sitting and knitting as the world around me spins.
I celebrate the last year of my fifties with glee because I survived more than I ever thought I would or could. I celebrate every gray hair as it reminds me of my old friend, the silver lining, which has shown up in my life right after every major storm and there have been so many. I celebrate every wrinkle and every smooth spot knowing that soon they will merge and all the lines of my life and every path I took will envelop my face. I celebrate the sags the bags the bum drop, the ski slopes, the liver spots and waning vision as I know it is my time to multiply and exercise what cannot be seen. I had my youthful day in the sun but sunsets are so much grander and they are the gateway to the stars.

Ariaa Jaeger

Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Body

If you are emotionally healthy, if you are at peace with your life and all circumstances, if you do not get caught up in mass hysteria or the histrionics of the media, you will not get the flu or even a common cold. I cannot emphasize enough how sickness is directly correlated to your consciousness and common sense or lack of it. If you go around fearing sickness or dis-ease of course you will attract it. If you go around putting your hands in your mouth after touching money, a shopping cart or any other germ infested item, then of course your chances of ingesting flu-like bacteria increases. Use your head, dress warm, wash your hands regularly, and get plenty of rest and vitamin C. But more raise your consciousness and stop feeding the hysteria and fear. Stop fretting that you are going to “catch” someone elses weakness or drama. When you meditate, preferably chakra meditation which aligns all your core energy centers, you fill your body with light, peace, tranquility and love. Meditation gives you a chance to release stress, lower your blood pressure and lowers your heart and pulse rates giving your body time to reclaimate. Every 20 minute meditation is equivalent to a 2 hour nap and extends your life by years, scientific statistic. When you address your emotions and control them instead of letting them control you you also add years to your life. I strongly recommend you learn to meditate and if you would like to know how, give me a call, I have been teaching it for 20 years. ~ Ariaa Jaeger ~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ~©2013 all rights reserved Http://