The Potent Inner Voice

Raise your inner dialogue then you can raise the world. Seek to use words which uplift, motivate and inspire yourself and others. Seek to raise your own inner dialogue… be kind and gentle with yourself but take yourself to task and heal the unnecessary emotional baggage. Rid yourself of anger, forgive with ease, stop nursing old hurts and limited beliefs which tie you to misery and bind you in darkness. Seek to LOVE softly, silently, loudly with passion, to LOVE yourself and others with kindness, tenderness, compassion but with the force of a thousand angels enveloping the earth. Seek to become the vessel that light shines through, the instrument that LOVE overflows from. Be born anew with the realization, the recognition that you have more power inside of you than you know. You can heal yourself, you can be filled with so much love the excess pours out on all creation. ~Ariaa Jaeger ~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ©Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved ~Http://