What You Leave Behind

After my clinical death in the Alps of Austria in 1993 I saw the world in an entirely different light. I remember seeing people who had just crossed over, particularly the ones that died at their own hand from suicide and I was astounded at the numbers who killed themselves over a paltry sum of money. But to a person who has babies to feed, a mortgage to pay and health issues I am sure $3,000.00 seemed like an insurmountable amount yet when you think about it really is a small price for a life. I also remember seeing some elderly folks who died crossing over and was amazed at how few had planned for their demise. So many left all the details of their funerals, celebrations of life, the decisions of what to do with their homes and stuff, everything had been left to whomever was willing to deal with it and folks having been there, that is a lot of stress to leave to someone you love. The souls that had prepared and left instructions behind for their families and friends seem to be at the greatest level of peace as they transitioned. As I watched souls arrive no matter how rich or how poor, how old or not so old, no matter how successful or unsuccessful, the majority had one thing in common which completely dumbfounded me. None of those I saw arriving were the least bit concerned about the legacy they had left behind. Not one.

Leaving a legacy is as important as life itself; for what will your life have amounted to if you leave nothing useful behind? We share the planet with 7 billion people and approximately one fourth actually leave something useful behind when they leave this earth which is a useful tool for others. Whether is it an invention, product, literature, movies, poetry, art, music, dance, philosophy, or something else, you have to wonder what the world would be today if everything every soul did while on the earth vanished with them when they died.

For whatever reason, leaving something useful behind is very important to me. I want to know when I die that my quotes and poetry which have inspired millions to date, will continue to inspire generations to come. I want to know that the music I’ve recorded will still sing in the hearts of those who resonated with my voice and perhaps they will even be able to “feel” me and my love in the moment they play it. I want to know that the animal rights I have fought for, has made a difference for animals of the future, that the oceans and mountaintops I have fought to keep clean will be a pleasing place for those who navigate their terrain and waters years from now. I want to believe that harp seals will never have to endure being brutally bludgeoned by men too cruel to think upon, that white Bengal tigers, elephants and Rhinoceros will roam freely in multitudes safe and protected. It is my sincere hope that the countless years and hours I have spent elevating the consciousness of groups and individuals and their offspring, will bear fruit and that those who embraced the teachings and principles I have taught, will live and thrive in harmony with all creation for ions to come. It is my ardent belief that by holding the light, by beaming love, light and joyous laughter to all humanity every single day for more than 25 years, that it will continue to multiply and manifest as unconditional love, respect for life, great compassion for all and eternal wisdom will be birthed in the hearts of every living soul; that one day not too far in the future the combination of these will seed the tree of peace for all humankind.

Are you living with intention or are you simply taking up space on the planet? Are you creating anything which will be useful to those you love or perfect strangers when your body no longer draws breath? Do you have some unique gift that you are withholding because you lack vision, motivation or the time to bring it to fruition? There is no time like the present to generate and share all the gifts you hold inside. Imagine what the world would be if EVERYONE without exception, left a meaningful legacy behind. ~Ariaa Jaeger ~ Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food For the Soul~ Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved