Triggers to the Tenth Power

You rise every morning benign to the powerful light within you. You go about your morning routine and arrive at your destination. Then it begins. You trigger something in someone, not necessarily with words or even a look but simply by your presence. Your energy causes a chain reaction to someone of a lower or higher frequency. There you are, completely oblivious to your kinetic energy and how it has affected those around you. You react or over-react taking it personally instead of seeing that you may have just been the catalyst Spirit has employed to change a life, to raise an aspect of dysfunction or internal emotional discord within the person you have affected. The reverse is also the same, many times perfect strangers trigger something in you. Their light or energy, whether it feels good, bad or indifferent causes a reaction in you and you go into battle mode and get defensive. Many times it is not about YOU, it is about the path your higher self is on and what your soul is seeking in order to evolve.

“YOU are the lightning, YOU the rod, YOU are the mirror, YOU are the magnet, YOU are the ultimate conduit for all energy.”

~Ariaa Jaeger,  Ariaaisms ~ Spiritual Food for the Soul,