AriaaJaegerIntentionsOne of the great messages conveyed to me by ancients in my death experience was these simple words, “YOU ARE KNOWN BY YOUR INTENTION.” Intention is the composition of your all you hold in your heart. Whether your intentions are of pure content or are of something less, the angels and guides know you by the energy those thoughts emit. The higher the frequency the greater you are surrounded and encased by angels and sages who assist those intentions in accomplishing. The lower the frequency, the more the angels VACATE you. Yes angels do turn away from lower frequencies and cigarette smoke, cursing, hatefulness, metal rock music (scatters energy and dematerializes crystalline structure) and anger. Keep your thoughts pure and your dreams will take flight, keep your thoughts pining and whining, complaining and condemning others including politicians and no angel will come near you. Ariaa Jaeger ~ Ariaaisms Spiritual Food for the Soul ~