The Science of Laughter

“Laughter is to the soul what breath is to the body”~ Ariaa Jaeger
There is no greater joy than causing another human being to laugh out loud. I was in the mall yesterday and walked into the manicure salon where all the women were consumed with getting their nails done. One of the men who works there and knows me ask me a question and my rather surprising answer caused the entire place to explode in over the top laughter. I walked out of there giggling like a child on Christmas morning. Laughter heals the sorrows, mends the wounds, reduces stress and literally causes human beings to retain a youthful appearance…I’m 90, don’t I look great 🙂 Today, make someone happy, make just one someone happy and you will be happy too 🙂 Ariaa Jaeger ~ Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul ~ Copyright 2013 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED