Whatever You Investigate You Attract


With so much technology at your fingers it is easy to google anything. That being said America is becoming a nation of hypochondriacs and neurotics. So many of you live to post your tests, your results and your diseases in social media never realizing you are feeding people’s fears. STOP IT. If you crave attention that much your issues are not physical, they are emotional and it would be wise to get counseling. Whatever you investigate you not only invite into your consciousness where it begins to fester and embed but you actually attract it to you and you infect others with your weakness and fear. If you think you have something and you think about it long enough, you will get it. This applies to pets and people. Begin looking upon and investigating what you dream of having and what you wish to create instead of what you fear. Think about contributing something helpful and inspiring instead; add to life, don’t fill the world with ignorance and nothingness. Heal your fears, ignore those small aches and pains which come with age and gravity. Use common sense, if it persists then seek some help. But by all means stop investigating things you don’t want. Knowledge is power but fret, fear and worry are dangerous to your well-being. I would far prefer you post your successes, your contributions to life, people and animals and your joys. Let’s celebrate that instead. ~Ariaa Jaeger

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The Haunting

Fear is an energy capable of sabotaging your dreams. When you fail to address what haunts you, it grows and feeds from your neglect to tend to it. Fear must be embraced to understand it, the parameters all be scoured to find the core of your fear. Discovery is half the lesson for in your search you will often find that the thing you fear is only a bi-product of something fixable…self love and faith. When you love yourself, you live life with a passion unstoppable by anything including fear. When you love yourself there are no constraints, no limits and no hindrance to the joy you wish to express. Faith is self love in motion…you must have faith in your higher self to manifest all you dream and faith that inside of you lives a potent powerful energy, we call it God and its source is unlimited. You can choose to drink from the infinite well of wisdom, power and love inside or you can think you are alone. It is a choice but I tell you true you must address the fear to heal the heart of LOVE which will then take you to new heights, new wonders, new worlds of delight ~Ariaa Jaeger~Ariaaisms ~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ copyright ©2013 All rights reservedImage

Fear and Vulnerability

Have you become hardened or jaded by life? Do you hide your essential self for fear of being too vulnerable and taken advantage of? Do you express opinions that are jaded from the road of hardship?

Have you become desensitized from watching reality shows where others hurt each other, beat each other up or throw verbal assaults? Then now is the time to soften your sinews, to evaluate what you are saying and to adjust your thinking. We often craft our opinions from our pain and hurts and slights and the sweetness and innocence within often becomes buried under the siege of life’s mortar.

Often when we least expect it the inner child arises when someone we cherish brings out the tenderness still lurking within, then we blush or giggle and are suddenly transformed backwards to our days of youth when life was kinder and more gentle. Today awaken the child within you, raise the sweetness, the tenderness, the innocence of youth again. Hug an animal, a child, an elderly.

Plant some flowers along the path of life and tend to your inner dialogue. Soften your sinews, awaken the sweet, heal the hardened soul and be born anew in LOVE.

hardened by life - words of wisdom from Ariaa

Ariaa Jaeger ~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ~©2013 all rights reserved


Fear is a Dam

“Fear is a dam which paralyzes Divine flow. When you elevate your frequency to the perfect rhythms of love nothing will harm you.  Consider S. Africa’s the lion whisperer Kevin Richardson who plays, sleeps and lives with wild lions, hyenas and other “predators”. Consider Jane Goodall, British primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist, and UN Messenger of Peace who is considered to be the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees, whom many consider very dangerous.

Consider the monks of Tibet who live amongst wild tigers in India and Nepal. In my own life, I have hand fed a pack of wild boar on a regular basis while living in Sedona. I have hand fed marmots, chipmunks, lamas, goats, racoons, squirrels and other creatures who most think will bite you and they will if your heart is not in the right place and your frequency is not attuned to love. Now imagine that kind of love translating to humans.

When you make yourself a pure vessel of LOVE, when you heal the ravages of old hurts, slights, betrayals and heartaches, the pure essence of you is revealed and you omit a frequency so loving others are transformed by your light, by your very presence.

In the days of the Essenes in ancient Judea, the Holy land, there was such a perfect harmony in the culture that one could think a thought and another in the community would act upon it. An Essene woman could be out in the field harvesting the crops and think, ” I need to breastfeed my child” and instantly that loving thought would travel telepathically to one of the other mothers in the community who would simply pick up the baby and feed it.

Today we are returning to this kind of oneness, this kind of a spirit of co-operation and harmony. Your participation in escalating and elevating the LOVE within you is not only welcomed but highly appreciated by those of us who LOVE OUTLOUD”



Ariaa Jaeger~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ©2012 Copyright All rights reserved