AriaaJaegerIntentionsOne of the great messages conveyed to me by ancients in my death experience was these simple words, “YOU ARE KNOWN BY YOUR INTENTION.” Intention is the composition of your all you hold in your heart. Whether your intentions are of pure content or are of something less, the angels and guides know you by the energy those thoughts emit. The higher the frequency the greater you are surrounded and encased by angels and sages who assist those intentions in accomplishing. The lower the frequency, the more the angels VACATE you. Yes angels do turn away from lower frequencies and cigarette smoke, cursing, hatefulness, metal rock music (scatters energy and dematerializes crystalline structure) and anger. Keep your thoughts pure and your dreams will take flight, keep your thoughts pining and whining, complaining and condemning others including politicians and no angel will come near you. Ariaa Jaeger ~ Ariaaisms Spiritual Food for the Soul ~

Triggers to the Tenth Power

You rise every morning benign to the powerful light within you. You go about your morning routine and arrive at your destination. Then it begins. You trigger something in someone, not necessarily with words or even a look but simply by your presence. Your energy causes a chain reaction to someone of a lower or higher frequency. There you are, completely oblivious to your kinetic energy and how it has affected those around you. You react or over-react taking it personally instead of seeing that you may have just been the catalyst Spirit has employed to change a life, to raise an aspect of dysfunction or internal emotional discord within the person you have affected. The reverse is also the same, many times perfect strangers trigger something in you. Their light or energy, whether it feels good, bad or indifferent causes a reaction in you and you go into battle mode and get defensive. Many times it is not about YOU, it is about the path your higher self is on and what your soul is seeking in order to evolve.

“YOU are the lightning, YOU the rod, YOU are the mirror, YOU are the magnet, YOU are the ultimate conduit for all energy.”

~Ariaa Jaeger,  Ariaaisms ~ Spiritual Food for the Soul,


Paint Your Thoughts

Awaken to the world you paint with your thoughts everyday. There are no victims only those unaware of their karma, past or present, those blind to what they have attracted, good or bad, those who fail to take personal responsibility and discover the blessings within each life event.

Change your perceptions by discovering yourself, go within, meditate, seek the higher wisdom which lies within every soul. Seek the higher solutions which come in the silence where angels and sages eagerly await to help you overcome and master all you came to earth to fulfill. Wake up, tune in, spiritually evolve and stop blaming your family, your friends and the world for the lot you have drawn into your life. With every hardship there is mastery awaiting to be engaged. With every heartache quantum leaping of the soul comes. With every negative event, a positive one is sure to follow.

The earth is built on opposite polarities thus what goes up will come down, what comes down will rise again. There is a purpose and a reason unto all things. Seek to understand the measure of what you are creating, what you are a magnet to and learn to create with greater strokes of the paintbrush of life. For those who seek create the art of mastery, know thyself and discover the paradisaical within.

Ariaa Jaeger~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ©2013 all rights reserved