Who Are You

Historically there are so many lessons woven into the Easter story. Sadly more than 2000 years later, society has not improved much. We are bombarded daily with the ignorance of the hateful, the hardness of the indifferent and the drama of fame whores. Reality shows are filled with women beating each other up and becoming famous by feeding their victim mentalities and men are showing us how ignorant and cruel they can be with every slaughter of dolphins, whales, harp seals, elephants and rhinos not to mention all of the other things they kill including the human spirit. I know one very wealthy woman who was on an airplane when a dying man who clearly had only a few hours of life left, boarded the plane to take his seat next to her. He was drooling and had horrific tumors on both arms, his hair thin from treatments. She was more concerned about him drooling on her fur coat than she was about this suffering and dying man. In that moment I was mortified and of course stepped up to help him. Twitter and Facebook has given voice to the fools who think their rude and hateful comments are of value. Bullies, haters and bottom feeders are winning the battle between the light and the darkness and sadly those who are not particularly intelligent fall into their cesspool of evil often joining them by staying silent. Society has become loud, opinionated and arrogant and has forgotten the basic element of compassion and being soft. Softness and deliberateness in the use of your thoughts and words not only adds to the energy of love but it feeds the light and raises the vibration within the world. Kindness, compassion and taking the attitude, “there but for the grace of God go I” is the path of wisdom and sending love to those who are so tormented within that they have lost all self respect and personal dignity is the way of the peaceful and profound. I hope all of you will take the Easter weekend beginning with Good Friday to reflect on what you are adding to the world and how you are viewed by the world in your actions. While caring what others think of you is not the goal, ask yourself if you would want to be your friend? Would you want to hang around someone who is hateful, negative, ignorant or mean? Would you want to align yourself to those who feed the light or those who feed the darkness? Choose wisely and eliminate anything that drags you down and keeps you stuck on stupid or feeds the fire of dis-compassion, not just because it is the right thing to do but because your karma will return to you and probably when you have the greatest need. ~Ariaa Jaeger~ Ariaaisms Spiritual Food for the Soul ~ copyright 2014Image