Theta, Beta or Delta?

Everything is energy so it is a natural segue to incorporate practical spiritual and scientific principles into your business model no matter what business you are in. Scientists, neuroscience, spiritual teachers, medical doctors, athletic coaches and a host of other practitioners have proven the effectiveness of implementing mind over matter, visualization, meditation and other modalities from the spiritual arena. Since the theta brainwave frequency for reaching stares of clarity, effortless creativity, increased memory and calm is between 4-7 Hz, it is wise to begin your day with a 15 minute morning meditation which produces that frequency.

Worry, stress, fear, irritability, anger, depression and nervousness operate at a Beta brainwave frequency of between 13-40 Hz which also then in turn weakens your health and immune system. Most people live in a Beta state instead of moving into the more productive Theta state.

Additionally there is another brainwave state known as the Delta state operating at 0-4 Hz which more evolved meditators and evolved spiritual people tend to invoke. The Delta state occurs during the deepest level of meditation and is associated with “no thinking.” It is said to be the gateway to altered states of non-physical reality which is imperative for healing and regeneration or renewal. Most doctors and scientists believe that this is the most beneficial state for the human being.

Now I am not suggesting you run have a cat scan every time you want to know what state you are in, common sense will tell you. Spiritual and scientific knowledge is only helpful if you incorporate it into your daily routine and make a habit out of implementing it.
Beginning your day with deep breathing, relaxation and if you are inclined, add in prayer, triggers what has been deemed “the happy chemicals” of your brain. Serotonin, Dopamine, Oxytocin and Endorphin are the chemicals of the brain which operate independently and require discipline to create a continuation of their release. When you meditate these chemicals are released often simulating a state of euphoria if you are in a deep meditation. More over the practice of daily meditation gives the body an opportunity to regenerate new cellular growth and enables optimal functionality of your organs, your muscles and your central nervous system. With all these elements aligned, higher creativity flows, solutions from a non-emotional perspective are revealed and an overall sense of well-being occurs.

Another principle is the use of mind over matter when it comes to everything from sealing the deal to gaining new clients. Instead of allowing your mind to rampantly worry and wander, be in control of what your thoughts are producing by using simple affirmations when driving to work or during the course of your day. Instead of pondering what the outcome will be, generate it using mind over matter combined with surrendering to the highest and best outcome. Focus your energy from a calm, clear, non-emotional sense of knowing, and then see the outcome you wish to create. I know that sounds a bit airy-fairy new age, but it is the way the brain works and has been proven time and time again. It is goal setting on spiritual steroids! This tool can be implemented throughout every area of business but it is up to you as to how energized your affirmations are; “The more energy you pour into anything, the greater the outcome.”

You may also want to use qualified projection in your daily affairs. What is “qualified projection” you ask? It goes beyond affirmation. In my work with my clients it is what I like to call, “moving the mountain.” It can be used as a tool, not to manipulate but to deliver the highest resolve to any situation. Let’s say there is drama in your environment and you want to eliminate it. You simply apply the compelled thought through the air and then let go. You command calm, a sense of co-operation, a sense of peace and resolve in an “amicable way” and watch how fast it manifests. You basically use projection like audible prayer or mental telepathy but you add the ingredient of knowing and the energy of intense intent and viola, you project it like a lightning rod and it is very effective depending on you. The irony is that the more you immerse yourself in meditation the more you increase all fields of your personal relativity, thus the quicker you will be able to manifest in all situations. ~Ariaa Jaeger

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The Price of Ignorance


The recent racist rant of the LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling and the subsequent lifelong ban and 2.5 million dollar fine imposed has once again caused a firestorm about racism in America. It is a sad day in a repeated ad nauseum saga of ignorant folk doing what they do best, they are dumbing down a society who has longed for all humans to be seen as just that human, no matter what color the skin. In a country where our history is at best abhorrent when it comes to the treatment of those of color, most of us find it hard to stomach such ignorance almost 60 years after the civil rights movement. For those of us at a certain age, we remember the 60’s and the horrific treatment of African Americans, and then in 1992 we lived through the nightmare which was Rodney King being beaten mercilessly by the corrupt Los Angeles police. That was followed by reverse racism when white truck driver Reginald Denny was ripped from his 18 wheeler and beaten to unconsciousness during the fall out of the Rodney King trial which rapidly sparked the LA riots. We thought we turned a corner only to have racism rear its ugly head once more and in a colossal way…the O. J. Simpson trial. It did not take a Mensa member to see how obvious it was that this was an open and shut case yet once again ignorance had its way and fed the division in this country.
I secretly think the world rejoiced when Barack Obama was elected as President not necessarily because of policies or campaign promises but because it seemed to prove that America had grown up and was choosing value verses color. It had nothing to do with politics for many people but more it had to do with a historical moment in time which many never thought would arrive. It was the same when Nelson Mandela was freed from prison and elected as the President of South Africa. The world seemed to sigh in relief at the elevation of a man who such injustice had been hurled upon for more than 30 years.
Now we have the Nevada rancher who conservatives where taunting as a hero for battling the government over grazing on government lands. His fall from grace was swift and politicians everywhere abandoned him like the nuclear bomb he was when he spewed out idiotic racial comments like spitting tobacco. This rancher in his 70’s and Donald Sterling the Clippers coach in his 80’s has to make you wonder if these guys are brothers from another mother. But sadly these are the old guard, the good ole’ boys network which is now a thing of the past, or at least we all hope it is. They are falling right and left because society is finally, painfully struggling to either evolve or go backwards. With reality shows blasting the consciousness of anyone surfing to find an intelligent show and the elevation of the lowest forms of ignorance running rampant it is high time we get something right!
But we have to face the truth or the reality of racism. As in the two cases mentioned above, you cannot change some people because they simply don’t know they have done anything wrong. Both Bundy and Sterling are completely and tragically oblivious to what is acceptable and what is now socially unacceptable. They are incurable not because they are not intelligent people but simply because they do not have the soul capacity to understand the fundamental fact that all human beings no matter what race, creed or gender are equal.

What’s Eating You?

I will never grasp the concept of celebrating disease. People pat each other on the back for “surviving” cancer and taunt it like dangling a live bomb in front of those who never even considered it could become their reality. In my spiritual evolution, I was taught by some of the greatest sages of all time that to look upon anything will actually imprint it to your consciousness. Additionally I learned that “fighting” cancer, a cold, the flu or any other sickness will only cause it to stick around longer. I learned in my own death experience that to end a dis-ease you have to address the emotional cause, the reason the body has manifested it to begin with. Most of the time FEAR and HARBORING are the culprits to cancer. Cancer is an eating away of the self. Louise Hay, author of “You Can Heal Your Life” has healed herself of cancer not once but several times by addressing and healing her emotions. Other notable minds like Dr. Masuro Emoto, author of “Hidden Messages In Water” have proven the concept that your inner and outer dialogue contribute to altering your bio-chemistry which in turns lowers your vibration or electromagnetic field thus allowing disease to creep in. Spiritual teachers have known for ages that the human body is programmable by thoughts, language and words. Scientists have recently proved that you can reprogram your DNA with positive words and frequencies.
Yet more than 70% of the world’s population, most of them intelligent and educated, still cater to the notion that they are victims to their diseases AND they relish in posting pictures in social media of their treatments, their scars, their sores and all the other sorted details of their excruciating journey into learning and their souls growth. WHY? Why would they attract and create disease? Often the very attention they are now getting is precisely what they needed to begin with. Many times it is simply fear that they have allowed to eat away at them and sometimes it is just to prove to themselves that they are far more resilient than they knew before their diagnoses. Recently someone on Facebook posted about their sickness “journey” and one person actually commented, “Thank you for taking us to Chemo with you!” I often wonder why those who have been given a grave prognosis even bother to indulge in radiation and chemotherapy which ravages and rapes the body and robs the patient of quality of life and buries the family in horrific debt when all they get from it is a few more months of incapacitation they call life. In what are severely obvious terminal cases why would you waste one day in a hospital when you could be using that time to create videos for every important day your children or family will have in years to come. Why not travel while you still can and see the world, make great memories with those you love and LIVE instead of filling your body with nuclear waste and being sickened more so from it.
Now I am not trying to offend anyone or sound like a hard ass but folks you have the power to overcome ANYTHING the body can manifest and if you are really attuned to your soul, you can address what is emotionally ailing you long before it turns into an actual disease. I do have great compassion for those who would choose such a difficult path and I praise God that I overcame my own trial when I clinically died in Austria in 1993 only to return to the living with an entire new way of thinking. You can choose to stay stuck in a limited, victim mentality or you can choose to EVOLVE. Why would you want to wallow in sickness and celebrate disease unless of course it is serving you.


Floodgates of Flow


It is normal to want to be loved and admired, but as you grow spiritually, you grow more comfortable in your own skin. The goal for all spiritual beings is to dissolve the ego’s need to be fulfilled. Ego is the one absolute saboteur to all things spiritual. They are in direct conflict with one another. Those who are spiritually evolved do not need validation because once you are attuned to your inner divine nature, you are keenly aware of your own worth. Additionally, with that much power at your disposal, you become acutely aware that you must remain humble and even-keeled. Too much emotion expressed on either side of the spectrum, can trigger a dramatic avalanche. Over the years I have fried computers, shorted out telephones and murdered televisions, all from expressing extreme emotions. Whether it is happiness or frustration, energy is just that, energy. It moves like a living creature and extends from the awakened spiritual being, as a living, life force. The old adage, “To much whom is given, much is expected,” takes on a profound meaning. When you recognize the enormous responsibility which comes with living a life empowered, you open the floodgates of mastery.

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A Codex Moment

What a beautiful way to awaken this morning. I woke up to a message from one of my new clients and it started my day off with a huge dose of love. > “I just needed to let you know how grateful I am to have connected with you. You teach me and enlightened me so much In just the few sessions we’ve had. Thank you for bringing me back to the Bible. Thank you.”
In my work I emphasize that the Bible is a codex meaning that the word of God especially as written in the language of light, carries high light and high vibrational frequency. You do NOT HAVE TO BE RELIGIOUS to recognize the importance of awakening and infusing as much light within as is possible especially during these tumultuous times. When you look upon the Psalms or other scripture not only do the lower worlds vacate you but you actually quicken the light within your DNA. It is a codex, a shield and frankly has some very inspiring stories of people just like you who dealt with challenges and overcame their trials.
If you would like to know more about raising your frequency in a world of the vulgar and vitriolic, if you would like to heal your body of sickness or disease, if you would like to learn how to manage your emotions in a way that gathers life’s lessons with ease and digest life’s trials with wisdom, compassion and understanding, if you would like to learn how to bring out the highest and best in you and your life, give me a call. I live to serve God and be an instrument of his powerful gifts. Blessings to all of you and know how much I love and appreciate you Ariaa Jaeger Https://