Dudley Do Right


It was 88 degrees and he was standing on hot asphalt in the parking lot and he was wearing a Dudley Do-Right-esque hat. His body looked healthy and strong but his gate was feeble and frail. His face and his teeth gave his true age away yet his smile was as big as his determination. With his brief case in his hand, he began looking around ever so confused as if he had lost his way, head turning from side to side.
I pulled into the parking lot and ask if I could give him a ride and after a bit of confusion about the address, off we went in search of a house where he was seeking help with his computer. I ask him his name and he replied, “I’m Gene Fleming and thank you for taking so much of your time to help me.” I laughed of course and told him it was no problem that I was happy to do it and so as not to offend him or make him feel elderly, I mentioned how hot it was to be walking on asphalt. I’ve learned in my many years as an elderly advocate that there is a certain psychology which one must employ to ensure that the dignity and independence of a senior is preserved.
When we arrived at the house I told Gene I would be happy to wait for him to give him a ride back home. That is when he told me where he lived and to my astonishment he had taken a city bus then walked almost a half a mile before I found him. He was bright -eyed like a newborn eagerly anticipating his new day. He was determined not to let age prevent him from thriving. I apologized for my car having so much stuff on the seat and in the floor and made a joke about it being a girl thing, he remarked that his beloved wife who had died recently always kept her car in the same condition. Naturally, I insisted on giving him a ride home when he was finished with his business but to no avail, he continued to insist he would be fine. As I waited until the owner answered the door of the house we arrived at, I took a picture of him standing at the door…there was just something so sweet and vulnerable about this man. I struggled to pull away from the curb.
I drove home uneasy. My instinct was urgently begging me to drive back immediately and wait in front of the house but I had business to take care of so I finished it as quickly as I could and jumped back into the car within 35 minutes. I returned to the house and sat in front of the home patiently waiting, praying he was still there and feeding the neighborhood squirrels with the stash of peanuts I keep in the trunk of my car. After waiting for 30 minutes I went up to the door and rang the doorbell…no one was home.
Now I was really struck…where could they have gone so soon? It’s funny how the imagination runs amuck even though your sensible self knows all is fine.
I continued on the Office Max to pick up my order and wouldn’t you know it they were backed up so 5 minutes turned into 30 which I knew was a perfect timing thing. I just had to return to the house one more time to ensure that little fellow had made it home safely.
When I got back to that home, the garage door was opened and the dogs were barking in unison. I rang the doorbell and a lovely older woman answered with the phone glued to her ear. She waved me in and I told her who I was and that I was concerned about Gene and wondering if he had gotten home safely. She said, “Who?” and the blood drained from my face. I explained with haste, she nodded and said he had not given his name. He found them through an ad and yet her husband was kind enough to drive him the long way back to his home. As we stood there talking she told me she was a seamstress and I just had to laugh, partially from relief that Gene was fine and on his way home and because I had been looking for a good seamstress for several weeks.
Moral of the story, do all the good you can at all times, trusting your instincts. As it turned out, this lovely road, catering to an elderly man, also brought me to my destination in finding a seamstress. You never know where Spirit and your highest self are leading you but you sure do want to follow.

Numb and Numb-er

children's lessons

Little child
Dry your crying eyes
How can I explain
The fear you feel inside
‘Cause you were born
Into this evil world
Where man is killing man
And no one knows just why

What have we become
Just look what we have done
All that we destroyed
You must build again

When the children cry
Let them know we tried
‘Cause when the children sing
Then the new world begins ~ “When The Children Cry” originally recorded by White Lion
The overstimulation and desensitization of American society has reached an all-time high.
Of course there are still many who are appalled at the racist actions of police departments and antiquated citizens which take place every day in America and there are many who work ardently to cause the cessation of racism, hate speech, mental illness, animal abuse and the like. But the fact is we are becoming hardened as a society which over time actually alters the genetic pool.
Dopamine is the feel good chemical released in the brain and when it is too high for too long, nerve cells lose their sensitivity. Conversely, lower dopamine levels generate an internal hungering for dopamine-raising activities and stimulants. Studies reveal that this is one of the many reasons the internet, social media and pornography are so addictive. With the onslaught of news and other media, the constant videos of hate mongers, killing, animal abuse and child abuse, society as a whole is becoming desensitized. The constant exposure to all the above generates sensory overload and takes a toll on brain connectors.
So what are the solutions and how does one person alter this dim terrain of the numbing of America? It is simple, practice compassion and do least one selfless deed a day for a stranger. Compassion is the antidote to a hardened heart. Walk in the shoes of another and I mean really place yourself in their shoes. Imagine what you would do if you were living the life of those you read about and see on the news every day. Compassion and acts of kindness alter brain chemistry and it has been asserted that humans can be trained to be compassionate.
Quoting from a University of Wisconsin article, “A new study by researchers at the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at the Waisman Center of the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that adults can be trained to be more compassionate. The report, recently published online in the journal Psychological Science, is the first to investigate whether training adults in compassion can result in greater altruistic behavior and related changes in neural systems underlying compassion.” ”The researchers measured how much brain activity had changed from the beginning to the end of the training, and found that the people who were the most altruistic after compassion training were the ones who showed the most brain changes when viewing human suffering. They found that activity was increased in the inferior parietal cortex, a region involved in empathy and understanding others. Compassion training also increased activity in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the extent to which it communicated with the nucleus accumbens, brain regions involved in emotion regulation and positive emotions.” “Compassion, like physical and academic skills, appears to be something that is not fixed, but rather can be enhanced with training and practice. “The fact that alterations in brain function were observed after just a total of seven hours of training is remarkable,” explains UW-Madison psychology and psychiatry professor Richard J. Davidson, founder and chair of the Center  for Investigating Healthy Minds and senior author of the article.

moral by R. Gervese
Additionally, the practice of meditation and the practice of extending oneself beyond the normal parameters of giving, aid in developing a compassionate heart. Anytime you factor intention into an equation, energetically, the results will be magnified based on the amount of energy infused in the original intention. Going out of your way to help others triggers the same feel good chemicals in the brain that addicts enjoy and in doing so you alter the brain chemistry permanently. There has never been a better time to elevate your actions while altering the human brain terrain.
If you want some new ideas on how to help others in extraordinary ways or would like to learn to meditate get in touch with me, it has been my passion for more than 25 years. ~Ariaa Jaeger, Ariaa.com

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Lingering Too Long

Are you one of those folks who belabors the story and never gets to the point? Do you rehash and regurgitate your heartaches, your sickness’s, your hardship story ad nauseum to everyone who will listen? Do you like to wallow and linger in the drama of it all? Well good luck with that. The more you linger in anything woeful or challenging the more you set your bio-chemistry for the future. The more you engage the drama the more you imprint the event in your consciousness and in your body thus creating a “locked” image which in time will continue to create the same behavior and will set up patterns which repeat themselves. Processing any trauma or drama is essential for healing and growth, however one must be diligent to recognize when enough is enough. Embrace the challenge and derive whatever lessons you can from it, then let it go and move forward. The more expeditiously you move through any emotional upheaval the greater you grow, the higher you raise your frequency and the less vulnerable you become to sickness and disease. ~ Ariaa JaegerAriaaisms Spiritual Food for the Soul – Ariaa.com (if you want to know more about how to process with perfection, get in touch with me, I have been guiding people to perfect health and well being for more than 21 years.) AriaaJaegerLingering

A Walk In Between

I had two very different clients recently. Cellular memory was foreign to both yet one was joyfully open minded while the other was medicated and shut down to any notion that her current life was being impacted by cellular memory, past life imprinting. Many times people seek the obvious instead of delving deeper to the cellular level or imprints where every action and emotion has been stored from every lifetime. I once did not understand or even acknowledge reincarnation…then I died and in that death I was shown in a way which could not be refuted, the totality of my soul’s experiences. Not only did everything suddenly make sense but I learned that many of the places I love today, I had lived in before. I learned that many of the aches “accidents” and pains people experience today are simply being compounded from a previous injury. I learned that many of the people you have difficulties with today are simply karma returning to you and many of the racial/cultural issues of today are born from another time. I learned that those with piercings who are heavily tattooed are remembering their tribal lifetimes on some level. I learned that not only do you have physical cellular imprints but you also have emotional imprints. When you are born today, you re-imprint the body with the most traumatic of these. Years ago Oprah did a show with a noted Psychiatrist who had a young lady client who had at the age of 3 told her mom that she was the mothers father. But her father had died 5 years before this child was ever born. He had been shot in a drive by shooting. The 3 year old continued to insist that she was her mothers father. Dr. Weiss not only validated this fact but the little girl was born with a birthmark on the front and the back of her neck….an entry and exit would from the bullet that killed him 5 years earlier. The mysteries of God’s kingdom are so much greater than most will ever comprehend and there is so much more to you than you know. ~ Explore and discover the roads your soul has traveled. If you want to know how, get in touch with me Ariaa Jaeger Ariaa.com


Energetic Wings

Prayer is the great communicator, it is the definitive way to propel the thoughts from your purest self into a universe where angels and energy await to assist them in accomplishing. Pour yourself into praying for the events in the world which you see on the news everyday. Pour yourself into praying for strangers and those in need whom you will never meet. Pray for all world leaders and those who set policy. Pray for those you loathe and those who do nothing but add hate and darkness to this beautiful world. Pray for those on the side of the road begging for a buck. Pray for all the animals and the ignorant men and women who so cavalierly slay them. Pray for those who are hungry, homeless, mean, ignorant or who are sick and dying. Pray just pray and pray incessantly. The days are growing darker and your prayers are the candle which lights the way for others trying to navigate the shadows.

“Prayer is your direct line to the invisible to create the visible.”

Pray whenever you’re in need and find within that hour,
The awe- inspiring manifold that comes from prayer power.

Pray for those you’ll never meet, search for souls to raise
Pray for anything you want then seal it with your praise.
Pray for others every day, your soul is covered too
For everything you wish for them, comes right back to you.

Pray for all world leaders and those who won’t make peace
Pray for those you’re fond of and those called enemies.
Pray for all the elderly and those who are alone
Prayer is communiqué into the worlds unknown.

Pray when you have heartaches, for the “Comforter” appears
Pray when you need someone and God will dry your tears.
Pray when you are hungry and manna fills you full
Pray when you need nothing…an unknown golden rule.

Pray with great intensity and answers will come forth
Pray with little effort and that is all it’s worth.
Pray for all the animals who wander in the road
Pray that they’re protected and our God will make it so.

Pray for all the angels for they need prayers too
Lift your voice and thank them for always helping you.
Pray for God to lead you and guide you through your day
Pray for God to send you someone wise to light the way.

Please pray softly, pray aloud, make time to let God know
Pray with others or alone, for what you reap, you sow.
Pray for what is visible and what you cannot see,
I am praying for you right now, I hope you’ll pray for me.

Today may you experience the ultimate communion that comes from praying.

Ariaa Jaeger, Ariaaisms Spiritual Food for the Soul, Ariaa.com – Amazon.com

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