All Creatures Great and Small


“Animals contribute to the light mass of earth and should be considered as valuable as any human being.”

Animals are just furry people. I penned the following as a protest to those who just don’t understand the animal world. I know it sounds very harsh but if we as human beings would be more passionate about protecting nature, if we would take more responsibility in caring for all creatures’ great and small, the earth would be more balanced. When it comes to animals, just as I do with people, I try to metaphorically walk in their shoes. If I was a dog, would I like eating the same hard, tasteless food every single day of my life? If I was a cat, would I want my nails ripped out or my testicles cut off or would I want to eat right next to my litter box? If I was a horse, would I want to be left out in a field of snow all winter long with no shelter to protect me from the elements?

I wish more people would try to perceive what an animal feels when they suddenly give it up for adoption because it no longer fits into their life. So many who move to a new state or apartment do just that and I am always saddened to see how traumatized these pets are, who have been so readily cast aside after years of being loyal and loving to their owners. I am horrified when I see someone leave their pet behind where there is a fire looming nearby, instead of taking that baby with them when they evacuate. I am shocked when I see the ignorance of man as their ride their large dogs in an open bed truck at speeds exceeding 50 MPH knowing if anything goes wrong, they are literally making their dog a living projectile! I wrote the following knowing some might be offended and I actually hope it does cause such a rumbling in the stomachs of those who do not think, that they change the way they perceive their pets and all wildlife. Every creature is a gift from God. 

You were entrusted with a life but carelessly left the door open and ensured a painful death for your cat as foxes and coyotes ripped it apart.

You were entrusted with a life but you used shock therapy to stiffen the barks of a creature that is designed to bark.

You were entrusted with a life but you left chocolate and Christmas ribbon which is toxic to dogs laying around.

You were entrusted with a life but you rode your dog in the back of your pickup never realizing he would become a living torpedo when you had that fender bender.

You were entrusted with a life but you ripped the finger nails out of your cat because it suited your needs but left that baby traumatized and defenseless if your cat ever had to get away from a predator.

You were entrusted with a life but you feed your cat right next to his toilet, the litter box.

You were entrusted with a life but you left your dog out in the bitter cold with one thin blanket in a drafty shack you call a doghouse.

You were entrusted with a life but you locked your dog in a kennel for long periods of time because you were uninspired to train it.

You were entrusted with a life but you spanked your dog when he had to pee and had no way to get out on his own, as if he was supposed to hold it.

You were entrusted with a life but you left your kids and grandchildren pull its tail and ride on his back.

You were entrusted with a life but you gave your furry baby away when it became inconvenient for you to keep it or when you had to move and didn’t make allowances to take your baby with you.

You were entrusted with a life yet you didn’t secure the gate when high winds came through and a car found your dog before you could.

You were entrusted with a life….. Do not get a pet if you cannot be responsible enough to ensure its needs are met, that it has food, fresh water, a warm bed, a safe environment and a loving home for the duration of its life.

Ariaa Jaeger ~ Excerpt from the book  “Ariaaisms~Spiritual Food for the Soul”

copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved