Dudley Do Right


It was 88 degrees and he was standing on hot asphalt in the parking lot and he was wearing a Dudley Do-Right-esque hat. His body looked healthy and strong but his gate was feeble and frail. His face and his teeth gave his true age away yet his smile was as big as his determination. With his brief case in his hand, he began looking around ever so confused as if he had lost his way, head turning from side to side.
I pulled into the parking lot and ask if I could give him a ride and after a bit of confusion about the address, off we went in search of a house where he was seeking help with his computer. I ask him his name and he replied, “I’m Gene Fleming and thank you for taking so much of your time to help me.” I laughed of course and told him it was no problem that I was happy to do it and so as not to offend him or make him feel elderly, I mentioned how hot it was to be walking on asphalt. I’ve learned in my many years as an elderly advocate that there is a certain psychology which one must employ to ensure that the dignity and independence of a senior is preserved.
When we arrived at the house I told Gene I would be happy to wait for him to give him a ride back home. That is when he told me where he lived and to my astonishment he had taken a city bus then walked almost a half a mile before I found him. He was bright -eyed like a newborn eagerly anticipating his new day. He was determined not to let age prevent him from thriving. I apologized for my car having so much stuff on the seat and in the floor and made a joke about it being a girl thing, he remarked that his beloved wife who had died recently always kept her car in the same condition. Naturally, I insisted on giving him a ride home when he was finished with his business but to no avail, he continued to insist he would be fine. As I waited until the owner answered the door of the house we arrived at, I took a picture of him standing at the door…there was just something so sweet and vulnerable about this man. I struggled to pull away from the curb.
I drove home uneasy. My instinct was urgently begging me to drive back immediately and wait in front of the house but I had business to take care of so I finished it as quickly as I could and jumped back into the car within 35 minutes. I returned to the house and sat in front of the home patiently waiting, praying he was still there and feeding the neighborhood squirrels with the stash of peanuts I keep in the trunk of my car. After waiting for 30 minutes I went up to the door and rang the doorbell…no one was home.
Now I was really struck…where could they have gone so soon? It’s funny how the imagination runs amuck even though your sensible self knows all is fine.
I continued on the Office Max to pick up my order and wouldn’t you know it they were backed up so 5 minutes turned into 30 which I knew was a perfect timing thing. I just had to return to the house one more time to ensure that little fellow had made it home safely.
When I got back to that home, the garage door was opened and the dogs were barking in unison. I rang the doorbell and a lovely older woman answered with the phone glued to her ear. She waved me in and I told her who I was and that I was concerned about Gene and wondering if he had gotten home safely. She said, “Who?” and the blood drained from my face. I explained with haste, she nodded and said he had not given his name. He found them through an ad and yet her husband was kind enough to drive him the long way back to his home. As we stood there talking she told me she was a seamstress and I just had to laugh, partially from relief that Gene was fine and on his way home and because I had been looking for a good seamstress for several weeks.
Moral of the story, do all the good you can at all times, trusting your instincts. As it turned out, this lovely road, catering to an elderly man, also brought me to my destination in finding a seamstress. You never know where Spirit and your highest self are leading you but you sure do want to follow.

No Mans Island

You are not an island, you are not alone. So many of you who are spiritually awake are undergoing enormous challenges both physically and emotionally. The emotional weeds which rooted in your fiber long ago are being uprooted and ripped right from the core of your being and everything is a mirror to those aspects of ego right now. If you have abandonment issues you are probably watching people walk out of your life right now. If you have issues of lack, you are probably finding yourself in deep debt or without money. If you have commitment issues, you probably have erratic, unreliable people in your world. If you have ego issues, arrogance or insecurity, you are probably drawing self centered, self absorbed or melodramatic people in your world. If your values are misplaced you are drawing shallow, superficial people who have little to no values, If you have extremes in any area of your life such as judgment on others or self, you are currently being judged by those you care about. Whatever is unlike LOVE is rising in you and purging itself by showing up in every area of your life. The key is in addressing what needs “a ‘fixin” in you. Those who can be brutally honest with themselves will be the victors and will reach a new level of awareness which increases blessings and spiritual gifts in your life. Those who face themselves head on and embrace their shadows, those who really seek to understand the why’s of their negative behaviors will evolve. The 1st bi-law of the universe is “Do no harm” When you are walking the planet projecting your dysfunction on others, you are doing harm. You are leaving a trail of damage in the hearts of others. “Physician, heal thyself” All the answers lie within, ask, knock, seek the wisdom of your soul, seek to understand why you would be anything less than loving, kind, compassionate, fearless, prosperous, emotionally healthy, content and happy. It is a choice~Ariaa Jaeger ~ Ariaaisms ~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ©2013 Http://Ariaa.com All Rights Reserved may not be reproduced without the express written permission of the authorImage

Alone Doesn’t Have to be Lonely

How many of you are alone? Alone does not have to mean lonely. There are 99.6 million people over 18 who are single in America, 44% of the population. For every 100 unmarried woman there are 88 unmarried men and many come with scares too deep to couple in a healthy relationship. Most of us would prefer our own company to the company of the wrong person. Many of us don’t have family or what family we have we prefer not to intertwine with. Many of us have lost our loved ones /mates to death and some have simply never found the person they want to share their life with. Whatever the case it is clear many are spending more and more time alone. Social media is the new lonely hearts club and has given many a way to create a new kind of family. But the real key is be comfortable in your own skin and to take this “alone time” to a new level of going deeper within. You have an opportunity to embrace new challenges, try new experiences, learn new skills or just learn about yourself. You can spiritually evolve through meditation and heal what needs to be healed in those moments when alone becomes lonely. Instead of pining over what might have been or having a pity party, why not embrace how wonderful it is to have the freedom to explore yourself and discover what makes you tick, celebrate the down time and nap giving the angels a chance to work on you. Discover what makes you laugh, find what makes you wiser, what makes you feel good about yourself. Read, travel, journal, cook, dance, take a class or two, volunteer your time, help someone in need, exercise, meditate, spend time in nature, study the leaves or the animals or just sit on the porch and watch the sunset. “There is power in silence and silence is power” ~ Today take a look at how you are perceiving being alone and realize what a gift it is especially when you recognize that you now have the angels and Spirit as a captive audience. ~Ariaa Jaeger~ Ariaaisms ~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ Copyright ©2018 All Rights Reserved ~Ariaa.com