No Mans Island

You are not an island, you are not alone. So many of you who are spiritually awake are undergoing enormous challenges both physically and emotionally. The emotional weeds which rooted in your fiber long ago are being uprooted and ripped right from the core of your being and everything is a mirror to those aspects of ego right now. If you have abandonment issues you are probably watching people walk out of your life right now. If you have issues of lack, you are probably finding yourself in deep debt or without money. If you have commitment issues, you probably have erratic, unreliable people in your world. If you have ego issues, arrogance or insecurity, you are probably drawing self centered, self absorbed or melodramatic people in your world. If your values are misplaced you are drawing shallow, superficial people who have little to no values, If you have extremes in any area of your life such as judgment on others or self, you are currently being judged by those you care about. Whatever is unlike LOVE is rising in you and purging itself by showing up in every area of your life. The key is in addressing what needs “a ‘fixin” in you. Those who can be brutally honest with themselves will be the victors and will reach a new level of awareness which increases blessings and spiritual gifts in your life. Those who face themselves head on and embrace their shadows, those who really seek to understand the why’s of their negative behaviors will evolve. The 1st bi-law of the universe is “Do no harm” When you are walking the planet projecting your dysfunction on others, you are doing harm. You are leaving a trail of damage in the hearts of others. “Physician, heal thyself” All the answers lie within, ask, knock, seek the wisdom of your soul, seek to understand why you would be anything less than loving, kind, compassionate, fearless, prosperous, emotionally healthy, content and happy. It is a choice~Ariaa Jaeger ~ Ariaaisms ~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ©2013 Http:// All Rights Reserved may not be reproduced without the express written permission of the authorImage