The Shadow in the Mirror



Self-awareness is synonymous with being spiritually awake. It is the combination of conscientiousness and consciousness. Those who are self-aware take personal responsibility for who they are, what they do and what they offer to the world. They see themselves without filters thus are able to fix what needs fixing. They are constantly monitoring themselves to find a better way to everything from improving personal habits, polishing their skills and growing their gifts to improving the lives of others and the world. It is often said that to become spiritually evolved one must first become selfish in order to become selfless and it is true to a degree. The mirror must first be turned upon yourself to ferret out the flaws, heal the damage, repair the broken parts and to become the best version of you possible. Once you reach that platitude, selfless becomes easy. While you are still in the equation for the most part your mind is consumed with loving and helping others. Focusing on adding to life verses taking from it, being aware of the shadow you cast on others and the world, produces inner peace and a state of constant euphoria which has been scientifically proven. You trigger the “happy chemicals” in your body such as Dopamine, which is the good feeling you get when you approach a reward; Serotonin, which is the good feeling of getting respect; Oxytocin, which is the feeling of trust; and Endorphin, which is the euphoria that masks physical pain. Becoming self-aware is a noble goal worth pursuing. ~Ariaa Jaeger

Ariaa Jaeger is a Spiritual Life Strategist, Global Thought Leader,  Intuitive counselor and Best-Selling Author. If you would like to make an appointment with Ariaa or wish to set up a free consultation or reading, visit her website,

Syncing Society

Truth is a slippery slope and is becoming more of a novelty in America of late. By some studies 99% of the human population lies at some time or another and about 75% lie regularly. Studies have shown that lying is now at epidemic proportions, in fact it has become so main stream that most don’t blink an eye when face to face with a liar.

An excerpt from Psychology Today conveys it quite succinctly:
“In a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, DePaulo and Deborah A. Kashy, Ph.D., of Texas A&M University, report that frequent liars tend to be manipulative and Machiavellian, not to mention overly concerned with the impression they make on others. The work by Bella DePaulo, Ph.D., a psychologist at the University of Virginia, confirms Nietzsche’s assertion that the lie is a condition of life. In a 1996 study, DePaulo and her colleagues had 147 people between the ages of 18 and 71 keep a diary of all the falsehoods they told over the course of a week. Most people, she found, lie once or twice a day—almost as often as they snack from the refrigerator or brush their teeth. Both men and women lie in approximately a fifth of their social exchanges lasting 10 or more minutes; over the course of a week they deceive about 30 percent of those with whom they interact one-on-one. Furthermore, some types of relationships, such as those between parents and teens, are virtual magnets for deception: “College students lie to their mothers in one out of two conversations,” reports DePaulo. (Incidentally, when researchers refer to lying, they don’t include the mindless pleasantries or polite equivocations we offer each other in passing, such as “I’m fine, thanks” or “No trouble at all.” An “official” lie actually misleads, deliberately conveying a false impression. So complimenting a friend’s awful haircut or telling a creditor that the check is in the mail both qualify.)” Saxe points out that most of us receive conflicting messages about lying. Although we’re socialized from the time we can speak to believe that it’s always better to tell the truth, in reality society often encourages and even rewards deception. Show up late for an early morning meeting at work and its best not to admit that you overslept. “You’re punished far more than you would be if you lie and say you were stuck in traffic,” Saxe notes. Moreover, lying is integral to many occupations. Think how often we see lawyers constructing far-fetched theories on behalf of their clients or reporters misrepresenting themselves in order to gain access to good stories.”
While the majority does engage in truth-less-ness there are rare handfuls who are truthful often to the point of bluntness and many times ridiculed for their blatant honesty. Those who take the high road of truthfulness are often relegated and limited in the volume of friendships they enjoy. As odd as it may seem, many people do NOT want the truth, they want a dumbed down version of the truth.
Take the current political season with the rhetoric and hateful spew of the leading GOP candidate who speaks in soundbites and with such vitriol that his lies are often masked by the onslaught of verbiage, hurled like vomit splattering on glass at anyone who opposes or questions him. Professional liars are cunning and able to cut with such a sharp knife that the lies become a moot point because most prefer to just run away or turn off the television rather than ferreting out the truth of what was said.
Society has come to accept the antics of brawling, manipulative, venom spewing, ornery housewives, the hate and fear mongering of talking heads and the shallow, superficial ramblings of fame hungry bimbos and rednecks. Television is filled with the genetically challenged, those using negative ways to get attention and emotionally starved and scarred people, who will do anything including lie to fill their vacuous lives.
What happened to us? When did we become Sodom and Gomorrah? When did class, dignity and self-respect dissolve into this cesspool of the disgusting and despicable? Where are the brilliant minds and beautiful hearts that bring the balance to a society in desperate need of resurrection? Are we destined to repeat the past or will the voice of common sense and higher consciousness raise the light and frequency to such a profound degree that it mutes the darkness and eliminates the soul-less? We can only hope so but more we can stop contributing to those who perpetuate the hate, those who feed the ugly and those who refuse to grow and change for the better…and there are millions of them feeding off of the energy of  liars and angry men.

Run reader run, away from the deceptive, run away from the vial, away from the drama and especially from those who create it. It is not yours to fix the lot but it is your responsibility to open the doors of higher ways and higher solutions to those willing to walk through them. You cannot change anyone, they have to want to change, they have to be willing to grow and you have to be willing to walk away from those who won’t.Don’t be fooled by soundbites; don’t feed the hate machine or you risk losing yourself in the quicksand of ignorance.
Inspire others, love and pray for each other, lift others, keep your heart attuned to kindness and to honesty for that is still the way of the peaceful warrior and today more than ever we need more peaceful warriors. ~Ariaa Jaeger

Ariaa Jaeger is a Spiritual Life Strategist, Intuitive counselor and Best-Selling Author. If you would like to make an appointment with Ariaa or wish to set up a free consultation or reading, visit her website,

On Love


Love is a gift not an entitlement. Do you take for granted the love you receive from others? Do you do for them as much as they do for you or do you make excuses why you aren’t as giving? Remember that love is a gift and those who fail to cherish its magnificent magnitude often find themselves without love. Love is timeless….in other words it takes seconds to make a phone call, to write a note, to lend a helping hand or just to let someone know you are thinking of them…it takes NO time at all to love. Of all the human range of emotions, love is the easiest to extend, it is your composition, it is your core so it is natural to love. Anything less is unnatural to the soul. Even the smallest creatures are able to love effortlessly. Love is also the easiest virtue to master and only those with hearts of stone fail to navigate the illuminated journey to loves door. The road is always alive with color and light, the entire universe vibrates to love, even the heart is created to beat to loves perfect rhythms. There are scientific studies which demonstrate that those who love with abandon, those to make a consorted effort to ‪#‎LoveOutloud‬ live longer and are healthier than those who withhold or regulate the love they give. Today, tomorrow and always, just love. My love is always with you. ~Ariaa Jaeger

Ariaa Jaeger is a Spiritual Life Strategist, Intuitive counselor and Best-Selling Author. If you would like to make an appointment with Ariaa or wish to set up a free consultation or reading, visit her website,

Whatever You Investigate You Attract


With so much technology at your fingers it is easy to google anything. That being said America is becoming a nation of hypochondriacs and neurotics. So many of you live to post your tests, your results and your diseases in social media never realizing you are feeding people’s fears. STOP IT. If you crave attention that much your issues are not physical, they are emotional and it would be wise to get counseling. Whatever you investigate you not only invite into your consciousness where it begins to fester and embed but you actually attract it to you and you infect others with your weakness and fear. If you think you have something and you think about it long enough, you will get it. This applies to pets and people. Begin looking upon and investigating what you dream of having and what you wish to create instead of what you fear. Think about contributing something helpful and inspiring instead; add to life, don’t fill the world with ignorance and nothingness. Heal your fears, ignore those small aches and pains which come with age and gravity. Use common sense, if it persists then seek some help. But by all means stop investigating things you don’t want. Knowledge is power but fret, fear and worry are dangerous to your well-being. I would far prefer you post your successes, your contributions to life, people and animals and your joys. Let’s celebrate that instead. ~Ariaa Jaeger

Ariaa Jaeger is a Spiritual Life Strategist, Intuitive counselor and Best-Selling Author. If you would like to make an appointment with Ariaa or wish to set up a free consultation or reading, visit her website,

The Man Who Fell to Earth and Me

You entered my life so unexpectedly and at a time I was too young to appreciate your music or your profound mind. When we met I was not particularly impressed but I had never been a girl who was star struck. After all, Tom Berenger, Mimi Rodgers, Ava Gabor and Fernando Lamas were all running around on the set and with John Landis directing it appeared to be just another week in an already interesting life.
It was not until you opened your heart while opening your mouth to sing with all of us on the set that I truly saw through you. I will never forget the onslaught of “Row row row your boat” as you led all the actors and extras in a rousing round of repetitious notes, each one sung with more zeal than the last. The louder you got the more frustrated our director John grew. He tried to be annoyed but loved how we all chimed in and by the end of the techs lighting the set we were awash in laughter.
I remember being in the wardrobe room with you as you were changing clothes and how engaging you were even half naked. For a young lady from the south, I turned 50 shades of red to your mischievous amusement. Once dressed, I remember all the posing you did as I snapped your picture with a Polaroid Instamatic,  pictures I still hold dear today, 25 years later.
But it wasn’t until years later that you reappeared in my life when you added me to one of your social media sites. I remember thinking that there was no way you remembered me, but you did to my amazement…a man who had millions of fans, who had traveled around the world a thousand times and yet you remembered me. I was giddy when you first sent me a message, it was so respectful and kind not the usual type of salacious message many of us get in social media, so eloquent and supportive. I was over the moon that day in January when you surprised me by posting a You Tube video of “HBO’s Dream On” and to my overwhelming surprise I saw myself for the first time in 20 years standing there with you in several scenes. For all those years I just thought I was on the editing floor and was astonished to see us together on film. You were so taken by my giggle and joy even writing, “Your enthusiasm and joy is a contagion for which there can be no cure!!” I floated for the remainder of the week thrilled to have this piece of history at my disposal. I remember how you encouraged me to record one of your favorite songs, “This Is Not America” (video) > and how much you loved it and the video…I was moved and humbled to my knees.
I was so taken back by your gentle way. I gleefully copied and pasted every communication we shared over the next several years into a word document, knowing this time had to be different, that I would in no way ever take you for granted again. I knew our time was limited and I had a gut feeling it would be brief so I milked every moment of laughter and love you sent my way, always respecting the fact you were a husband to a beautiful wife and never crossing any lines, one of many reasons I felt you continued engaging with me. We had history yet I had never been one of your groupies, you once said it was so refreshing to meet someone who had such self-respect and class, to which I actually remember blushing. You were such a perfect gentleman.
I wrestled with trying to understand why in the 18 months you had liver cancer, why you did not get in touch and allow me to help you. You knew of my spiritual gifts and you knew there was a chance I could help you. I wondered why you didn’t at least get in touch with me to say goodbye. Then it hit me. You couldn’t because you were determined to die the way you had lived, on your terms and you simply could not take a chance on anyone finding out other than your family. I also came to the obvious conclusion that you had made your peace with death; after all you had suffered as many 6 heart attacks over the past 10 years. I could see it in the video “Where Are We Now” your eyes revealed complacency and you were not even sick then. I knew when I saw that video your days were numbered then my dreams began telling me even more. I remember waking up in August almost 18 months ago, around the same time of your diagnosis, and my lips voiced; “David!” before I even opened my eyes. I knew yet didn’t. I prayed for you then as I do now.
I poured through all of our conversations and interactions on the day you left the earth, only to crumble in a pile of melting sighs and melodic tears. You touched me, you moved me, your music elevated my imagination but more, you added to my life in ways so unique that I am but in awe of the gifts you possessed. The gift of being a storyteller, an artist and a musical scholar so obvious to anyone who knew or heard you, but more, you held a rare gift many may not be so aware of; the art of decency and genuine caring for souls who could never add more than a moment, a giggle, a song or a poem to your book of life. I wish I could say I was special but the truth is, you made everyone you met feel special as though they were a lifelong friend. I am grateful to have encountered the man, not the musician, the man who came to earth and left a mark in the hearts of ordinary souls with extraordinary hearts. I am delighted you are soaring and seeing all the wonders you only were able to have a brief glimpse of while on earth. You have arrived Major Tom.162966_1755770097778_47789_nAriaa Jaeger is a Spiritual Life Strategist, Intuitive counselor and Best-Selling Author. If you would like to make an appointment with Ariaa or wish to set up a free consultation or reading, visit her website,