Thanksgiving 2013 – 14 Things to be Thankful For #7-14

Whether you are a touchy-feely person or more reserved, the ability to hug animals, babies and human beings is one of the greatest and most undervalued gifts we have. Hugging is bliss when your arms are fully engaged and wholly wrapped around someone you love or even wrapped around a total stranger. I live to love and live to hug because a hug can say what words cannot. It speaks volumes to your affection, your openness and to the kind of person you are, one full of love and caring. Your arms were divinely designed to hold and hug and what life would be like if we did not possess this amazing faculty. Join me in proclaiming “I am thankful for my arms which hold, hug and express my love for all!” #Thanksgiving#in#arms#hugging#holding#embracing#14thingstobethankfulfor #7

Whether you are rich or live modestly chances are you have food on your table and in your tummy everyday. World hunger has reached epic proportions and many take for granted that in our towns, cities and homes food is readily available. Food nourishes the body which stimulates the mind and for many of us dining with friends, family and those we love is a beautiful blessed event. Today I urge you to remember with every bite you take that you are living a dream millions will rarely know. Join me in proclaiming, “I am thankful for an abundance of food which nourishes my body, stimulates my mind and feeds my spirit.” #Thanksgiving#in#food#hunger#14ThingstobeThankfulFor #8

Whether you are rich or live modestly chances are you are not running around naked and have plenty of clothes to blanket your body. We often forget that in many parts of the world many do not have sufficient clothing to protect them from the elements. Many live without shoes on their feet, many live with simply a cloth draped around them which has to suffice. In our society it does not matter if you have a sense of style or not, it does not matter if you are a classic dresser or enjoy more funky styles, the fact is you get to make a choice everyday in how you are adorned. Today I urge you to remember how blessed you are to have a choice, to be able to express yourself through the clothes you wear. Join me in proclaiming, “I am thankful for the clothes on my back!” Ariaa Jaeger#Thanksgiving#in#clothes#shoes#14ThingstobeThankfulFor #9

Whether you have a futon, memory foam, a waterbed or a standard bed the fact is that you are snuggled warm and cozy every night in yours. Human beings sleep an average of 1/3 of their life. Sleep is restoration, renewal and rebirths your mind, body and spirit every single day. We often forget how many have never known the comfort of a warm bed and how many in the world are homeless or living in poverty. The story of Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher introduced the world to a man who had never owned a bed in the Academy Award winning movie, “Blind Side” Conversely, you don’t know what you have until you no longer have it and many human beings will thankfully never have to know what it is like to sleep in a cardboard box, on the streets or in their car. Today as you awaken and tonight as you close your eyes to sleep, meld into the covers of your warm cocoon and count your blessings. Join me in proclaiming, “I am thankful for a warm bed to sleep and dream in!” Ariaa Jaeger #‎Thanksgiving #14ThingsToBeThankfulFor  #10 #‎in #‎bed

Whether you love rabbits, turtles, cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, ferrets or horses chances are you have had a pet at some point in your life. Animals are the heart of humankind and we derive so much from their unconditional love and affection. Many of us extend our love beyond domestic animals and feed it to all the creatures of the earth like the dolphins, whales, squirrels, chipmunks, cows, sheep, goats, elephants, lamas, foxes, coyotes and many more. 84 million Americans own pets and 70% of those are dog owners 29% own cats. It is a medical statistic that those who have pets live longer and are happier than those without them. Animals are furry people and they enrich and teach us with their unique shamanic messages and spiritual overtures. Today I encourage you to snuggle up to a warm fuzzy creature and stare into the eyes of what real love is. Join me in proclaiming, “I am thankful for my pets and all the creatures of the earth!” Ariaa Jaeger#14ThingstobeThankfulFor #11 #Thanksgiving#Pets#Animals#in#creatures

Whether you have traveled the globe relishing the bounty and beauty of other cultures and countries or you have remained in your hometown, the earth is a magical wonderland. This is the only planet where all the essential fruits of life are laid at your feet. This is the only planet where everything is tangible and tactile, where you can eat, hug, kiss, dance, wander through forests of emerald green or swim in oceans of blue. I did not realize how alive, vibrant and energized everything on earth was until I experienced a clinical death in the Alps many years ago. I can personally share that in death did I discover the effervescence of this planet. The greens were suddenly greener, the blues beyond electric and the sounds of laughter and the delectable, delicious fruits of the earth were mesmerizing and took on a life of their own. Instantly a hug became an event, a kiss triggered passion to the depths of my being; the aroma of flowers sent me to high places and the ability to fold my hands in prayer and lift my eyes to the skies humbled me to my knees. Today I hope you cherish and drink in the incredible wonders of this earth and it is my hope you travel and see as much of it as you can. Join me in proclaiming, “I am thankful for the Earth, all the fruits she bears and all the gifts she shares!” Ariaa Jaeger#Thanksgiving#14ThingsToBeThankfulFor #12 #in#motherearth#earth

Whether you are a student of science, a student of spirituality or both, humankind and animal kind are the benefactors of the four elements. Earth, Water, Fire and Wind are the life-force of heaven and earth and are gifts to all forms of creation. Every microorganism in the universe thrives because of these. The earth is a living, breathing sphere supported by fire, wind and water and continues to evolve through their individual and collective roles. Fire feeds, fuels, destroys and rebuilds terrains. Water cleanses, nourishes, irrigates, covers and forms new worlds. Wind carves, cleanses, populates, fertilizes, purifies and generates energy. One without the others would create imbalance in all eco-systems which would have perilous effects. We often take for granted the necessitation of each element and many times complain with every windstorm, with every forest fire and with every flood. Yet Earth has survived for almost 5 billion years and has continued to evolve, change, transmute, transform and sustain life. Today count your blessings as the wind longs to dance through your hair, as you drink from the waters which cleanse you and as you intermingle with the fire in your fireplace. Join me in proclaiming, “I am thankful for Earth, Water, Wind and Fire!” #14ThingsToBeThankfulFor #13 #FourElements #EarthWindWaterFire

Whether you are spiritual, religious, agnostic or atheist or believe in something far less, chances are you have uttered a prayer at least once in your life. Chances are you have looked to the sky or within your own heart for higher solutions at one time or another. You do not have to be religious to love literature; you DO NOT have to be religious to recognize the works of historical figures like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Krishna, Gandhi, Yogananda, Babaji, Sai Baba, Mother Teresa, Elizabeth, Mary and many more who have led by example. The very breath of life is comprised of pure light and is a more refined and concentrated LOVE than you have upon earth. The kind of love I speak of is beyond definition, it is an energy of such power that it creates lifeforms and fills every microcosmic form in the universe. This love knows not judgement or color, nor fear or hate, the LOVE I speak of is beyond explanation, beyond human thoughts and words. Today may you look within and discover that you are the divine composition of this power. You have all the power within you to create the world around you. Love when wielded with a pure heart transforms life and transcends worlds. Join me in proclaiming, “I am thankful for the LIGHT, for FAITH, for HOPE and for LOVE!” Ariaa Jaeger #Thanksgiving #14ThingsToBeThankfulFor#14 #LOVE #FAITH #HOPE #LIGHT #IN

Thanksgiving 2013 Fourteen Things to Be thankful For #7-14

“10 Things People Will NOT Tell You About Social Media”

“10 Things People Will Not Tell You About Social Media.”

Ariaa Jaeger

Social media is now as much of a fixture in our lives as electricity and the Kardashians. Over the past 5 years the surge in new social media sites and the need to participate in the majority of them has become as popular as baseball. While the benefits of social media are many, there are many down sides to being a part of the community at large, but most will shy away from mentioning it for fear of being black-listed.

While my own personal experience has been both a blessing and a curse, like many I continue to navigate the waters of sites which are constantly compromising privacy and have become more and more intrusive, as their popularity increases. There is an additional anomaly occurring which is far more familiar to human nature and sadly, social media has made it ever more possible. Bullying, spamming, cheating on a spouse or mate and falsely accusing others has become a new sport. It is so comparable to ancient Rome where gladiators took turns at slaying the disenfranchised, while the blood thirsty fed from the drama.

What’s more disturbing is the lack of character in those who are too cowardly to block or report haters, spammers and the like. They either fear the hate will be hurled onto them or they have their own agenda about spamming or they simply don’t care. The cheating arena grows larger every day too. Many articles have been written about the number of marriages and relationships which break up as a result of social media. But now we hear that the CIA has been monitoring our emails and social media activity which takes it to a whole new level.

The facts are simple;

  • If you are in social media you have NO privacy no matter what you adjust your settings to.
  • If you are in social media expect to have detractors, it will help prepare you for the shock of total strangers bastardizing your name and character assassinating you, just because you exist.
  • If you are in social media expect to have men and women hit on you and grasp that most of these are either fake accounts or are people who you would never want to get involved with if you ran into them in your local community.
  • If you are in social media expect your pictures to be stolen and used for fake accounts or worse, nothing is sacred to thieves, scammers and spammers.
  • If you are in social media, expect your account will be hacked at some time or another if you do not routinely change your password frequently to something complicated and unpredictable.
  • If you are in social media expect to be stalked. There is always someone who thinks they are in love with you whether you are male or female.
  • If you are in social media, have some self-respect and don’t post when you are upset, angry, sick, obsessing, ranting or making attempts at political suicide. Very few people want to engage with someone like that. Remember that everything you post in social media is there for an eternity.
  • If you are in social media, have courage and try to affect some good and stand for something meaningful. Share your gifts, your wisdom, inspirational quotes or blogs, or share charities and help raise money and awareness. “With so many in need, so many are needed!”
  • If you are in social media, be discerning. Do not follow or friend anyone who could be interpreted as a reflection of your consciousness. If you follow haters, spammers, bullies, trash talkers, negative people or oversexed, damaged souls, who post nude pictures of themselves, then somewhere in you, something needs a’fixin’.

And finally, if you are in social media, you are on your own. If you are bullied, threatened, if your art or work is stolen, if your pictures and content are stolen, if you are played for romance, sex, or are scammed out of money, social sites will not protect you. While you do have legal recourse in many of these areas, you will have to rely on yourself in taking action against the perpetrators.Image