In the Year 2525 – Physics-ology

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There is a modality so foreign to human beings that it is rarely written about or discussed and yet it is the definitive technology of the future. It does not need lithium batteries, it does not require remote control, you do not have to eat, drink or take it in pill form and it does not have a caloric value. It is not the stuff of fantasy but is rooted in science.

The future will be created with this technology and every new invention that furthers the progress of humanity will be born from it. It will not be contained, owned or controlled by greed mongers, politicians or burglars and it is not a commodity which will be traded for profit. There will be a host of studies on those who wield it with expertise and the greatest minds in the world will not be able to contain its rapid growth nor will they be able to control it. Eventually science will validate its authenticity and accuracy. This remarkable thing is not a toy or something to take lightly, on the contrary. It is not a gimmick and it cannot be activated by those who live the illusion of power, money, greed, ego and control.

It is a way of life and one must commit completely and fully to living in a way that most will scoff at for lack of understanding. Sages throughout time have utilized it successfully but it does require honing several other skills first; mindfulness, meditation, taking personal responsibility, selflessness, ridding yourself of ego and the lower emotions which limit you or would have you bend the laws of intention, these are just a few of the elements which must be employed in order to access this timeless tool. What hastens and ignites this phenomenon is thought, intention and imagination.

What I speak of is known by many names; mind over matter, transcending human frailty, Christ consciousness, divine mind, cosmic consciousness, the enlightened mind, living without limitation or willpower. In essence it is simply transcending the laws of the physical and material worlds and as you delve deeper into quantum mechanics, you understand the relationship between consciousness and manifestation.

Atoms have no physical structure thus we have no physical structure. Atoms are not made out of tangible matter but are made of invisible energy. Everything in the universe is energy. Like a fingerprint is unique to a physical body this vortex of spinning and vibrating energy comes complete with its own unique energy signature. In essence, our consciousness, which is partially comprised of our beliefs, perceptions and attitudes, create the world you experience every day. The energy of love without an agenda, transfers light which then becomes matter and produces frequency and subsequently becomes wave. We can convert energy into matter and matter into energy but without the element of love, science is missing the complete formula. Now of course scientists do not factor in what they perceive is a human emotion; however love is energy and how it is wielded, even in thought, produces a wave of energy which emanates from your physical body. You’ve heard “change your thoughts to change your life,” there has never been a truer statement.

Consciousness has another key ingredient and that is the memory of every impactive event ever lived throughout every lifetime. Does that mean on a conscious or even subatomic level you remember everything you have ever done in every lifetime? Yes and no. The more aware and awake you are spiritually, the more aware you become of memories from the roles you have lived and the events which shaped your beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and personality. All of it factors into the reality you are creating today. If you do not meditate or practice some form or pro-active mindfulness, you are unaware of some of the very elements which bind you in limitation today. Past or present life fears, judgements and beliefs have to be addressed and healed in order to move beyond the physical realm or else they continue to draw you backwards.

Has there been anyone in the history of mankind who has ever reached and lived this level of consciousness? Yes there has been. Jesus, Buddha, Yogananda, Sai Baba  and many unknown or unnamed students of quantum physics have lived it in part, parcel or fully. It is apparent that these tools would be so effective in a multitude of areas, offering solutions that are other-worldly, so why haven’t more employed this sage wisdom?

The reasons are obvious: discipline or a lack of it; implementing knowing or certainty, which supersedes confidence and ego; a lack of focus, which seems to be a modern day anomaly, compounded by technology, social media and sound bites, which have shortened attention span. Additionally, 21st century humankind has become accustomed to “instant gratification” and in some cases laziness is the preferred path over challenging the mind and extending beyond three dimensional realities. Often, people are more concerned about looking like a fool or being perceived as crazy, more than they are with pioneering new ways of existing and coexisting peacefully.

Sustaining a limitless consciousness and implementing this powerful wisdom, is initially very challenging but like anything, with practice, it becomes first nature. With so much being destroyed by governments, politics and greed mongers, now more than ever is the time to raise the bar, use your mind, awaken your spiritual gifts, fend for yourself and overcome all of it.








A Seed of Doubt


So you’ve been using spiritual laws like attraction, giving and intention and yet nothing has come of it yet. Why? The most important reason, seeds of doubt. As I work with clients everyday I am reminded of how many doubt themselves and how few have the discipline to control their thoughts. In fact many think their thoughts are controlling them. Discipline, practice and implementation are the formula for creating. There are 4 levels to creation: 1.) Thought or idea; 2.) Spoken or written word, prayer, affirmations, journaling: 3.) Gratitude, giving thanks as if it is already done. 4.) KNOWING, without a doubt it IS DONE and never letting one doubt creep in.
One seed of doubt undoes everything you have poured into your creation…just one seed. Remember, your life is your creation, you are not a victim to any of it. That is a lot to wrap your brain around but when you comprehend the amount of power within and you start making healthy, loving, intelligent and spiritually aligned choices, you can have all you dream of. When you blame others for your own choices, you lower your frequency and are subject to the limits you have imposed upon yourself, not to mention the karma of falsely blaming someone else.
Some choose to walk I choose to fly and those who practice KNOWING do just that, soar. Your life is only as big as you dream it to be. In spirituality, when you start doubting anything you lose everything.

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The Road Beyond Conscious Un-Coupling


It began with God as everything in my life does.

I began getting messages through automatic writings in June 1991.

The messages were specific; a man with salt and pepper hair, from a foreign country, who loved classical music, named Michael would soon become my husband.

I told everyone who would listen, even my skeptical family, who to say the least loved God but did not believe he actually spoke to anyone, much less about something as mundane as an impending marriage.

On the morning I was to sing a few solos at my tiny little church in N. Hollywood, I was besieged with immense grief. I had been at the hospital the night before with 15 others, singing my friend of more than 20 years, Jim, into heaven.

As I stood before the congregation of about 100 people, all of them shared my pain. Jim was also a member of Unity Church and everyone loved him. As I sang, their tears mingled with my own.

I returned home after the service and sat in pure desolation, inconsolable, I always took things emotionally too hard. The phone rang. In a meager voice, the man on the other end told me that he had trouble getting anyone to give him my phone number. He mentioned that the only way the minister would give it to him, was to make a copy of his driver’s license.  He then said, “Have dinner with me tonight.” My reply was quick and curt; “My best friend just died, I am not up for a date!” He then said the magic words that pierced my soul as truth; “God sent me.” I said, “What, what did you say?” Once again, he repeated this mystical, rather risk-taking statement, “God sent me.” “Okay, but you have to have me home by 8:30 pm!”

I dried my tears, reapplied my makeup and bucked up like a good Texas gal. When he arrived, he came around to open the car door for me like a perfect gentleman, which every southern girl loves. He walked around the other side to get in the driver’s seat but all I could think of was my friend Jim. As he buckled his seat belt, he turned a side profile and I saw the salt and pepper hair and my mind began to swirl remembering what the angels and Spirit had told me a few months earlier in those automatic writings.

I began questioning him like a Sherlock Holmes; “What kind of music do you like? Where are you from? What’s your last name?” With every answer I knew, THIS WAS THE GUY I WAS GOING TO MARRY. But of course there was no way I was going to tell him and have him dismiss me as a crazy person.

Dinner was memorable; I lingered on his every word. Time ceased existing. So this was the man I would spend my life with; he was spiritual, caring, handsome and charming with an accent that was somewhere between German and French and he was honest. True to his word, he had me home by 8:30.

The next morning, I was about to leave to work as an “extra” on the set of “Seinfeld” when the doorbell rang. It was Michael holding a bottle of multi-vitamins. Dumbstruck by the implication of this unusual gift, I could not have been more captivated. I was extremely thin, all of 100lbs, and as a German he was concerned. This was a monumental gesture since no man had ever cared about my well-being before, they simply sought to taste the goods, not nourish them.

The next night on our second date, he kissed me for the first time and my knees literally buckled. He proposed right then and there and a few weeks later, white dress and all, we were married. His last girlfriend, who by the way had been both a Playboy “Playmate of the Month” and then was subsequently chosen, “Playmate of the Year” was having no part of it. She threatened to do horrible things to us at our wedding even chasing Michael down on the morning of our wedding, begging him not to marry me. With bodyguards in place and the television show, “Hard Copy” in hot pursuit of this juicy, “Bunny with a Bite” tabloid tale, we were married in the same little church we met in. Scan0023

The marriage had its challenges like most but with a few extraordinary hurdles to overcome, ones that most marriages would have never survived. My death in 1993 would have challenged any man but more for Michael, it was very much like getting a totally new wife. The mystical and extraordinary things that occurred over the span of our marriage since that remarkable day would have sent men running in fear but Michael was spiritually evolved and thank God, into science fiction so was well versed with an expanded imagination for all things nonlinear.

Additionally, our commonalities and love for culture, animals, music, art, theater and God were the glue. We lasted almost 16 years until as an engineer he was sent to work for 3 months in Thailand for his company. After several trips there, the inevitable happened.

Again, through a powerful and mystical event, greater than I can convey in this short story, it was revealed verbatim what was occurring down in Thailand and I was told that I would be divorced within months. And as with the accuracy of most everything I receive from Spirit, everything I was told and shown indeed was true.

There was no reason to fight or argue, what had been spoken from above was already done below so we filed our own divorce, worked out all the details with such loving care that the judge denied the divorce until he could see us both in his courtroom some months later. We went together and walked in holding hands.

The judge spoke, “Mr. and Mrs. Jaeger, I want you both to know that the court has no intention of interfering with your divorce, however, I have been sitting on the bench for more than 25 years and I have never seen such a beautiful agreement forged between 2 people who are getting a divorce. I just wanted to meet you both to see if this was real or if you were both crazy?!?

As the proceedings continued, while on the stand, this amazing judge could see the tears welling up in my eyes, afterall I thought I would be married for a lifetime. With a tender heart, the judge not knowing that my husband, in the midst of a classic mid-life crisis, was about to marry a young lady in Thailand within months, he leaned in and said; “Mrs. Jaeger, you know I have the power to postpone this divorce and order counseling if you think it will help.” I loved that he cared so much that I later sent a thank you note to him after all was said and done.  At the end of the final decree, he literally said, “Mr. and Mrs. Jaeger, it has been a pleasure and an honor to meet you both.”

Divorced but not unfriended, we remained in touch as I wished him all the best on his impending marriage. Five months later he married in Thailand though was never able to bring his bride back to America. Ten months later he flew back to Thailand for his second divorce in less than a year. Today, she is one of my Facebook friends.

It has been nine years and Michael and I have remained friends and have spoken every single day since our divorce, even sharing a joint bank account among other things.

I share all of this as a testament to what I teach and how I truly live my life. Not only do I surrender fully to knowing that I have created all of it on some esoteric level, but I surrender to the notion, as one of my quotes says, “That which is meant to be will be,” and “Those who are intended to love you, will.” One of the many reasons we have remained such good friends and confidants is because he too, lives these principles and we share the same philosophy.Scan0034

In many ways we still act like a married couple. Every business trip, every vacation, he calls me from every airport along his journey and again when he arrives at his final destination. I ask the wife type questions, “Did you have a good flight? Did you get something to eat? How’s your hotel?”  Our friends marvel at how beautifully we’ve managed to navigate the realm of divorce and continue such a strong friendship and they joke that we should remarry. But we are both quite content to be closer as friends than most married couples and would never revisit the path that leads backwards.

We live our lives without resentment, with no victim mentality for anything that has happened in our 25 year relationship. When there was physical and verbal abuse, when there were challenges with our mentally ill daughter, when there was cheating and betrayal, we rose to the occasion and ask the right questions; “Why did I attract this into my life? What is this trying to teach me and can I endure it long enough to rise above it?” We used every hardship, heartache and trial as a catalyst and the answers were befitting anyone trying to reach the highest level of spiritual evolution possible while in the earth.

The level of mastery I speak of we share in common. It is the ability to overcome all limitations such as sickness, disease, abuse, trials, tests, betrayal, abandonment, loss, fear, death, poverty, judgement, ego and heartbreak. Neither of us has been sick with even a cold in more than 23 years which is a prime example of how much we truly employ these principles. It is called Christ consciousness, in which you embody unconditional love no matter what the world or others do to you, no matter what you encounter on the roads of life.

Unconditional love is just that, without blemish, without need, without want, without desire. It is a state of inner and outer peace, a mindset of acceptance and contentment with all things great and small. It is the goal of all great gurus, teachers and spiritual wanderers, the crème de la crème of human life merged with God. And those who seek it, who live it, who embrace its narrow road, find that once it is accomplished there is nothing comparable on earth and nothing left to do but love.Scan0034 (2)

When love is in perfect sync with the Divine, the soul has mastered all there is and discovers that earth no longer feels like home. Like a moth to the flame, the soul begets its final transformation, leaving earth and humanness behind to return to its origin of life where love was first formed, in heaven.

As for now, my ex-husband arrives next weekend, driving more than 50 hours round trip to spend a week with me and all on or near 2 pinnacle dates; the 9th anniversary of our divorce (June 8) and the 23rd year since my death in the Alps. (June 17) We are truly living a divorce of mutual respect, mutual admiration and divine connection. I highly recommend it.

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