What Are You Really Saying?

So you have something to say as you sit on your couch eating Fritos while guzzling your beer? So you have something to say as you meander through the halls of your office muttering about the injustices of the world under your breath? So you have something to say as you rant and rave in the safety of your car as you navigate Friday traffic. So you have something to say as you post your world views, (even though you have never actually studied world history or ever traveled outside of this country) factually unverified, fear provoking, vitriolic propaganda? So you exercise your first amendment right of free speech to hate on politicians, total strangers, people in social media, those you disagree with, those you wish to bully, you use your free speech to verbally assault anyone who is different than you. And you do all that never realizing how you are denigrating yourself, you are making yourself physically ugly while sabotaging your own health. There you are vomiting your unhappiness on anyone and everyone never seeing how much it says about you and your inability to love or even like yourself. You show yourself when you attack others, you verify the obvious, that you have no self-respect, no personal integrity or clearly no intelligence. And all the while your rhetoric and hate are amassing and multiplying, building and growing around no one but you waiting until you are at your happiest to return and undo your world. You contribute to nothing, you add to nothing, your existence is nothing more than that of fallen log in the forest, dead, fruitless, casting only a momentary shadow on the living. You will wither and die leaving no legacy, no meaning and being easily forgotten.

How’s that working for you?



A Hungry World

As I was praying with my main prayer partner this morning my heart and soul were focused on my vision for ensuring that no one in this nation or world ever goes to bed hungry. Recently, I was gently reminded of how painful going to bed on an empty stomach is and though addressing world hunger has always been a cause I am passionate about I am now more committed than ever to feed the masses. My intention is to erect green houses all over the world growing corn, rice, broccoli, legumes, wheat and other vegetables then train the locals in every region to care for and grow enough food annually to feed every hungry man, woman, child and pet.  I believe it is not only doable but I believe with all my heart that every human no matter what race or region of origin deserves to go to bed on a full stomach and to sleep without the pains of hunger keeping them awake. Hunger does not just occur abroad. 1 in 6 Americans go to bed hungry every single night and with the economy so challenged many more elderly and middle class Americans are surviving on one meal a day or less. There is no shame in poverty as more are struggling today than in previous years and they are folks just like you who have always held good jobs and have lived relatively well in the past. Hunger can strike families when medical emergencies or the loss of a job occur or simply when other emergencies drain the monthly budget. It is abhorrent  that society pays more attention to the frivolous and fame whores yet are becoming more hardened to foundational issues like hunger, housing and taking care of our own.
Hunger may not peak your interest but surely there are many other good causes and ways to help in this world.
What is your vision? How can you impact the world? What can you invent, create or participate in, perhaps even in an established charity like UNICEF or the American Red Cross? Surely we can all dream….dream big, dream massively, dream with passion and see what you can do to change a life. From the smallest to the masses, you can touch one or many with your ingenuity and passion. Live with a purpose then get busy and see how your good intentions make all the difference in the
world ….literally.

Lasting LOVE

You do not have to be religious or subscribed to any dogma to honor the reason for this sacred time. We reflect not only on a blessed child but on a mother who struggled with her truth but who endured the strangest of days to tackle a role most would have crumbled under the weight of. I think about Joseph and how his courage and humility enabled him to marry a woman who was with child not of his loins. And then there are the souls placed in their path to facilitate such a mystical event, the shepherd, inn keeper and his wife, the 3 wise men, and of course Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist who gave birth just 6 months earlier at 57 years old.Then there is the child born approximately 2020 years ago. We marvel at his amazing staying power in the lives of millions throughout millennia. No you do not have to be religious to love and admire Jehoshua aka Jesus. As a man he accomplished more in 33 years than many accomplish in 100. His compassion was birthed from his desire to serve, to inspire, to cause the transformation of everyone he touched who was open to receiving the gift of his love, wisdom and energy. If you know him you know what an amazing sense humor he has. If you know him, you know how he empowers others. If you say, “Master” to him, he will correct you as he has done me before by saying, “You cannot call me “master” for I am the groom and ye are the bride”. It is a partnership of personal empowerment and his teachings are just that, the wisdom which empowers. His life was not only about dying that our human frailties and weakness’s would be reconciled for all time but it was also about understanding that life is eternal, that the soul lives on. If you follow his teachings you know that everything you think, say and do is returning to you in one way or another and that the greatest gift you can give anyone including yourself is love. Love trumps all things of the earth, love is of greater value than any material wealth, love is what lives on after you are gone. His love has lived on for thousands of years…will yours?

Wishing each and every one of you a magical Christmas filled with love, blessings and joy. Remember HIM ♥☼♥

—Ariaa.com Amazon.com


The Storm’s Siren

It is the mark of the human spirit to go through an EF5 tornado and survive it…TWICE. The statistics are I in 100 Trillion for that to happen yet it happened to 94 year old Nancy E. Davis of Moore, Oklahoma. As the news crews and rescue teams descended on the ravaged cities of Moore and Newcastle, you could find the enchanting, Ms. Davis climbing out of an underground box no bigger than 6 feet by 6 feet in size. “I can’t believe I am alive,” she said in disbelief, with a voice that sounded like that of a child. In 1999, an EF4 tornado tore through her town killing 36 people and leveling an 18 mile stretch along an almost identical path of destruction to Monday’s tornado, but once again, this lovely woman survived. Why do some survive and others do not? I think if you witnessed the resilience and calm, almost matter of fact demeanor of this brave, wise resident, you would understand why it is apparent angels where standing guard her soul.

With 24 dead including 9 children, these kinds of events always cause all of us such gut-wrenching heartbreak. As we watch the news coverage, we can’t imagine walking in their shoes. As an author and spiritual teacher, I work from home, often with CNN on all day as I work from my desk. May 20 was no exception. I watched in horror as this seething, hungry monster began forming; I began tweeting like a lunatic, messages to take cover and breaking news, play by play of the location of this beast as it unfolded. I was sending prayer requests to anyone in the viral world listening pausing only to shiver from the horror my eyes beheld. Fighting through the tears I continued to post on Twitter since it is the social media site which garners an immediate response. As the storm passed and the damage became apparent, I posted links for the American Red Cross and links to organizations to help the displaced livestock and pets. Again through the tears, my heart just ached but I felt so needed…..by who though? No one in this bastard of a storm was online, so why, what compels a person to stop whatever they are doing, to do whatever they can to help? Humanity, compassion and the “there but for the grace of God go I” acts as the propellant. But the main reason most of us are compelled to jump in to help  perfect strangers,  it’s because of women like Nancy E. Davis, who having lost everything…TWICE, but was as calm as the open sea after a storm and her courage and charm in the face of such a horrific disaster, was absolutely inspirational. Her smile and gratitude at just the fact she survived is a great lesson and one many, may never know. While some would be upset over losing their house and stuff, this wise soul was just grateful to be alive.

For those of us who lost our homes in the mortgage crisis and in my community, to the Waldo Canyon fire, a year ago this June, it is a gentle reminder that it could have been worse. It is a reminder that attitude is everything to overcoming loss, whether the loss of a pet, a relative, your house, your possessions or loss through divorce or separation; attitude and perseverance, the resiliency of the soul, are paramount to surviving and overcoming anything which tries to undermine your happiness. It is remarkably apparent that Nancy E. Davis has garnered a great deal of wisdom in her 94 years of life on earth and she is teaching all of us the value of strength, character and courage and having a resilient spirit. God bless you Nancy E. Davis.

“As you watch the world around you alter life’s terrain,

As you watch so many souls go through sorrow, loss or pain;

I urge you to remember there are blessings you can’t see,

Beneath the rubble is a seed that grows a stronger tree.”

~Ariaa Jaeger ~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ©Copyright 2013

all rights reserved Http://Ariaa.com

Image: Courtesy of CBS NEWS


The Disposable Generation

There was a time when men and women shared the same values. They worked toward the same goal, they valued honesty, loyalty and relied upon each other, they built the dream together. There was a time when what was important was worth making an effort for, when you would go out of your way to ensure success in that which mattered. When the goal led to cooperation and a spirit of understanding that in the end they would be better for having shared the dream. Today’s society is disposable, everything and everyone disposable, replaceable and while that may work with things and stuff, it is not the way humankind was created and it is not the way humankind will thrive. People need people to learn from, to teach, to share, to grow, to inspire, to be a shoulder in times of pain, to be a tower of strength in times of travail. To be there in the end when the days of youth leave your face and the clouds grow grayer from the passage of time…whether it is a friend, a spouse, a husband, a wife, a lover, a sister, a brother or a kind neighbor, the bottom line is that no one wants to die alone, to be forgotten to be disposed of. YOU are an original, you are NOT replaceable in any area of LIFE or LOVE, Value YOU and the rest of the world will too. Plan a life that includes each other for you will be the richer for it in the end and so will those who choose to take that walk with you. No one is disposable, all are a gift to life ~Ariaa Jaeger ~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ~ ©2013 copyright All rights reserved ~ Http://Ariaa.com