A Hungry World

As I was praying with my main prayer partner this morning my heart and soul were focused on my vision for ensuring that no one in this nation or world ever goes to bed hungry. Recently, I was gently reminded of how painful going to bed on an empty stomach is and though addressing world hunger has always been a cause I am passionate about I am now more committed than ever to feed the masses. My intention is to erect green houses all over the world growing corn, rice, broccoli, legumes, wheat and other vegetables then train the locals in every region to care for and grow enough food annually to feed every hungry man, woman, child and pet.  I believe it is not only doable but I believe with all my heart that every human no matter what race or region of origin deserves to go to bed on a full stomach and to sleep without the pains of hunger keeping them awake. Hunger does not just occur abroad. 1 in 6 Americans go to bed hungry every single night and with the economy so challenged many more elderly and middle class Americans are surviving on one meal a day or less. There is no shame in poverty as more are struggling today than in previous years and they are folks just like you who have always held good jobs and have lived relatively well in the past. Hunger can strike families when medical emergencies or the loss of a job occur or simply when other emergencies drain the monthly budget. It is abhorrent  that society pays more attention to the frivolous and fame whores yet are becoming more hardened to foundational issues like hunger, housing and taking care of our own.
Hunger may not peak your interest but surely there are many other good causes and ways to help in this world.
What is your vision? How can you impact the world? What can you invent, create or participate in, perhaps even in an established charity like UNICEF or the American Red Cross? Surely we can all dream….dream big, dream massively, dream with passion and see what you can do to change a life. From the smallest to the masses, you can touch one or many with your ingenuity and passion. Live with a purpose then get busy and see how your good intentions make all the difference in the
world ….literally.