It’s Just What Is


This may come as a surprise to many of you but there is no right or wrong in the higher heavens…there is only, “what is, it’s just what is”. Everyone on earth is playing a role, one which has been conferred with and discussed with your angels, guides and Spirit long before you every arrived here. Some choose to play the Judas and others choose to play Joan of Arc, but all roles are divine. Think about this. If Hitler, Bin Laden and other notable bad guys had not taken those roles, you might have had to. There has to be “bad” to know and understand the depths of goodness. There has to be hate so that others grasp what genuine unconditional love is. There has to be darkness for the light to permeate and penetrate deeper, and with more luminosity. There has to be choice, free will, so all souls have the freedom to experience every aspect of life on earth. In the end a minority will come to the grand conclusion, that good feels better than evil, that love delivers greater than hate, that light is too beautiful to ever choose less and ultimately, higher will is always more fulfilling than free will.

Ariaa Jaeger

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I have been teaching my students and clients the concept of “Stepping into the ONE”. When you step into “the ONE” you shift the paradigm thus shifting your reality. Your reality is based on your fears, beliefs, karma, cellular memories and a few other variables. As you embrace the concept that you have all the power within you to access every reality you choose, as you take personal responsibility for what you are attracting and creating, you begin to shed those beliefs which limit you. The ego is part of that reality, the “me” as opposed to the “we” consciousness. The magic unfolds in the “we” paradigm. “Me” limits you, “we” is unlimited, for it is the total sum of angels, guides and the infinite Spirit, a perfectly orchestrated fusion which provides all. As you step into “the ONE” there is only flow and knowing, not grappling, begging nor even affirming. The ONE is your DIVINE RIGHT yet few access it. There is no identity only VIBRATION beyond this universe and when you raise your light, your joy, your selflessness, when you rid yourself of any negative thoughts, emotions or concepts of limitation, you transform your life. Today, let go and know that all is possible as you ‘STEP INTO THE ONE. Ariaa Jaeger ~ “Ariaaisms ~ Spiritual Food for the Soul”  at and on

10 Ways to Increase Your Frequency or Lower It

In a world where every single day there are worldly and local events which energetically plummet and bombard your consciousness, there is no time like the present to learn a few tips to maintain your balance. While there are many more not listed here, these are just my top ten favorites and frankly the easiest to do. Staying centered in a volatile world is not only power-enhancing but it enables you to make better decisions and perhaps to be a part of the solutions in those areas where balance is key to being effective in helping others. Obviously moderation is the key to balance as is common sense. Most people have mastered awareness on how to maintain a healthy physical body so it is not  really rocket science to learn how to maintain your spiritual body. Medical science is beginning to understand measurable frequencies within the human body which when lowered cause the body to become vulnerable to sickness and disease. The human body has both an epi-kinetic energy field but more widely known, it has an electromagnetic field. Noise, pollution, noxious fumes, negative energy or being around those who are rattled, scattered, angry or simply over-excitable can alter the harmony of your own frequencies and again when lowered, you are vulnerable to more than just physical sickness, you are vulnerable to the negative forces. Maintaining a higher frequency not only increases your light mass but it conditions your consciousness. Here are just a few ways to keep your shine beginning with those things which lower your frequency.

10 things that lower your frequency or vibration

1.  Emotionality, rage, anger, crying, depression

2.  Sex in high doses

3.   Excess~ the use of alcohol, drugs or even excessive housework will ground you

4.    Extreme physical activity such as sports, exercise, moderation the key

5.   Worrying, nervousness or fretting

6.   Eating red meat which grounds you

7.   Behaviors such as hating, lying, cheating, drama, manipulating, etc

8.    Self-pity

9.    Judging others

10.   Complaining, griping, condemning, criticizing

10 things that raise your frequency

1.   Meditation

2.   Prayer

3.    Classical music or inspirational music

4.   Eating vegetarian avoiding all meats

5.   Helping others/random acts of kindness

6.   Thai Chi , yoga or walking

7.    An elevated dialogue inner and outer

8.    Interacting with pets/animals/nature

9.    Visualization

10.  Bringing yourself to near orgasm (self/masturbation) but not actually having one actually raises your light.


The 57th Road – A Lifetime in Reflection

The 57th Road – A Lifetime in Reflection

By Ariaa Jaeger

In my life I have learned that having good character and pure integrity are the keys to inner peace.

In my life I have learned that serving others is an honor and is the key to inner joy.

In my life I have learned that loving myself is the key to perfect health.

In my life I have learned that giving of myself is the key to humility.

In my life I have learned that kindness is the key to peace.

In my life I have learned that laughter is the key to maintaining a youthful spirit and appearance.

In my life I have learned that failure is the key to resilience.

In my life I have learned that self-respect is the key to success.

In my life I have learned that taking care of my body is the key to preservation.

In my life I have learned that moderation is the key to well-being.

In my life I have learned that crying cleanses the soul and renews the spirit.

In my life I have learned that patience is the key to transformation.

In my life I have learned that forgiveness is the key to grace.

In my life I have learned that being persecuted is the key to greatness.

In my life I have learned that success is the key to helping humanity and creating a legacy.

In my life I have learned that friends come and go which is the key to flexibility.

In my life I have learned that every race, color & creed is the key to learning & gaining knowledge.

In my life I have learned that animals are the key to evolving tenderness & compassion.

In my life I have learned that nature is the key to the mystical.

In my life I have learned that touch is the key to connectivity.

In my life I have learned that taste is the key to bliss.

In my life I have learned that smell is the key to awareness.

In my life I have learned that closing my eyes is the key to vision.

In my life I have learned that prayer is the key to communication and angels.

In my life I have learned that meditation is the key to the enlightenment.

In my life I have learned that LOVE is the ULTIMATE TEACHER, the WAY SHOWER unto all things, LOVE is the ANSWER to every dilemma and the MASTER KEY which opens every door in the universe.

Ariaa Jaeger ~ Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul

Celebrating 57 years of LIFE, May 1, 2013