Numb and Numb-er

children's lessons

Little child
Dry your crying eyes
How can I explain
The fear you feel inside
‘Cause you were born
Into this evil world
Where man is killing man
And no one knows just why

What have we become
Just look what we have done
All that we destroyed
You must build again

When the children cry
Let them know we tried
‘Cause when the children sing
Then the new world begins ~ “When The Children Cry” originally recorded by White Lion
The overstimulation and desensitization of American society has reached an all-time high.
Of course there are still many who are appalled at the racist actions of police departments and antiquated citizens which take place every day in America and there are many who work ardently to cause the cessation of racism, hate speech, mental illness, animal abuse and the like. But the fact is we are becoming hardened as a society which over time actually alters the genetic pool.
Dopamine is the feel good chemical released in the brain and when it is too high for too long, nerve cells lose their sensitivity. Conversely, lower dopamine levels generate an internal hungering for dopamine-raising activities and stimulants. Studies reveal that this is one of the many reasons the internet, social media and pornography are so addictive. With the onslaught of news and other media, the constant videos of hate mongers, killing, animal abuse and child abuse, society as a whole is becoming desensitized. The constant exposure to all the above generates sensory overload and takes a toll on brain connectors.
So what are the solutions and how does one person alter this dim terrain of the numbing of America? It is simple, practice compassion and do least one selfless deed a day for a stranger. Compassion is the antidote to a hardened heart. Walk in the shoes of another and I mean really place yourself in their shoes. Imagine what you would do if you were living the life of those you read about and see on the news every day. Compassion and acts of kindness alter brain chemistry and it has been asserted that humans can be trained to be compassionate.
Quoting from a University of Wisconsin article, “A new study by researchers at the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at the Waisman Center of the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that adults can be trained to be more compassionate. The report, recently published online in the journal Psychological Science, is the first to investigate whether training adults in compassion can result in greater altruistic behavior and related changes in neural systems underlying compassion.” ”The researchers measured how much brain activity had changed from the beginning to the end of the training, and found that the people who were the most altruistic after compassion training were the ones who showed the most brain changes when viewing human suffering. They found that activity was increased in the inferior parietal cortex, a region involved in empathy and understanding others. Compassion training also increased activity in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the extent to which it communicated with the nucleus accumbens, brain regions involved in emotion regulation and positive emotions.” “Compassion, like physical and academic skills, appears to be something that is not fixed, but rather can be enhanced with training and practice. “The fact that alterations in brain function were observed after just a total of seven hours of training is remarkable,” explains UW-Madison psychology and psychiatry professor Richard J. Davidson, founder and chair of the Center  for Investigating Healthy Minds and senior author of the article.

moral by R. Gervese
Additionally, the practice of meditation and the practice of extending oneself beyond the normal parameters of giving, aid in developing a compassionate heart. Anytime you factor intention into an equation, energetically, the results will be magnified based on the amount of energy infused in the original intention. Going out of your way to help others triggers the same feel good chemicals in the brain that addicts enjoy and in doing so you alter the brain chemistry permanently. There has never been a better time to elevate your actions while altering the human brain terrain.
If you want some new ideas on how to help others in extraordinary ways or would like to learn to meditate get in touch with me, it has been my passion for more than 25 years. ~Ariaa Jaeger,

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A Hungry World

As I was praying with my main prayer partner this morning my heart and soul were focused on my vision for ensuring that no one in this nation or world ever goes to bed hungry. Recently, I was gently reminded of how painful going to bed on an empty stomach is and though addressing world hunger has always been a cause I am passionate about I am now more committed than ever to feed the masses. My intention is to erect green houses all over the world growing corn, rice, broccoli, legumes, wheat and other vegetables then train the locals in every region to care for and grow enough food annually to feed every hungry man, woman, child and pet.  I believe it is not only doable but I believe with all my heart that every human no matter what race or region of origin deserves to go to bed on a full stomach and to sleep without the pains of hunger keeping them awake. Hunger does not just occur abroad. 1 in 6 Americans go to bed hungry every single night and with the economy so challenged many more elderly and middle class Americans are surviving on one meal a day or less. There is no shame in poverty as more are struggling today than in previous years and they are folks just like you who have always held good jobs and have lived relatively well in the past. Hunger can strike families when medical emergencies or the loss of a job occur or simply when other emergencies drain the monthly budget. It is abhorrent  that society pays more attention to the frivolous and fame whores yet are becoming more hardened to foundational issues like hunger, housing and taking care of our own.
Hunger may not peak your interest but surely there are many other good causes and ways to help in this world.
What is your vision? How can you impact the world? What can you invent, create or participate in, perhaps even in an established charity like UNICEF or the American Red Cross? Surely we can all dream….dream big, dream massively, dream with passion and see what you can do to change a life. From the smallest to the masses, you can touch one or many with your ingenuity and passion. Live with a purpose then get busy and see how your good intentions make all the difference in the
world ….literally.

All Creatures Great and Small


“Animals contribute to the light mass of earth and should be considered as valuable as any human being.”

Animals are just furry people. I penned the following as a protest to those who just don’t understand the animal world. I know it sounds very harsh but if we as human beings would be more passionate about protecting nature, if we would take more responsibility in caring for all creatures’ great and small, the earth would be more balanced. When it comes to animals, just as I do with people, I try to metaphorically walk in their shoes. If I was a dog, would I like eating the same hard, tasteless food every single day of my life? If I was a cat, would I want my nails ripped out or my testicles cut off or would I want to eat right next to my litter box? If I was a horse, would I want to be left out in a field of snow all winter long with no shelter to protect me from the elements?

I wish more people would try to perceive what an animal feels when they suddenly give it up for adoption because it no longer fits into their life. So many who move to a new state or apartment do just that and I am always saddened to see how traumatized these pets are, who have been so readily cast aside after years of being loyal and loving to their owners. I am horrified when I see someone leave their pet behind where there is a fire looming nearby, instead of taking that baby with them when they evacuate. I am shocked when I see the ignorance of man as their ride their large dogs in an open bed truck at speeds exceeding 50 MPH knowing if anything goes wrong, they are literally making their dog a living projectile! I wrote the following knowing some might be offended and I actually hope it does cause such a rumbling in the stomachs of those who do not think, that they change the way they perceive their pets and all wildlife. Every creature is a gift from God. 

You were entrusted with a life but carelessly left the door open and ensured a painful death for your cat as foxes and coyotes ripped it apart.

You were entrusted with a life but you used shock therapy to stiffen the barks of a creature that is designed to bark.

You were entrusted with a life but you left chocolate and Christmas ribbon which is toxic to dogs laying around.

You were entrusted with a life but you rode your dog in the back of your pickup never realizing he would become a living torpedo when you had that fender bender.

You were entrusted with a life but you ripped the finger nails out of your cat because it suited your needs but left that baby traumatized and defenseless if your cat ever had to get away from a predator.

You were entrusted with a life but you feed your cat right next to his toilet, the litter box.

You were entrusted with a life but you left your dog out in the bitter cold with one thin blanket in a drafty shack you call a doghouse.

You were entrusted with a life but you locked your dog in a kennel for long periods of time because you were uninspired to train it.

You were entrusted with a life but you spanked your dog when he had to pee and had no way to get out on his own, as if he was supposed to hold it.

You were entrusted with a life but you left your kids and grandchildren pull its tail and ride on his back.

You were entrusted with a life but you gave your furry baby away when it became inconvenient for you to keep it or when you had to move and didn’t make allowances to take your baby with you.

You were entrusted with a life yet you didn’t secure the gate when high winds came through and a car found your dog before you could.

You were entrusted with a life….. Do not get a pet if you cannot be responsible enough to ensure its needs are met, that it has food, fresh water, a warm bed, a safe environment and a loving home for the duration of its life.

Ariaa Jaeger ~ Excerpt from the book  “Ariaaisms~Spiritual Food for the Soul”

copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved


The Storm’s Siren

It is the mark of the human spirit to go through an EF5 tornado and survive it…TWICE. The statistics are I in 100 Trillion for that to happen yet it happened to 94 year old Nancy E. Davis of Moore, Oklahoma. As the news crews and rescue teams descended on the ravaged cities of Moore and Newcastle, you could find the enchanting, Ms. Davis climbing out of an underground box no bigger than 6 feet by 6 feet in size. “I can’t believe I am alive,” she said in disbelief, with a voice that sounded like that of a child. In 1999, an EF4 tornado tore through her town killing 36 people and leveling an 18 mile stretch along an almost identical path of destruction to Monday’s tornado, but once again, this lovely woman survived. Why do some survive and others do not? I think if you witnessed the resilience and calm, almost matter of fact demeanor of this brave, wise resident, you would understand why it is apparent angels where standing guard her soul.

With 24 dead including 9 children, these kinds of events always cause all of us such gut-wrenching heartbreak. As we watch the news coverage, we can’t imagine walking in their shoes. As an author and spiritual teacher, I work from home, often with CNN on all day as I work from my desk. May 20 was no exception. I watched in horror as this seething, hungry monster began forming; I began tweeting like a lunatic, messages to take cover and breaking news, play by play of the location of this beast as it unfolded. I was sending prayer requests to anyone in the viral world listening pausing only to shiver from the horror my eyes beheld. Fighting through the tears I continued to post on Twitter since it is the social media site which garners an immediate response. As the storm passed and the damage became apparent, I posted links for the American Red Cross and links to organizations to help the displaced livestock and pets. Again through the tears, my heart just ached but I felt so needed… who though? No one in this bastard of a storm was online, so why, what compels a person to stop whatever they are doing, to do whatever they can to help? Humanity, compassion and the “there but for the grace of God go I” acts as the propellant. But the main reason most of us are compelled to jump in to help  perfect strangers,  it’s because of women like Nancy E. Davis, who having lost everything…TWICE, but was as calm as the open sea after a storm and her courage and charm in the face of such a horrific disaster, was absolutely inspirational. Her smile and gratitude at just the fact she survived is a great lesson and one many, may never know. While some would be upset over losing their house and stuff, this wise soul was just grateful to be alive.

For those of us who lost our homes in the mortgage crisis and in my community, to the Waldo Canyon fire, a year ago this June, it is a gentle reminder that it could have been worse. It is a reminder that attitude is everything to overcoming loss, whether the loss of a pet, a relative, your house, your possessions or loss through divorce or separation; attitude and perseverance, the resiliency of the soul, are paramount to surviving and overcoming anything which tries to undermine your happiness. It is remarkably apparent that Nancy E. Davis has garnered a great deal of wisdom in her 94 years of life on earth and she is teaching all of us the value of strength, character and courage and having a resilient spirit. God bless you Nancy E. Davis.

“As you watch the world around you alter life’s terrain,

As you watch so many souls go through sorrow, loss or pain;

I urge you to remember there are blessings you can’t see,

Beneath the rubble is a seed that grows a stronger tree.”

~Ariaa Jaeger ~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ©Copyright 2013

all rights reserved Http://

Image: Courtesy of CBS NEWS