The Shadow in the Mirror



Self-awareness is synonymous with being spiritually awake. It is the combination of conscientiousness and consciousness. Those who are self-aware take personal responsibility for who they are, what they do and what they offer to the world. They see themselves without filters thus are able to fix what needs fixing. They are constantly monitoring themselves to find a better way to everything from improving personal habits, polishing their skills and growing their gifts to improving the lives of others and the world. It is often said that to become spiritually evolved one must first become selfish in order to become selfless and it is true to a degree. The mirror must first be turned upon yourself to ferret out the flaws, heal the damage, repair the broken parts and to become the best version of you possible. Once you reach that platitude, selfless becomes easy. While you are still in the equation for the most part your mind is consumed with loving and helping others. Focusing on adding to life verses taking from it, being aware of the shadow you cast on others and the world, produces inner peace and a state of constant euphoria which has been scientifically proven. You trigger the “happy chemicals” in your body such as Dopamine, which is the good feeling you get when you approach a reward; Serotonin, which is the good feeling of getting respect; Oxytocin, which is the feeling of trust; and Endorphin, which is the euphoria that masks physical pain. Becoming self-aware is a noble goal worth pursuing. ~Ariaa Jaeger

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10 Ways to Check Your Integrity

So you think you are a person of integrity, there is a very easy way to check yourself.
1. Do you cheat on your taxes?
2. Do you tell white lies then dismiss it with excuses like, “Everybody does it” or “I didn’t want to hurt you.”
3. Do you do what you say and mean what you do? Is your word your honor?
4. Do you follow haters and vitriolic people in social media?
5. Do you celebrate or support killing, hating, wrong doing or mean spirited posts or people?
6. Do you hide things from anyone close to you like your cell phone or iPad?
7. Do you make excuses for bad behavior in you or others?
8. Do you enjoy television shows or movies which celebrate bad behavior, dysfunction or violence?
9. Do you do the right thing when no one is looking?
10. Are you loyal? Do you have your friends back?

Integrity is paramount to character and with society rapidly descending into a constant stream of bad behavior, there has never been a better time to check your integrity and rise to the top of the barrel like cream. You may not realize it but you are creating negative karma for yourself if your integrity is wavering. What goes out will return and with far more intensity. Take yourself to task and walk the walk or be subject to the onslaught of others doing to you what you are doing to yourself.

~Ariaa Jaeger,