A Walk In Between

I had two very different clients recently. Cellular memory was foreign to both yet one was joyfully open minded while the other was medicated and shut down to any notion that her current life was being impacted by cellular memory, past life imprinting. Many times people seek the obvious instead of delving deeper to the cellular level or imprints where every action and emotion has been stored from every lifetime. I once did not understand or even acknowledge reincarnation…then I died and in that death I was shown in a way which could not be refuted, the totality of my soul’s experiences. Not only did everything suddenly make sense but I learned that many of the places I love today, I had lived in before. I learned that many of the aches “accidents” and pains people experience today are simply being compounded from a previous injury. I learned that many of the people you have difficulties with today are simply karma returning to you and many of the racial/cultural issues of today are born from another time. I learned that those with piercings who are heavily tattooed are remembering their tribal lifetimes on some level. I learned that not only do you have physical cellular imprints but you also have emotional imprints. When you are born today, you re-imprint the body with the most traumatic of these. Years ago Oprah did a show with a noted Psychiatrist who had a young lady client who had at the age of 3 told her mom that she was the mothers father. But her father had died 5 years before this child was ever born. He had been shot in a drive by shooting. The 3 year old continued to insist that she was her mothers father. Dr. Weiss not only validated this fact but the little girl was born with a birthmark on the front and the back of her neck….an entry and exit would from the bullet that killed him 5 years earlier. The mysteries of God’s kingdom are so much greater than most will ever comprehend and there is so much more to you than you know. ~ Explore and discover the roads your soul has traveled. If you want to know how, get in touch with me Ariaa Jaeger Ariaa.com


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