Energetic Wings

Prayer is the great communicator, it is the definitive way to propel the thoughts from your purest self into a universe where angels and energy await to assist them in accomplishing. Pour yourself into praying for the events in the world which you see on the news everyday. Pour yourself into praying for strangers and those in need whom you will never meet. Pray for all world leaders and those who set policy. Pray for those you loathe and those who do nothing but add hate and darkness to this beautiful world. Pray for those on the side of the road begging for a buck. Pray for all the animals and the ignorant men and women who so cavalierly slay them. Pray for those who are hungry, homeless, mean, ignorant or who are sick and dying. Pray just pray and pray incessantly. The days are growing darker and your prayers are the candle which lights the way for others trying to navigate the shadows.

“Prayer is your direct line to the invisible to create the visible.”

Pray whenever you’re in need and find within that hour,
The awe- inspiring manifold that comes from prayer power.

Pray for those you’ll never meet, search for souls to raise
Pray for anything you want then seal it with your praise.
Pray for others every day, your soul is covered too
For everything you wish for them, comes right back to you.

Pray for all world leaders and those who won’t make peace
Pray for those you’re fond of and those called enemies.
Pray for all the elderly and those who are alone
Prayer is communiqué into the worlds unknown.

Pray when you have heartaches, for the “Comforter” appears
Pray when you need someone and God will dry your tears.
Pray when you are hungry and manna fills you full
Pray when you need nothing…an unknown golden rule.

Pray with great intensity and answers will come forth
Pray with little effort and that is all it’s worth.
Pray for all the animals who wander in the road
Pray that they’re protected and our God will make it so.

Pray for all the angels for they need prayers too
Lift your voice and thank them for always helping you.
Pray for God to lead you and guide you through your day
Pray for God to send you someone wise to light the way.

Please pray softly, pray aloud, make time to let God know
Pray with others or alone, for what you reap, you sow.
Pray for what is visible and what you cannot see,
I am praying for you right now, I hope you’ll pray for me.

Today may you experience the ultimate communion that comes from praying.

Ariaa Jaeger, Ariaaisms Spiritual Food for the Soul, Ariaa.com – Amazon.com

Copyright 2014 All rights reserved


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