Floodgates of Flow


It is normal to want to be loved and admired, but as you grow spiritually, you grow more comfortable in your own skin. The goal for all spiritual beings is to dissolve the ego’s need to be fulfilled. Ego is the one absolute saboteur to all things spiritual. They are in direct conflict with one another. Those who are spiritually evolved do not need validation because once you are attuned to your inner divine nature, you are keenly aware of your own worth. Additionally, with that much power at your disposal, you become acutely aware that you must remain humble and even-keeled. Too much emotion expressed on either side of the spectrum, can trigger a dramatic avalanche. Over the years I have fried computers, shorted out telephones and murdered televisions, all from expressing extreme emotions. Whether it is happiness or frustration, energy is just that, energy. It moves like a living creature and extends from the awakened spiritual being, as a living, life force. The old adage, “To much whom is given, much is expected,” takes on a profound meaning. When you recognize the enormous responsibility which comes with living a life empowered, you open the floodgates of mastery.

Ariaa Jaeger ~ Ariaa.com copyright 2014 All rights reserved Image


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