Thanksgiving 2013 Fourteen Things to Be Thankful For; #1 through #7

#1 Life, the gift of breath ~ You may have health challenges but you are ALIVE and when applied, you have the mastery to heal yourself. You wake up every day and breath flows through you. Life is a gift and you are a gift to all of life. Join me in proclaiming, “Today I am grateful for LIFE!”

#2 Eyes, the gift of sight ~ Whether you are sighted or not we all see at a multitude of different levels. Sensing is seeing and those who are non-sighted see through all their other senses. Meditation enables and opens the third eye and your ability to see beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary. Intuition is another way of seeing, you are seeing with your higher self, your God-self. Then there are the eyes, the way most drink in life. We awaken and behold the blue of the sky, we gaze into the stars with wonder and we behold the bounty and beauty all around us. Join me in proclaiming, “Today I am grateful for my eyes which behold the beauty of all creation!”

#3 Home, the gift of a warm roof over your head ~ Whether you are rich or poor, you are blessed to have a warm roof over your head. It doesn’t matter if it is a palace or a shack because “The true beauty of a home is measured by the love in every room.” So many times we forget that many do not have a place to call home. During this wondrous Thanksgiving season I urge you to walk through every room of your house, condo or apartment and bless each one filling it with love and gratitude. Join me in proclaiming, ” I am thankful for my home~

#4 Family, the gift of a tribe ~ Whether you are related by birth or you create and form your own family from your friends or in a multitude of others ways, those you call your family add to the depth and breadth of your life each day. Often we forget that many people have no family. Many have lost them through death or simply old age and more folks than you know spend Thanksgiving and holidays alone and are alone year round. What constitutes a family may vary but the love you have for each other is eternal. During this wondrous Thanksgiving season, I urge you to count your blessings and be thankful for those who make up your family unit. Whether perfect or dysfunctional, for someone alone, having a family is but a dream and those of you who have one are living the dream. Join me in proclaiming, I am thankful for my family!

#5 Mind, the gift of a healthy brain ~ Whether you are an intellectual, naturally gifted or simply a student of life, your mind/brain is the operations center of the body. We often forget how vital this organ is and how much of a roll it plays in our emotions, our actions and the functionality of the body. You are in control of your thoughts but the brain sends those messages throughout the body and into the universe where the coupling of energy and angels add in creating collective mass. What you think becomes your reality and ultimately your truth. What a powerful thought. Join me in proclaiming, “I am thankful for a healthy mind and thoughts which generate my reality!”

#6 Arms, the gift of hugging & holding ~ Whether you are a touchy-feely person or more reserved, the ability to hug animals, babies and human beings is one of the greatest and most undervalued gifts we have. Hugging is bliss when your arms are fully engaged and wholly wrapped around someone you love or even wrapped around a total stranger. I live to love and live to hug because a hug can say what words cannot. It speaks volumes to your affection, your openness and to the kind of person you are, one full of love and caring. Your arms were divinely designed to hold and hug and what life would be like if we did not possess this amazing faculty. Join me in proclaiming “I am thankful for my arms which hold, hug and express my love for all!”

#7 Food, the gift of good nutrition ~ Whether you are rich or live modestly chances are you have food on your table and in your tummy everyday. World hunger has reached epic proportions and many take for granted that in our towns, cities and homes food is readily available. Food nourishes the body which stimulates the mind and for many of us dining with friends, family and those we love is a beautiful blessed event. Today I urge you to remember with every bite you take that you are living a dream millions will rarely know. Join me in proclaiming, “I am thankful for an abundance of food which nourishes my body, stimulates my mind and feeds my spirit.”


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