The Haunting

Fear is an energy capable of sabotaging your dreams. When you fail to address what haunts you, it grows and feeds from your neglect to tend to it. Fear must be embraced to understand it, the parameters all be scoured to find the core of your fear. Discovery is half the lesson for in your search you will often find that the thing you fear is only a bi-product of something fixable…self love and faith. When you love yourself, you live life with a passion unstoppable by anything including fear. When you love yourself there are no constraints, no limits and no hindrance to the joy you wish to express. Faith is self love in motion…you must have faith in your higher self to manifest all you dream and faith that inside of you lives a potent powerful energy, we call it God and its source is unlimited. You can choose to drink from the infinite well of wisdom, power and love inside or you can think you are alone. It is a choice but I tell you true you must address the fear to heal the heart of LOVE which will then take you to new heights, new wonders, new worlds of delight ~Ariaa Jaeger~Ariaaisms ~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ copyright ©2013 All rights reservedImage


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