Discipline Your Mind

Discipline your mind. Let it become a constant stream of messages which uplift you and the world around you. Why feed the negatives you hear on the news, from the gossip of others or from those in your life. You choose what you allow yourself to buy into. Why buy damaged goods? You have more power inside you than you know and telepathy is real. Thoughts are energy and the more you learn to use your telepathic mind to create the greater your gifts increase. Today don’t just watch your words, formulate your thoughts to make a difference. With enough energy propelling it, what one thinks becomes so and creates a ripple effect in life. Thoughts are power, words are power, all is energy, use it wisely!


~Ariaa Jaeger ~Ariaaisms ~Spiritual Food for the Soul~ Http://Ariaa.com ~©2013 all rights reserved

Let There Be Light

Let there be light in all the crevasses of your form, for it longs to illumine the world, it longs to dance and weave across the sky in an effervescent display, it hungers to feed the darkness, it begs to fill and nurture the earth, it wains and whines to flood all creation with sparks of infinite wonder. Let there be light in all the capillaries of your form, let it warm your heart as it floods your soul as it illumines your mind and elevates your consciousness. Let the excess pour out on all creation that others may bask in the glow of pure luminosity and feed from it’s hue~ Let there be light for love is its sibling and each need the other to thrive~


Ariaa Jaeger ~ Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ~©2013 Copyright all rights reserved ~ Http://Ariaa.com

Embrace Diversity

We may look different and think differently, we may be exact opposite polarities; we may be passionate about our ideology, our philosophy, our politics and our vision but in the end cut us with the same blade and the majority of us will bleed. When human beings finally grasp the basic concept that to hurt one is to hurt all, when we finally understand the elementary principle that LOVE and civility cultivated en’masse will produce greater and more effective results than its counterpart; when we finally act from a spirit of oneness and exercise a gentler dialogue, when light is included as a partner to reason, when we understand that division makes a weak nation,that battle is the food of ignorant fools and feeds the darkness, when we finally awaken spiritually as a whole there will be real change.


~Ariaa Jaeger ~ Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ©2013 All Rights Reserved Ariaa.com

The Mirror of Humanity

What do you see when you look into the mirror? Is the person staring back at you kind and caring or aloof and removed from life’s core? Do you see a reflection of self LOVE or the remnants left over from shredding yourself everyday full of self loathing and insecurity? Do you look beyond your youth or years to see your global imprint, the impact you have on those in your life and the world around you? Are you cognizant of how you appear when walking through the minds of others, through the hearts of those you pass everyday? Do you smile, do you speak, do you acknowledge the humans around you whom you will never know but pass everyday?

Those who look in the mirror of humanity see with greater clarity and impact the world around. You have no idea how a simple smile, a gentle hello, a touch on the shoulder of a stranger can create a ripple effect of LOVE and KINDNESS. You never know how strong your energy until you wield it with selflessness and a heart full of pure intent.

Today, LOVE OUTLOUD by touching the hand of a stranger, by smiling at someone you will never fully meet, by offering a kind word to a stranger. Leave a lasting imprint and watch how your reflection in the mirror of life changes….transformation comes in the smallest acts of kindness, in the greater acts of selflessness.

Love Outloud

Ariaa Jaeger ~Ariaaiasms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ~©2013

All Rights Reserved  http://Ariaa.com/

Paint Your Thoughts

Awaken to the world you paint with your thoughts everyday. There are no victims only those unaware of their karma, past or present, those blind to what they have attracted, good or bad, those who fail to take personal responsibility and discover the blessings within each life event.

Change your perceptions by discovering yourself, go within, meditate, seek the higher wisdom which lies within every soul. Seek the higher solutions which come in the silence where angels and sages eagerly await to help you overcome and master all you came to earth to fulfill. Wake up, tune in, spiritually evolve and stop blaming your family, your friends and the world for the lot you have drawn into your life. With every hardship there is mastery awaiting to be engaged. With every heartache quantum leaping of the soul comes. With every negative event, a positive one is sure to follow.

The earth is built on opposite polarities thus what goes up will come down, what comes down will rise again. There is a purpose and a reason unto all things. Seek to understand the measure of what you are creating, what you are a magnet to and learn to create with greater strokes of the paintbrush of life. For those who seek create the art of mastery, know thyself and discover the paradisaical within.

Ariaa Jaeger~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ©2013 all rights reserved