The Voice of Dysfunction

Are you listening to the voice of dysfunction? You know those messages and labels from childhood others cast upon you which have never truly faded? Are you hearing the clamor of ignorance from those who were raised at a time when humans were not the most psychologically evolved and did not have a clue how their actions and words could sear scars in the hearts of innocence? We have all had folks from our past say unkind things even if well intentioned and those tape recorded messages seared into the soul repeat themselves when you least expect it. But you are an adult now, capable of defining yourself and you can choose to hear the rhetoric of the past or you can choose to embrace yourself and define your own truth. Just because a parent or sibling said it of you does not necessarily make it so. No one defines you but you! When you go to bed at night and you assess what you did today, how you might have done it differently to achieve a different outcome, when you are honest with yourself, when you give your best each day, most will claim the inner peace that comes with knowing you did your best. Actions, words and deeds define you, not the opinions of others, not the opinions of those you love. You and only you can create or destroy self worth, self love and self confidence. Stop blaming your parents, your siblings, the bullies of your youth and make a conscious decision to define yourself! ~ Ariaa Jaeger ~Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ©2013 All Rights Reserved Http://
Image: Taylor James PhotographyImage

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