The Mirror of Humanity

What do you see when you look into the mirror? Is the person staring back at you kind and caring or aloof and removed from life’s core? Do you see a reflection of self LOVE or the remnants left over from shredding yourself everyday full of self loathing and insecurity? Do you look beyond your youth or years to see your global imprint, the impact you have on those in your life and the world around you? Are you cognizant of how you appear when walking through the minds of others, through the hearts of those you pass everyday? Do you smile, do you speak, do you acknowledge the humans around you whom you will never know but pass everyday?

Those who look in the mirror of humanity see with greater clarity and impact the world around. You have no idea how a simple smile, a gentle hello, a touch on the shoulder of a stranger can create a ripple effect of LOVE and KINDNESS. You never know how strong your energy until you wield it with selflessness and a heart full of pure intent.

Today, LOVE OUTLOUD by touching the hand of a stranger, by smiling at someone you will never fully meet, by offering a kind word to a stranger. Leave a lasting imprint and watch how your reflection in the mirror of life changes….transformation comes in the smallest acts of kindness, in the greater acts of selflessness.

Love Outloud

Ariaa Jaeger ~Ariaaiasms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ~©2013

All Rights Reserved

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