Strip Away the Facade

“Strip away the facade, its all an illusion you created to mask the painful parts you don’t wish to engage or deal with. At the end of each day of the new year take yourself to task as you lay awake in bed at night.

Evaluate what you did that day and how you reacted to everything in the day. Embrace your weaknesses, embrace your flaws, bring understanding and compassion to your own heart and heal that which causes you to project onto others or act out.

Behavior is the barometer for an emotionally healthy person and those who create drama, those who create strife are the souls who are in emotional upheaval and have work to do within.  At the core of every human being lies an angel in wait. The soul in and of itself is pure…pure joy, pure light, pure love.

As you unveil the emotional barnacles which have hardened you, the softer you emerges and the kinder you rises. Uncover your pain and you will sprout wings, for one must first become selfish in order to become selfless. You must remove the crust to get to the new skin, you must remove the chains if you want to fly”

Strip away the facade

~ Ariaa Jaeger~ Ariaaisms~ Spiritual Food for the Soul~ ©2013 all rights reserved



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